Special Items


Ailerie's best friend

Owned By: Ehlanna

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

Silk Choker

Ailerie's Perfection:

The wearer of this choker, never seems get dirty, or even seem undignified. They and their cloths will never get dirty, unless a action they choose to does it.Even covered in cum, dirt, blood. they seem perfectly lady like.. and a paragon of their looks and specie

Walking dungeon:

the choker.. can be spread, rolled out magically by the users will till it becomes a piece of silk as large as silk sheet. It can be used as a silk sheet even, once layed over a table, floor, rock. toys begin appear. any the caster wants.. as many. this allowing caster even to summon small pieces and build a small dungeon in a area if shes got places to put the chains etc

mech: works similar to sex toy with more variety and uses

Ailerie's Perfect will:

Ailerie who created this choker, was known for being able to do many things at once. She could cast spells, even when in orgies, and control things even when so occupied

Mech: this ability grants a mastery of the sexual sphere. Any spell from it or common can be cast at will, if the char is in a form sex, sexual act, seduction or sexual nature. This does not allow them to cast spells for things such as combat at will thou. Also any spell requires concentration, this spell allows the seductress to just.. do as she pleases. as choker will hold the spell for her.

Ailerie's vanity:

This item can change, color, style, material into Anything the owner wants to match her current cloths. who would want to clash?! but when not on owner goes back its normal form.

Ailerie's bag of holding:

The choker can become a bag with in a turn, allowing the user to reach in and pull out any item. the bag can hold any item of any size as long as its not living, a weapon/armor or not to heavy for her carry normally by itself. this allows the user to carry a variety tools. trophies and fun stuff.

The seductress Ailerie was a power to be both respected, and feared for her amazing repertoir of tricks and imaginative use of her skills to twist and turn the staunchest of opponents to her most feverant of supporters. Among her many gifts and prizes was a silken choker, it held within its simply appearance a variety of magickal abilties, most of which defied belief and helped define her as a power to be reckoned with. Rumors had it that Ailerie had the ability to summon her playroom at a simple snap of her fingers, had the knowledge to be able to control the magickal energies she had at her command, even whilst in the depths of the most outrageous of gatherings, and was able to store things and draw them out of thin air. In truth, the choker helped her with some abilities, until some willy thief managed to relieve her from it whilst she was bathing alone one night. Ailerie sent many a person out looking for it, but none succeeded, and she faded into the stories of legends as she stepped out of the lime light.

The choker itself passed from person to person, no-one knowing its true power till it came to rest upon a fair elven maid, when she found it amidst a shipment of silks that had been delivered to her clothing store. It seemed to call to her the moment she laid eyes upon it, and upon donning it, she found herself doing the unimaginable with her new found abilities.

Mark of the Master

Owned By: Master Quan

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

The Mark of the Master is an incredibly detailed, full back tattoo of black ink applied in two separate layers. Stretching from shoulder to shoulder, neck to waist, there is very little of the back that remains uncovered. The first layer of ink is the actual knowledge contained within the mark. The language itself is a very ancient and dead language, the likes of which have not been seen for centuries and appears to be the last remnant of a long dead civilization. The second layer overlaps the first and is the same color as the first layer. The second layer is far more intricate however, meant to lead and distract the eye so that the information hidden below remains safe from prying eyes. The second layer contains a strange, three-dimensional quality to it as the lines slide over top and underneath one another. This, coupled with the magical nature of the top layer, makes the Mark of the Master seem like some living, breathing entity.

Note: This item is non-transferrable.

Master of the Body - Perfect Focus:


By achieving a state of perfect focus, the Mark of the Master allows the bearer to completely ignore the aspect of pain that places a natural limit on the physical body, allowing the bearer to perform feats of strength usually unachievable by a normal person.


Taking only a few moments to achieve this state, once reached the bearer can maintain the state for as long as needed. Actions that can be done in this state contain but are not limited to; Balancing on one finger, breaking unenchanted stone/metal, placing full body weight on a sharp point without it piercing, etc. In the event of breaking items belonging to a player, OOC consent is required. This ability provides no combat bonuses whatsoever even if the bearer is in this state while in combat.

Mastery of the Mind - Perfect Memory:


With the passage of time, the mind looses information. However, the bearer of the Mark of the Master shall never forget the knowledge contained within the mark itself, as it ensures that the knowledge remains magically refreshed. This ensures that as long as there is a master of the monk's path alive to bear the mark, the knowledge of the path will never be lost.


(OOB Only) As long as the Mark of the Master exists the bearer is unable to forget any aspect of the monk's path, allowing them to always be able to teach. This does not affect other areas of memory however.

Mastery of the Spirit - Disruption of the Magical Flow:


With mastery of the aspect of the spirit, the bearer of the Mark of the Master understands the inherent flow of energy around all things, and is able to use their own energy to disrupt the energy of other people. Used effectively, the bearer is able to temporarily disrupt magical energy in people or objects, making it more difficult for opponents to use magic, or temporarily disrupting enchantments within objects.


Must obtain OOC consent to use out of battle, duration determined in PM in this case. If used in battle, it can only be used once per person per combat at a cost of 10 stamina per use. When this ability is used, the bearer rolls their INT score against the opponent's RES score, if successful, a !r 1d5 roll determines the duration of the disruption effect. At this time, the bearer decides if they will affect either the opponent themselves or an enchanted item in their possession. If the opponent is targeted, then any magic that they cast or enchantments they wish to activate for the duration will require an additional 5 stamina in order to force their way through the disrupting energy. This does not affect any magic already cast, permanent enchantments, or summoned creatures sustained purely by magic (EX. Elementals).

If used on an enchanted object, all enchantments (including permanent ones) are disabled for the duration of the ability. This will not affect any special item rated higher than a named item, or on any weapon formed purely of magic (EX: Flame Whip, Wooden Blade, Spirit Weapon)

Special Note: When used on a mithril item, the item will be treated as the normal version of that item for the duration of the effect.

Mastery of Unity - Timeless Body:


Though the perfect unity of body, mind and spirit, the Mark of the Master renders the body of the bearer timeless, ceasing to age at the time the ability activates. This allows the bearer to venture forth without fear that time will steal the knowledge of the monk's path away from the world before it can be passed on.


(OOB Only) The bearer's body is simply unable to die of old age. Other causes of death may still claim the bearer, but they will always have the option of resurrection as the spirit will always feel the urge that they have unfinished business.

Mastery of Ancient Secrets - Sentient Art:


The Mark of the Master and its fragments and the magic that bind them are very careful about the secrets contained within. The top layer of ink hides a second layer beneath that contains the written secrets of the monk's path. However, if one is observant enough to make out the lower layer of ink, the top layer responds by swiftly flowing along the bearer's skin, completely obscuring the knowledge that lies below unless the bearer makes a conscious and focused effort to stop the flow in certain areas, allowing the knowledge to be learned. Even when damaged, the mark's ink flows once the skin is healed to restore the mark in its entirety.


(OOB Only) Should anyone attempt to read the lower layer of ink on the bearer's body, the top layer responds by automatically flowing along the mark in such a way as to prevent the lower layer from being read. This can be countered only by the bearer, willing the top layer to stop moving so that the desired knowledge may be learned. The bearer however has absolutely no control over the ink flow over fragments of the mark that contain information on the special abilities granted by the Mark of the Master. Should the mark be damaged due to physical injury, once the injury is healed the mark will automatically fix itself.

In centuries past, far back when the old empire still existed, lies a particular story. Within this story and within this time period was a civilization that had resisted for many years the intrusion and influence of other kingdoms, partly due to the skills of it's warriors, partly due to its location in the valley of a now unknown mountain range. It's people lived in peace with the surroundings, but every last person, man, woman and child, was trained from a very young age in the ways of combat in some way, shape or form (even if the children were skilled in laying traps in the mountains and did not take part in the actual fighting).

Even these people were under the protection of a school even higher in the mountains, an unforgiving mountainside where it was difficult to survive. Within this school was a sect of monks who followed what was always referred to by the members of the village as "The Monk's Path", a philosophy of being content with one's natural skill and surroundings. The monks who learned and followed this path did not use weapons or armor or magic in combat, only what their natural abilities allowed of them, However, these natural abilities have been honed to perfection, and thus made them incredibly effective warriors.

Over top of the school was a single master whose skills had surpassed the others to almost supernatural degrees. He led the others in their training and in combat, and was referred to only as "Master". However, he had been teaching for several generations at the school and was ready to pass the school on to it's next master. There were two who were fully prepared for such a task, but only one was chosen. While one had both the skills and the mindset, the other, younger monk only had the skills and a deep seated lust to gain more power.

When the young monk was rejected, he left the school and the village in anger while the other stayed behind to receive the mark that signified that he was the new master of the school. Only one person emerged from the chamber afterward, for the old master had passed away shortly after the mark had been given to the new master.

Several months later, the rejected monk returned with an army at his back, having convinced a nearby kingdom that he could deliver the land and the school into their grasp if he was given control of the school afterwords.

The army was ruthless in their attack, and being led by a monk who had helped protect them for years, the village stood no chance against the invading army. Even when the school moved to interfere in the battle, the young monk swiftly defeated any who came against him.

The last vestiges of the school gathered for one last assault against the invaders, and the young monk faced off against the school's new master. The master did not hold back, and upon using his new found abilities, slew the traitorous monk swiftly while the remnants of the school banded together and struck out at the army, turning them back once and for all.

The aftermath was devastating. The village was gone, and the school had only a few students remaining who had all but finished their training. Seeing the end of peace, the new master finished the training of the few remaining monks and sent them on their way.

The school and village were in ruins with no hope of revival. The master soon left on the same path as the other remaining monks, and simply began to travel, spreading his word as best he could. In places where it was accepted, schools always sprang up, but the old master never stayed long once the first student was fully trained, leaving that student as the new master of the school.

While time could not steal the old man's memory of the monk's path, it had stolen his true name and most of his other memories of his past. The High Human mind was not designed to last for centuries after all, and so all that remains of the oldest living master of the monk's path is the name he eventually gave himself...

Master Quan...

Time Forgotten Flower

Owned By: Windira

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

Description: The Time Forgotten flower is a diamond stone, within it, the very creation of a budding flower encased within the diamond itself. Simple thing, there is a latch upon it, if one wished to wear it as a bauble, a necklace or bracelet of sorts. Perhaps if one wished it could even become a ring, with the proper knowledge of working metal so the stone was not harmed.


Nature untouched:

The diamond works to revert the area around it back into a state untouched by man. OOC consent required :Within 100 yard sphere (5 feet or less if in a highly 'civilized' area meaning Town, Temples Inn..) of the diamond everything man made will show effects of coming undone, paths will nearly disappear seeming to be overgrown, clothes will find the stitching falling out, and metal objects will loose their edge. The longer an object remains in the field of effect the more the effects of gem seem to work on it, and the longer it will take for it to revert back to its natural state after leaving the field. The Time Forgotten Flower will never have such a strong effect as to completely change an object back to its natural state (bolts of cloth, Iron Ingots, uncut wood, etc). At most it will return an object to a partially finished state (clothes that a tailor stopped sewing before finishing, cloth not fully tended before use, a sword with blunted edges as if the blacksmith did not finish its edge, wood planks rough and unsanded, small branches uncut, etc.)After a short period of time (one-to three posts, depending on how long one is in the 'sphere' of effect ) objects will regain all of their craftsmanship, and show no effects from the Time Forgotten Flower. Also it must be remembered it holds NO combat effect.

Raiments of Elements:

By concentrating the bearer of the Time Forgotten Flower is able to call upon the elements used to create it in order to provide coverings. For instance it would be possible to have a shirt woven from the wind that seems to distort the body underneath, hinting at the smooth flesh, but managing to keep it hidden from prying eyes.On the other hand, the elements will not be able to find a hold on the bearer where the skin has been tainted by something unnatural. In other words, it can not cover tattoos, and the like, and when ever someone touches the clothes, the elements will retreat from the touch, returning slowly, producing a rippling effect. It offers no boons in combat and is an RP effect merely. Protection from peering eyes, and them alone, the way of nature to gift its blessed. This effect allows the use of elements to create 'clothing' of a sort. Be it wind and earth, creating a gown of 'dust'. Be it the wind and leaves constantly shimmering about the form, it shields only from eyes.

Description: The Time Forgotten flower is a diamond stone, within it, the very creation of a budding flower encased within the diamond itself. Simple thing, there is a latch upon it, if one wished to wear it as a bauble, a necklace or bracelet of sorts. Perhaps if one wished it could even become a ring, with the proper knowledge of working metal so the stone was not harmed.

Nature’s step (Combat: 2 slots):
As the flower becomes more accustomed to its bearer, some of the deeper set abilities that Gaea imbued it with come out. The knowledge and grace to slip through ones element is one of the subtler skills, but tends to be very useful in escaping or eluding those who seek to harm Gaea’s children. The time forgotten flower can show the bearer how everything of one element is connected at some point in time, and shows the bearer how to trace that connection, effectively letting them slip into one part of that element and emerging elsewhere in it.
By the use of this ability, the bearer of the Time Forgotten Flower is able to slip into their element, traveling through it to step out of their element at another location which is within 20 yards. For instance a Dryad would be able to slip through a tree and emerge from another within 20 yards, a Sylph slip through the air, etc.
Mechanics: this spell acts like Dimension Door(with the same stamina cost) , but with the following differences: The caster doesn't need to see the exit, but must know that the element is present where they want to emerge. The ability doesn't need one turn to cast, they can step into it, effectively disappearing and reappearing on a single turn. Range Limitation (20 yards). As stated in the example, the Nature Races element needs to be present both at the entrance and the exit. So if they can't step into the tree because there are no trees present, it can't be used. Another thing to keep in mind is that this doesn't let them escape from shackles, as shackles would be considered part of clothes that would come along with them, and they wouldn't be able to pull shackles, chains and then what the shackles are connected through as well.

Nature’s foresight (3 Slots):
Having been forgotten by time, The Time Forgotten Flower is able to show the bearer how to make other plants forget time. With a gentle touch and soft words explaining the future of a small area, the bearer is able to cause immense growth in the plant life, aging days (around a small home, a garden, etc.), years, or even centuries in a matter of minutes, but like all things in nature, Life is not devoid of strife. Some of the plants grown as such will face the ravages of time, be that a forest fire that will tear through the forest, or a disease that devastates a certain plant, not all of nature is growth.
By the use of this ability, the bearer of the Time Forgotten Flower is able to cause an immense amount of growth in a small area in a rapid amount of time. The bearer is also able to help mold the growth to their wishes, but because of the concentration required, the growth cannot be used in combat to bind or hold another person. The bearer must also keep in mind that the future holds more than just growth, it could be that time has destruction in its future, and what they sought from the growth is not always what they will receive.

The bearer will roll a 1d20 to determine if they are is affected by ravages of Time, if the roll is a 19, then the ravages of time are from a non natural source (arson, Necromantic disease, Pyromancer, etc.), and may be healed over time if the bearer/someone knows how. If the roll is a 20, then the area is affected by natural ravages (forest fire, natural disease, etc.) and may be nurtured back to health, if the damage isn't to extensive.

Nature’s sight (2 slots):
Having been forgotten by time, The Time Forgotten Flower is able to show the bearer how to make other plants forget time. With a gentle touch and soft words spoken to a plant, telling it of how it is now, the bearer is able to make the plants forget the ravages of time, it will remain untouched by time, never aging or dying by time or season alone. Fire or other destructive forces are able to destroy items forgetful of time.

Mechanics: The bearer is able to change up to two small plant into this forgotten state per month. If the bearer wishes, they may also with a touch bring the plant back into its normal life, which they will often due when the purpose of the original touch is finished.

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