Special Items


Alter of Ishtar

Owned By: The Temple of Ishtar

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

Item’s Base: Marble slab with words and pictures carved into the sides

Ishtar's Pleasure ( 2 slots OOC consent)
When coming to worship Ishtar one worshiper can activate this spell with a few words and placing the other on the alter. The Worshiper takes complete control over the others senses, allowing them to stroke the person to the level of mind-breaking pleasures with a few words and a touch. The effects will not stop till the person orgasms.

This spell requires OOC consent. If a person under the effects of this ability is attacked by another, then the effects dissipate automatically with no lingering effect upon the target of this ability, otherwise the effects last till either the person reaches orgasm, three hours have passed or end of scene. A Close Magical Attack and Defense rolls can be used if the victim wishes to resist the spells effects. Not usable in combat

Ishtar's Divine touch (2 slots OOC consent)
When someone come into the temple for solo worship and lays down on the alter calling out Ishtar's name this spell is activated. The person will sink into a dream like state where their dreams/visions are quite vivid allowing them to see the goddess herself and feel her touch as if she has come to accept their offering personally. Once the offering is complete the person will wake feeling refreshed the lingering memory of the dream leaving them wondering if the goddess was truly there or not

This spell requires OOC consent, even if it used for solo role play. If a person under the effects of this ability is attacked by another, then the effects dissipate automatically with no lingering effect upon the target of this ability, otherwise the effects last till either the person reaches orgasm, three hours have passed or end of scene. Not usable in combat

Ishtar's Fantasies (2 slots OOC consent)
When coming to the Temple of Ishtar and worshiping at the alter a few words can be said activating this spell. The scene around will change to whatever the one using the spell wishes though none of it will be real it is all illusion to the people seeing it it will seem very real. The illusion can only be seen by those the spell is being used on and the one using it.

This spell requires OOC consent. If a person under the effects of this ability is attacked by another, then the effects dissipate automatically with no lingering effect upon the target of this ability, otherwise the effects last till either the person reaches orgasm, three hours have passed or end of scene. A Close Magical Attack and Defense rolls can be used if the victim wishes to resist the spells effects and break the illusion. Not usable in combat

Painful Pleasure (1 slot OOC consent required)
Some like to use pain to add to pleasure and this spell helps with that If the victim is placed on the alter and a few words are spoken it gives the one using the spell the ability to effect the victim's body. The victim feels an intense searing pain where the opponent targets it in different parts of the body such as nipples, clit and so forth. Once the initial pain eases it is followed by intense pleasure. This spell is handy for those owners that like to cause some 'fun' agony to their pain slut slaves or to those that want to show another how much fun pain and pleasure can be.

This spell requires OOC consent. If a person under the effects of this ability is attacked by another, then the effects dissipate automatically with no lingering effect upon the target of this ability. Only one part of the body can be effected at a time. The pain only lasts for 5 minutes followed by another 5 minutes of pleasure then can be cast again on that same area or another. A Close Magical Attack and Defense rolls can be used if the victim wishes to resist the spells effects of the pain and pleasure. Not usable in combat

The Goddess Ishtar was pleased with the way her worshippers still flocked to her temple, giving her offering after offering even as the other temples lost followers. Her followers worked valiantly to spread the word of their goddess and her love. Seeing this the Goddess wanted to reward her followers and the efforts of her priests and priestess. In the dead of the night when the temple was empty the Alter began to change the simple stone that once covered the top was replaced by a slab of marble. Simple words and pictures of sexual acts where burned into the edges of the marble leaving the shapes that seemed to be made of pure gold. The Marble looked as if it had always been there but those that knew the temple well would notice the change. those that read the words would notice a change happening as one spell or another was activated making it easy for Ishtar's' followers to figure out how to make use the marble alter to its full potential. For those that couldn't read the pictures would help them to figure out how to active the spells so that any of Ishtar's follows would have access to this gift she gave them and all could use it.

Ana's Choker

Owned By: Ielenia Moonwhisper

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

Item Base: Choker

NaurFea (2 Slots OOB)
The long since gone familiar of the great defender, now ingrained into the choker with all its properties and the very spirit of the pair. This ability is seen not only in its true form, but during certain times when the light catches the eye, or the blood boils. Specifically the spirit of Naur Fea, Ana's cat familiar. Its true shape transforming the caster into the shape of medium sized feline, about three feet in height, with all the natural tendencies and abilities that form would naturally be imbued with.

The use of this costs an immediate 10 stamina and can last the duration of the scene or day, limited to twice within that day. The user is given the natured sense of that animal ontop of their normal sense. (IE heightened hearing, sight, scent) Clothing and jewelry can be kept on during the transformation, but not armor or weapons. The user cannot engage in any type of combat while under this form, as it will revert them back immediately to their natural state. This is also prohibited from any sexual context or use; any use to spy also requires OOC consent. Not usable in battle.

Drawn to Fire (2 Slots Combat)
Fire, tempting and warm, so tantalizing and hypnotic. The first defender, Ana, was drawn to it as surely as it was ingrained into every fiber of her being. Like a cat drawn to a warm lap, it was inevitable, fate. This ability, provides that the link between Ana and the new great defender is never lost. The wearer becoming attuned even more so to the element, drawn to it, and in a way, the element learns to embrace them, becomes less of a deterrent or harbinger of pain. In times of martial, the ability is drawn down as a protective barrier, enveloping the caster in its warm embrace, keeping the licking whorls of fire at bay to an extent.

This ability allows the user to have a more natural affinity to the element of fire. When in combat, the ability must be called out during init, otherwise takes a full round to activate. If a successful attack utilizing the element of fire, 20% of that damage inflicted is immediately absorbed by the protective shield the ability creates. Damage is rounded up, with a minimum of 1. This ability can be used up to a cumulative of 8 rounds total per day; the user may de-activate to conserve rounds, but must announce that they are doing so after its last use, and then must sacrifice a round to re-activate.

Flame's Embrace (1 Slot OOB)
The ability granted to the owner of the rings when in place allows the user a much higher if not immune tolerance to natural fire. Allowing the person wearing the rings the ability to handle burning objects, move through small to moderate sized fired without injury to ones self, items on the person however may be damaged. If the bearer were to be caught in a area of fire that is taller or of a width wider than they are tall, the ability will diminish and become obsolete all together. This does not apply to fire based spells in which intended to harm. This ability does not carry over should combat start.

Quick Dash (2 Slots OOB)
The feline is an incredibly fast creature in the wild, a magically transformed feline can be double that or more. This ability can only be used when Naur Fea is in use, allowing the user while in cat form to double or quadruple the speed at which the form can travel over land.

This is only usable when Naur Fea is in use, for double the going speed it is 10 sta per mile covered, for triple the normal speed, it is 15 per mile covered, and for quadruple, it is 20 stamina per mile covered. If stamina falls to 0 the user reverts to their natural form and is unable to continue until they have fully rested for more than one hour. The user cannot evade to regain stamina until they have come to a full stop and is prepared to rest to recharge. The user must be traveling over land for this to work.

In the time of legends and myth, the old kingdom was once ruled by a powerful bringer of storms. Only tales escaped it's eventual collapse and few of those give the why and what fore and what more, who is sure they are the truth? One tale is of a desperate race from a awful foe, the enemy is anything from orcs, to dragons and often many other things. But in the time of the fall of the old kingdom there was a little known fire mage named Anastrianna, a Elf of the kingdom and one who often spent less time with books and scrolls and more traveling the various provinces of the kingdom. Fair of form and a slender grace as were most the elves she was often seen in the company of her cat familiar NaurFea, who was a firespirit made flesh in the form of a wild cat, fierce in her defense of Ana she was ever seen prowling around the firemage or when home seen lounging near the fire which always seemed present. In battle the cats claws and teeth often flamed and with a roar she would pounce her mistress's foes, rending with those burning claws. Sometimes a odd pair that was much known to smaller villages yet only a few in positions of power whispered her name and knew what power the elf possessed.

What little was known of her life is eclipsed by her assumed passing and of that many know. During the time of the fall, Ana was helping a village flee their foes, only hours before the horde descended into the village she had managed to get the villagers out of town and heading north. A awful race to try and escape the ravaging hordes bent on their destruction. Anastriana eventually led the tired villagers over a stout wooden bridge and despaired at seeing the hordes had gotten so close to the fleeing people. She gave a command for them to flee again and the tired people got to their feet and started once again down a old road, only to look surprised as the elf fire mage didn't follow. Many stopped to watch, already falling to hopelessness as the lithe form of the elf stepped onto the bridge and her faithful companion stood by her side. The horde roared and descended but was caught up by the narrow bridge crossing, still they slavered for the chance to bring the elf down. Ana brought the fury of fire to her, flames erupted in the very air as she pulled the last of her power into her and then in a stunning display of force sent flames erupting into the enemy horde. The villagers who remained could only stare as first of the horde was burned to ashes, yet still they came. Ana pulled in more power, surpassing what many thought her limits where, the very air along the bridge chilled and ice began to form on the water below as she took every bit of heat she could. Her familiar protected her as the horde got closer keeping them from the vulnerable flesh of her mistress. But alas as all know, magic has it's limits and it's price, the very ice that formed slipped up the slender elf and sent her stumbling even as Naurfae turned to help her mistress a sword cleaved down and slashed the elf a vicious blow accross the chest making her fall back and Naurfae to go insane and lash out in a bezerker seeming rage. Her mistress crawled to the edge of the bridge even as naurfae broke and ran to her mistress. The roar of the horde was behind them when mage and familiar gazed at each other sadly. They knew she could not run and more so Naurfae would not leave the one she had bound herself to, leaning in she pressed herself against her mistress before opening herself and passing a bit of herself to the elf. The elf seemed to stiffen then gasp as the fiery spirit slipped through her own, and then Naurfae turned and with a roar charged the closing horde...and vanished. The horde stopped confused at the fiery cats disappearance, only to scream in terror when fire engulfed them all, Naurfae had returned to her purest form, that of the fire spirit and her flames drenched the bridge and all the horde upon it, the roaring flames uncontrolled and hungry, ate everything in it's path. Ana stared, tears flowing down her cheeks as her trusted friend gave her entire being to protect and with effort rolled to her feet and brought the last of her own magics to bear. With the piece of Naurfae still in her she managed to direct the fire and send it back towards the horde, but the effort cost her and she fell to the ground gasping even as her own blood stained the ground below her. The villagers said the fire raged for days, consuming the stout bridge and never letting the horde cross it's borders. Of Anastriana the fire mage, little is known about her fate, Some say the villagers buried her along the bridge, ever close to the trusted companions place of sacrifice, others say she recovered and traveled with the villagers north, but was a mere shadow of her former self, but the legends agree that a choker she wore, which seemed to have fire dance in the very depths of a blood red ruby at it's center was given over into the villagers care. Then passed down from generation to generation, many of the wears often saying they felt a warmth of protection when worn.

Arm of Kothales

Owned By: Garisson

Type of Item: Armor

Equipment Slots Used: 1

It is a mithril construction that runs from shoulder blade to fingertips. For all intents, it is a guantlet, it is an arm.

Special Construction: (3 Slots OOB)
The gauntlet itself was devised to replace the lost limb of the original owner, due to this, the magic creates a solid construction that reaches from shoulder blade to the tips of the artificial fingers. The magic imbued within it allows it to move, to flex, to lift or grip, to feel as a normal limb would – the wearer feeling the effects of pain, cold, heat, etc. This does not grant the bearer anything other than the ability to use the prosthetic as a normal limb outside of battle, including the sensation of touch.

Indestructible: (2 Slots OOB)
The construction of the arm itself is made in a way that it will forever outlive its owner. Even after the conflict of battle, the mithril gleams as though freshly polished, no dent to mar its artisanship. It will withstand the ravages of time and war itself.

Even after the most viscious of battles, any damage taken by the arm will be mended and repaired until it is once more a flawless piece of construction. This does not grant the bearer any further defense while in battle, but it is meant to keep the arm in near perfect condition after or before.

Fist of Valor (2 slots Combat)
The mithril itself, while highly polished, is etched with the runes of the high elves who had first constructed the armor. Outside of battle, they seem to gather and reserve the bearers own strength, containing them for a time when the owner chooses to activate this special ability. At this time, the bearer’s strength is increased in just that arm, allowing them to increase the power of their damage while in battle. This is limited to three times within a week, and never twice within a twenty-four hour period, as the runes require time between to gather enough energy.

Mechanic: The owner of the arm takes one round to activate this ability, costing 5 stamina, and rolling a !r 1d5 to determine how many rounds the ability is in effect - starting on the second round and only lasting that number of rounds, regardless if the ability is used or not. This is useable for close physical strikes only, stamina use per attack costing the normal 2 STA. If successful, the normal damage roll gets a +10 to its number. It can not be re-used within twenty-four hours after that, and only up to three times in a week.

Garisson had grown the son of Paladin, a protector of lands in service of the Illifrian Empire, and after many years of study he returned to his father's side to learn within his shadow. One of those nights, word was given of an attack on a nearby elven village. Marcus, Garisson's father, sent his troops and brought along his son when they went to aide in the village's defense.

Little did they know That this would be a moment of truth. As battle begun to regain the defences of the small elven village from a heavy assault of Orcish fiends. Garissons father was swarmed heavily. His struggle was hard as Orcs took him down by sheer numbers. Garisson, seeing this, broke rank and charged the assaillants. Wielding his sword he was able to fend off a good number of them, but it was too late. The Orc Chieftain had just plunged his rusty sword into Marcus' chest. This enraged Garisson hardening him for battle as he charged forth. But his skill was in no way closer too the orc chieftans combat experience. With a few swings Garisson found himself losing his arm and falling to the ground. The battle roared around him and soon the sight of Orcs were replaced by Elven and Human soldiers. The battle had been won, but at a high cost.

The Elves helped Garrison out of gratitude for coming to their aid. Having lost his arm in battle was a thing that was hard for him. With ancient magics they recreated an arm for him out of mithrill, the enchantement allowing the arm movement and comfort as if a real arm. But his arm was forever replaced with a mithrill appendage which looked of heavy metal and armor. An everyday reminder of the battle he lost and his father.


Owned By: Sutara

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

Description: The original shape is that of a thin mithral chockered necklace, and once bonded, becomes a dull blue metallic tattoo upon the skin

Athiyk Chath 'Spirit Fire' (2 Slots Combat)

In the heat of the battle, the power of the mark becomes visibly and physically apparent when the chosen is fighting those of an elementally aligned nature. Each time they are up against an enemy aligned with a specific natural element (IE water, air, fire, earth) a blaze of those cold blue flames will erupt like a transparent shield in and around their figure. Though by no means negating all of the given damage, it will however absorb a portion of any damage inflicted by elemental magic or beings.

Mechanics: Elemental Damage is reduced by 10%, rounded up with a minimum of 1. The user must call out the chosen element to use during !init or sacrifice one round in combat to activate. This ability can be used up to 4 times per day and for no more than a total of 8 combat turns, each time being able to help offset elemental damage from one of the four elements, with the element chosen having to be unique for that day. The ability, once activated, will last until the end of combat or until all rounds available have been used up. If the combat ends before all available rounds have been used up the balance may be used in a later combat.

Athiyk Vaartur 'Spirit Form' (2 Slots OOB)

The preternatural appeal of the chosen has always been a predominant trait of those set beneath the mark of the Athiyk; a subdued feral temperament that while in their true state, is hidden or channeled into other avenues. However, freedom is a truly beautiful thing, and as the spell is conjured, the mark upon flesh glows that phosphorous blue, flames licking in whorls until all of them, inclusive of only what they wear and not what they carry, is engulfed. In their place, either two forms will show that of a large silver cat with striking red eyes, or a white feathered Osprey with sharp red eyes.

Mechanics: The use of this costs an immediate 10 stamina and can last the duration of the scene or day, limited to twice within that day. The user may chose one form, and one form only at a time, taking on the animal form and one of the natural senses that it comes with ontop of their own normal senses (IE heightened hearing, seeing, the ability to fly or smell) Clothing and jewelry can be kept on during the transformation, but not armor or weapons. The user can not engage in any type of combat while under this form, as it will revert them back immediately to their natural state. This is also prohibited from any sexual context or use; any use to spy also requires OOC consent. Not usable in Battle.

Athiyk Ssin 'Spirit Beauty' (2 Slots OOB)

The results of battle can often be very painful or expensive, the Athiyk, after sensing the damage done to the Chosen’s form, will begin to glow that soft phosphorous blue. Those cold flames will appear, easing over damaged area’s like fingers; delicate, surreal but quite precise. The flesh as a result will begin to knit, wounds that do not require a vast amount of immediate care – or lost limbs – healing beneath the soothing touch of the Athiyk’s fire. This is not an immediate process, and takes time while out of battle to completely heal or restore the user’s life points. This will also work on natural poisons, but at a cost to the user’s strength to insure that the body is cleansed of all toxins.

Mechanics: The fire will begin to heal the user immediately after battle has concluded, at a rate much like a Duessa, minor wounds and gashes healing within the hour, while more extensive but not life threatening wounds taking up to a few hours. This does not heal severed limbs. If the user if afflicted by any natural poison from a plant or non-magical animal, the poison can be cleansed from the body provided it is a category 3 or lower at a stamina cost of 10, stamina which can not be regained until the healing is complete. If the body is poisoned again during the healing process or suffers from multiple poisons, the ability will not work on the accumulative effect. This is not an instant process, and requires that the Chosen remain out of battle and any extraneous activity for at least eight hours to fully work; otherwise the healing process is immediately halted. Not usable in Battle.

Athiyk Shar 'Spirit Mind' (1 Slot OOB)

The Chosen is almost always protected through the Charm of the Athiyk, keeping the body fresh and limber from wounds, protecting it from the elements and granting a form to hide. So too is the Chosen's mind protected, a constant need to be sharp and ever observing; aware of what poisons and spells their enemies might employ to dissuade them from their path. If ever attacked under the subtler influence of a mind altering spell, provided it is not in battle, the Athiyk will raise a mental shield in an attempt to save the Chosen from further corruption or manipulation.

Mechanics: Works as a +5 against any mind altering spell IE Obsession, Endless Hunger, Truth Speak, etc. Only for out of battle use.

The cold beauty of the Athiyk is something of mysterious design; while in the possession of the moriel kind for more than ten centuries, its origin is rumored to have actually been of the surface elves – a spoil of war and battle from when kin fought kin. They say a grand mage who seemed to pull magic from within and outside of himself, transmuting himself into the very image of freedom when fleeing his enemies or spying upon enemy encampments. When it was taken underground, it was passed amongst the Matron's, a sign of power with their enigmatic abilities to change shape and heal themselves.

One such Matron, Irristae, used the powers to enthrall and corrupt her court into fearing her - the ability to sustain herself from poisons or fights, kept her in a position of power for centuries. Even her daughter's were loathe to disrupt or try to and take power from her, though on many an attempt they tried, still, their loyalty was clear when it came to those plot's between Houses and rival cities. When the House moved to the Second City, where their grip slipped amongst the newer blood, Irristae took note that her time was coming to an end. Her daughter's now Matrons in their own Houses, or seconds and Grand Mages, she looked for someone worthy enough in her own image to send the Gift onto.

No one would meet her criteria, and in a fit of despondant rage, she locked the item up within the Temple of Kirva, set within the Second City to be watched by that venerated Mother until someone worth came to prove themselves. To bond with that like spirit and entrust all the powers within.

Atmosphere's Presence

Owned By: Myra

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

Simple band of mithril, etched with images of bolts of lighting, that seem to fade out when the bearer is calm, but become more pronounced as the bearer settles into a more emotional state.

Razor Wind (2 Combat slots):
Harsh and turbulent winds kick up whenever the wielder of the ring casts a spell from the Air Sphere, magically pressurized and ready to burst against the Air Mage's foes to cut them deep.

Mech: Usable once per combat scene. Takes one turn to activate at the cost of 5 stamina. Once activated, the wielder of this item rolls 1d5 to determine the amount of rounds that it is active for. Whilst this ability is active, any spell cast from the Air sphere will do an extra 5 points of damage over its normal damage roll. This extra damage is only applied to spells cast whilst under the influence of Razor wind, and can not be applied to sustained spells, only single effect spells.

Horizon Walker (2 OOB slots):
With a single peal of thunder to clap through the air, the Air Mage vanishes. Reality, magic, and the air around their space all bent, they instantaneously pop back into existence at a new target location.

Mech: To use this ability the air mage is required to spend two full uninterrupted rounds casting. During this time the wielder may do nothing but concentrate on the task at hand, and suffering any damage will break this ability and force it to be restarted from the beginning. Using this ability costs 10 stamina and allows the wielder to travel up to six miles. The destination site must be a known location to the mage, or the mage must be or have been within 100 feet of the location. Useable once per day. OOB only. OOC consent required to appear on someone else's property.

Call of Obsession: (2 Slots OOB)
The aeromancer is a curious one and so they like to watch others, to see habits and ways of life that they themselves do not practice as they do not ever seem to stay still long enough to do so. With that, they often feel the need to spice things up, growing bored of the everyday life of those surrounding them

Mechs: Requires touch contact in order to work, and the victim can try and resist the spell through a !clomagatk vs !clomagdef. The touch itself can imprint a single compulsion or obsession onto the psyche of the victim that lasts up to 6 hours. This can be anything from needing to orally pleasure anyone they come across, not wearing clothing in public, etc. Only one suggestion allowed per victim and that same person can not be targeted again in the same scene. Not usable in Battle . OOC consent required

The Call of the Storm (1 slot OOB)
The wielder of the ring is able to call upon the weather to match their own emotions. The calm when they are calm or the fierce anger of thunder rolling overhead when they too are angry to help with the situations they are in. It makes the aeromancer feel more in their own comfort zone to feel the cool winds of the air or the soft winds of a storm brewing against their flesh.

Mechs - Allows the mental state of the Aeromancer to feel the elements of a near brewing storm around them. No damage will be caused by this, and the change in elemental state is only localized to the aeromancer and an area of up to ten feet around them. This is only for a soft role play affect, though others may hear the thunder and the cool winds about their own flesh, it affects nothing but shows the emotions like the windows to the soul of the aeromancer.

Throughout history, emotional conflict is one cause that has been at the point of almost all conflict, something was done wrong, someone offended another, and arguments, disagreements and other such 'altercations' stem from that emotional outbursts.

One such outburst caught a young aeromancer within its grasp, torn between the two sides, when all she wanted was to be left alone to her studies. One side wanted her to use her powers to help them, to control the skies.. the other, wanted her to help them rule the waves, and each would not tolerate her dealing with the other side.

Words got more heated, the altercations between the two sides intensified, as she firmly resolved to stay neutral and not get involved in the, as she saw them, petty squabblings of idiots.

Then one day, riders from each side turnup up at her tower, demanding her presence. She descended the staircase towards the main hall, lifted a hand, upon which was a ring that almost glowed with her emotional state, spoke an incantation and simply blew the doors out of her home, and through the wreckage she strolled out to meet them all. All about her was the rush of wind, thunder was within earshot and her eyes were glowing with the scant control of her rage for the moment.

She opened her mouth and screamed at the riders to leave her be, that she never wanted anything to do with either of the parties, and that she would defend herself against those that next came against her in such a show of arms as they were at the moment.

The parties were frightened, skittish, and one man drew forth his sword as if about to attack. The young mage muttered, the pressure around the area grew heavier, forcing them to their knees before the spell was launched, ripping the air from their lungs, and only scant moments before the death of the parties, was the spell banished, even as, with a peal of thunder, the young mage simply dissappeared from sight, reappearing within her own study and collapsing into a chair.

From that moment on both sides decided to leave her alone and to take her at her word, and as such.. she was never bothered again by anyone from either side, and her pride refused to let her seek them out either, so that when she was in need.. she had no-one to turn to, and eventually passed away.

The rumours of the irate aeromancers treasures circled, but no-one dared to approach her tower, in case she was still there, ready to burst out of those doors and attack any who might disturb her presence.

Times passed, rumours changed to legends or were forgotten, but the young mage gained a place in history, even if it was a footnote in the tomes of historians, warning people not to anger those who control the very air itself.

Bastard Sword of Elemental Bane

Owned By: Ehlanna

Type of Item: Weapon

Equipment Slots Used: 1

Base Item: Bastard Sword
Bastard swords are often called one-and-half swords by swordsmiths because they are usually lighter than two-handed blades and can be wielded with one or both hands. This particular sword is even lighter than most ordinary bastard swords and can be wielded with one hand with ease and is an excellent and well-balanced weapon for both parrying in defense and sweeping and thrusting in offense. It is crafted in the traditional style of Sylvan Elves and this is visually evident from the intricate and awe-inspiring detail work. The blade itself is extremely sharp and crafted from steel and is engraved and ensorcelled with Elven runes along both sides of the edge which give it its elemental powers. The runes weave and overlap with traditional vine motifs, carved into the steel by master craftsmen and engravers. The language is ancient Elven that not all Elves may be familiar with apart from experienced Elven scholars and wizards. The pommel is crafted from silver with a curved mesh guard that wraps around the hand while the hilt is adorned with white deerskin strips wrapped around in a tight spiral fashion.

Standard +4 ATK enchantment upon the blade
Elemental Bane (2 Slots Combat):
this ability is a four colored flame engulfs the length of the shiny blade, fusing the powers of all four elements. Every time it hits something tied especially to an element, the other 3 vanish and the fourth flares hurting it more so.

This ability is invoked by the owner at will and does not take any combat turns to activate. It requires 3 STA to call into play; this stamina use is for the ability specifically and is applied on top of the normal stamina use for the round. When this ability is invoked, a four colored flame engulfs the length of the shiny blade, fusing the powers of all four elements. This effect increases the item's damage +5 against elemental creatures and it takes 1 turn to change between damages if striking more then one type in same combat.

Elemental Aurora (2 Slots OOB):
The sword is also enchanted with a special magical illumination spell that does more than light up dark tunnels or dim forest paths. It costs no stamina to invoke, can remain lit for as long as needed (or up to one hour) and can be called on as often as the owner wishes. The unique aspects of this special spell are i) its glow is rich enough to show in light or dark yet its burning glow is neutral white in hue, ii) its illumination radius is approximately 10 meters or 25 feet, iii) it reveals hidden elemental creatures and spirits to the owner In the same range of meters/feet, and iv) it comes alight itself in the presence of elemental creatures to alert the owner in their Range. This does not work versus elemental mage's.

Ranger's Ally (3 Slots OOB):
this weapon can be used by the owner as long as there are rangers. No matter the classes or any classes weapons, benefits or flaws

The winds had howled that night as if to forebear what menace was to swarm the small Elven forest dwelling of Mylarain. The clouds had gathered and grown dark at sundown but no rain came down all night. The treehouses shook and struggled to remain wrapped around the tall oaks and the autumnal leaves blew and swirled like a duststorm.

That was a long night for the Sylvan Mylarainians, a night of dread and suspense. The believed they were prepared for the what was on its way yet fear showed in their empty expressions and light eyes. Their fighters lay in wait, young and old, bows at hand and swords drawn. There could not have been more than a hundred of them, scattered in a wide circle around their forestal abode, some on the ground and some up among the tress.

Dawn had not yet broken light when they came. Their shrieks were louder and sharper than the howls that wrecked the trees and tore at the branches. Lunakins - that's what the Elves called them, elemental beasts from the Far Side. Unlike the Elves, Lunakins had only one purpose and knew only one thing - destroy everything that lay in their path to widen their dominion and cast the lands in shadow.

Kayorin was in her room when she heard the commotion and the start of the clash down below on the ground. The Elves were shooting their arrows at the Lunakins but most of them found it impossible to strike their targets in the stormy winds and the darkness. "You are too young Kayorin" She recalled Father's words with a frown. No I am not. And I can wield a sword and fire a bow as well as half of you, and better than some! She had always been a handful for her mage father and healer mother, the only child, it wasn't surprising that she got anything she asked for. If asking and pleading did not work, her tantrums got the job done.

This was not the time for sitting back and letting her people die. Manavin would laugh at her in the morning and would taunt her for the rest of the days, he was always so cruel to her. If he wasn't busy making her blush, he would spend his time making her furious. That thought made her push away from the arched window and pace the room. I can fight too. If Mana can, why can't I? Did I not win our duel just three weeks past? And if I must die, so be it, I shall take a few of those nasty Lunakins with me! Her spirit rose with renewed determination and she ran to her father's room, heading for a chest in a corner. It would be locked normally but tonight its cover was thrown back. Father had taken his bow from it and left it open in a hurry. She knelt by the ornate chest and pulled out the sword that she had seen once and heard about many times.

It was wrapped in mossy green silk and when she drew it from its sheath a strange glow was upon its steely length. If she had any hesitation to use it tonight, such thoughts were quickly halted when she heard shouts from below that her Father had fallen. For a few minutes everything became quiet for her and memories flooded her mind, memories of growing up and how he doted on his only daughter. When she shook her thoughts and came to, her hand had gripped the sword firmly and she had set her mind to the grim task at hand.

The Lunakins had forced their way through the outer posts and were engaged in a bloody battle with the Mylarainians by the time Kayorin charged out. To her surprise the blade had lit up ablaze and each swing of its steely edge brought the beasts down screaming in pain. Once the Elemental Bane had shown its true fire, the Lunakins either fell before its might or began retreating. Luckily for the Mylarianian Elves, the overcast heavens were clearing and the winds died. Those who did not find their lives ending abruptly before the sword were shot down by the Sylvans in the trees shooting their arrows. That day the blade took on a new life and since then has marveled and impressed (or scared) all who have seen it ablaze.

Bedlam's Keepsake

Owned By: Unowned

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

Bedlam's Keepsake is a simple thing, in truth. A conjoining of necromantic and shamanistic energies, bound into a small, five inch long, sackcloth doll filled with sand. Two small orbs of polished bone make up the eyes, while black and red thread binds it all together. Around its neck, a noose of sorts, crafted from dried and brown dyed sinew, which is also attached to a small pouch in which bits and pieces can be stored. Also hanging from the sinew strap is a single large fang, from some great beast, and three sharp claws, clicking and clattering with each movement made.

The inAnimate Servant: (2 slots OOB)

When the owner of the doll is not in battle, during times of respite or amusement, they can use the tainted aura of Bedlam's Keep to animate normally inanimate - non biological objects as temporary servants; such as animating a chair, foot stool, or even in some cases a small statue. To do as the caster bids, within reason, for their amusement or service, so long as Bedlam's Keep remains close and active.

Mechanics: The ability is limited to normally inanimate, non-biological items no bigger than a medium sized chair or up to 50lbs. The object can move within a twenty-five foot radius of the doll and caster, it can respond to basic commands (cleaning, fetching, etc) and also such as helping to restrain an already subdued victim. (Such as a chair locking in hands or feet.) It can not be used to initiate a fight, takes a full round or action to cast, he object will never act on its own and is only usable on one object at a time lasting up to one full scene, once per day. If used to manipulate a victim, requires OOC consent. Not usable in Battle.

Rend the True Name: (2 Slots Combat)
A true name is a powerful thing, and it's what Bedlam's Keepsake is known for. By focusing upon the target of this ability, the wielder of the voodoo doll can invoke powerful defenses against the one who would seek to harm them. Taking the doll within bared hand and squeezing firmly, the doll speaks out the true name of the target, an eerie sound in itself. The doll would then take the basic appearance of the target of Rend the True Name, and also creates up to three copies of itself, to float and hover around the caster of this ability, creating a macabre 'shield' made of dolls that look like the one who'd strike at Bedlam's Keepsakes owner.


A roll of !r 1d10 determines the length of time in turns that the spell remains in effect. The caster rolls !r 1d3 for the number of dolls that rise and orbit around the wielder of Bedlam's Keepsake, with each doll costing 5 stamina a piece. If the wielder's opponent attacks with a Ranged Magical Attack, these dolls will dart to intercept, no defense roll needed, and then will be destroyed along with the spell itself, no matter how high or low the attack roll was. This spell costs 5 Stamina for each doll conjured. This spell cannot be cast with any defense altering spells, such as Dark Armor or Magical Armor. Limited to three times per week, only works in reference to ranged magical attacks, close magical and physical attacks have no effect. If the dolls are not used by the end of the prerolled rounds, they will dissapear and are unable to be used for the remainder of the day.

Nature's Retribution (1 Slot OOB)

With the unholy state in which the doll was created, the use of 'innocent' souls that seem to make the very essence of the fabric from which it's wove, it is a blight to the eyes of those created by Gaea.


OOC consent required. Due to the nature of the doll, those who were created by Gaea *Nixies, Pixies, Nymphs, etc* will feel physically ill towards the bearers of Bedlams Keepsake, the aura that surrounds the creation a palpable fission of loathing and fear. The only Gaeans not affected by this are Duessa, due to their darker, morbid natures.

Death Thought: (2 Slots OOB)

The doll is a tool of Death, creating a macabre image that would make even the most hardened of warrior shudder and pause. Through the doll, the wielder of Bedlams Keepsake can invoke even greater fears in their targets. Should a potential victim come within touching range, the bearer may use this spell to supplant a single image of their suggested demise.

OOC consent required, image lasts no more than a single post, usable once per day and only once per person; this spell creates the impression of doom, a vague image that is meant to stir fear from its brief and fleeting presence. Out of Battle only.

Death's got an interesting sense of humor. She decided to gift Belariath with the knowledge on how to craft this little trinket in days long past with a cabal of necromancers and shaman who were dedicated to her cause, that of death and decay. However, in order to bind the power to the doll, which was named Bedlam's Keepsake, the sacrifice of many gaeans was involved. Blood of nymphs, pixies, satyrs and the like was spilled, and freely, so that the cabal might do as their mistress wished. Far more simple than some of the relics of olde, it was lost to the ages when Gaea decided she'd had enough, and struck down those who'd aided in its creation.

Betrayer of the Goddess, Heleth

Owned By: Viktor Corsarris

Type of Item: Weapon

Equipment Slots Used: 1

This perfectly forged ancient great sword still shines as it did the day it was forged, a common weapon that the time morphed into a magical toy. Once used by gods, now the blade half covered with the dark etchings of a dragon, flames released from his parted maw. The hilt, pommel, and handle covered with scenes of an ancient war long past, and from its pommel a blood red chain of mithril stretches 10 feet outward.

Flight of the Betrayer: (2 slots Combat) :
Using the chain attached to the Pommel the own of the weapon can throw this weapon as if it was a common Hand Axe or Throwing Dagger. The Chain will extend to the distance needed for the attack to land within reasonable bounds. The chain is used to guide the weapon back into the wielders hand after being thrown.

Mech: The attack can be switched from a standard close physical attack to a standard ranged physical attack. The weapon is able to extend up to ten feet outwards, provided no obstacle is standing in its way. Afterward, the weapon is simply recalled back into the user’s hand by a tug of the chain, its length shortening or coiling to keep itself from being tangled. This can occur within the same attack round. Stamina cost is equal to the item’s base attack when used as a ranged weapon.

Hated Blood: (2 Slots OOB):
The blood of the Hated One left a mark upon the trace amounts of the Goddess’s power remain. When called upon the chain of that weapon will wrap around wounds, as if bandaging them. The trace amount of the Goddess’s power pouring into the wounds from those blood stained chains. First Blood flow stops, then slowly the wounds will close and be repaired. This does not heal severed limbs. If the user if afflicted by any natural poison from a plant or non-magical animal, the poison can be cleansed from the body provided it is a category 3 or lower at a stamina cost of 10, stamina which can not be regained until the healing is complete. If the body is poisoned again during the healing process or suffers from multiple poisons, the ability will not work on the accumulative effect. This is not an instant process, and requires that the marked remain out of battle and any extraneous activity for at least eight hours to fully work; otherwise the healing process is immediately halted. Not usable in Battle.

Betrayers Chaining: (2 Slots OOB):
For this ability to be used, the wielder of this weapon must have it sheathed. When a potential victim is subdued or caught, the chains may bind the target, wrapping around limbs, keeping the target immobile and at the mercy of the wielder. The chains can be manipulated to help move limbs or body, but can never target the neck. If any form of hostile action is used, as in meant to instill life depleting damage, the victim is automatically freed, and a chance the chains may backfire upon the user (at user's discretion). The victim may resist the bondage with a standard close magical defense roll. OOC consent needed from the victim to use.

Soul Sheathing: (1 Slot OOB)
Depending on the location of the Marked One’s weapon, it utilizes 1 stamina per mile from which it was moved. The distance may not exceed a ten-mile radius. This takes one round to summon to the wielder’s location. At the second round or action, the weapon will have appeared on the bearer, even if he has moved from the original place he stood to summon them. This can be used before or after combat, but not during.

The bard slowly settled down upon the stage before those gathered to listen to his tale. Excited murmurs leaving their lips as they waited for the man to begin. He took a sip of his tea, letting them wait in suspense as he prepared himself for the tale this day. Slowly he took in a breath and then began.

“Heleth, great warrior, and handsome man. Pawn in the war of deities past. Heleth was born into the world of humans, that was constantly meddled with by warring Gods and Goddesses. He the greatest of warriors in an army dedicated to a single goddess. None were able to stand against the army that he led. Finally after 10 years of service to his Goddess she took full notice of him, the goddess’s heart melting for the man. She fell for a mortal, a thing that brought the ire of the other Gods and Goddesses down upon him.”

“That ire was felt most within the Goddess, who directly opposed Heleth’s own. She the Goddess of the women of seduction. Both hated and coveted the man of her immortal enemy. This ire, hated and jealously led to all out war between the worshippers of both Goddesses. Heleth’s army never failing once to turn back the advances of the enemy of his beloved. War raged and as her followers fell by the way side the Goddess of Seduction’s power began to wane. Closer and closer she came to being consumed by the hated Goddess.”

“She the Goddess of Seduction was not one to go down without a fight, and so she attacked the weakest part of the hated one. Heleth, the handsome unparalleled warrior the head of the hated Goddesses army, and her beloved. That Goddess went to the man, those with weak hearts and even weaker bonds. There she seduced him, slowly claiming the flesh and mind of the great warrior. She took his body and gave him all the carnal desires he had ever wished. Turning his love from the hated one to herself. Forcing Heleth to beg his new beloved how he could win her great approval.”

“The Goddess of Seduction grinned at the fallen man before her, and gave him the one and only order she knew Heleth would fight. She empowered his weapon the great sword he carried to drain the power of another Goddess. Telling the only man the hated one would drop her guard for, he was to drive that weapon through his former beloved. Heleth, for days, fought the hold of the Goddess of seduction refusing to go to the Hated one even when she called for her champion. It was then the hated one came to him.”

“There she stood the beauty of his the hated Goddess, her guard down looking concerned about her champion, why had he not come to her? Why had the handsome mortal she loved not been in her bed? She asked him these questions while embracing Heleth. And in that moment he betrayed her, the enchanted great sword splitting the flesh of his former beloved. The blood of a Goddess spilling upon the form of a mortal. Heleth’s eyes looking up at her his eyes showing the pain in them as the hated one only smiled, at her death, dying in the arms of the man she still loved.”

“The Goddess of Seduction appearing in those last moments pleased with the events of her little game, the heart of the man corrupted to the point of such betrayal. There as the hated one smiled to her beloved Heleth. The warrior was forced to watch as the hated one was consumed and her power absorbed into the, Goddess of Seduction. Heleth’s mind broke free of the seduction, hating himself but hating the Goddess before him worse. Great sword covered in the hated ones blood was lifted and swung down upon the Goddess of Seduction.”

“She did not flinch, did not move, did not even challenge the blow only waved her hand and Heleth’s soul was separated from his body. The Goddess of Seduction then sealed it within the great sword Heleth’s soul locked within, the Goddess refusing to allow the man to again become her enemy. Years would pass Heleth’s great sword becoming forever at the side of the one who conquered his beloved. The battle of consumption and wills of the Gods and Goddesses continuing until. The Goddess of Seduction decided to take on the Mother of the Children of the dark.”

“As the one telling this story I can not speak of the ancient past or anymore of the tale then what was handed down, so I could not tell you what was said between the Goddesses in this tale in Heleth’s time but we do have a vague understanding of what was said between the Seductress and Kirva. It was a short battle between Goddesses, and a betrayal once again led, to the death of a Goddess.”

“The scene played out within the realm the great Mother herself controlled, over the battle field, the Seductress, and the Mother faced each other weapons drawn. The seconds before the two Goddesses clashed Heleth finally found the power to rebel. From the pommel of the great sword shot chains out from it, chains stained by the blood of the Hated one, binding the Seductress, much to the amusement of the great Mother. The betrayal of the Seductress’s sword against her, was delicious to Kirva.”

“Heleth, you dare betray me now?” The Seductress shouted at her sword, with the amused gaze of Kirva looking upon her.”

“The dulcet seductive tone of Kirva’s own voice breaking through the anger of the Seductress. “It seems your little toy has broken, my dear.” The Mother paused and slowly grew closer to the other Goddess who dared challenge her. “Such things are unsightly of a Goddess, to be beaten by a plaything.” The amused tone of the Mother pulling at the Seductress’s mind.”

“Kirva watched in amusement as those chains forced the great sword to turn upon it’s former Mistress. Offering the handle to Kirva to spear that blade into the form of the Seductress. Cold laughter flowed from the Kirva’s lips at the depths of the betrayal before her eyes. The dark goddess taking claim of that weapon though she did not impale it into the body of the Goddess of Seduction right away. She watched the fear in the bound Goddess’s eyes. The unknown for that awaits in death for a goddess shining within the eyes of Kirva’s victim.”

“That fear is beautiful dear one.” Kirva spoke into the other Goddess’s ear softly. “I have seen it many times in my followers eyes, but in the eyes of another Goddess..” Seductive inviting moan came from Kirva’s full lips before that sword was lanced into the form of the foolish Goddess that challenged her. “

“The chains unwrapped from around the Goddess of Seduction but did not recede back into the sword the, 10 feet that remained seemed to be a permanent addition to the Sword. Kirva then consumed the powers of the Goddess of Seduction removing her existence from the pantheon. As the foolish Goddess had once done to the Hate one. Kirva’s hand rested around the handle of that sword, and she drew from it the power to kill the a deity, leaving all the others Heleth’s soul had granted the weapon.”

“Kirva spoke to Heleth’s soul that was now at peace one with that ancient weapon. “Go, return to the world of Mortals, and when you have found, a wielder with a heart filled with betrayal like your own. Return to me as my servant.” Kirva then cast the sword to the mortal world waiting for the day the dark heart of another would claim the weapon. “

“Years have now past, and the history of that weapon only remains with those of us, the few bards left that follow not one story but all stories. We delve into the greatest of libraries and follow even the most outlandish rumors. Does this weapon actually remain within the mortal world? All this bard can tell you, if you see a man walking with such a weapon. Do not test his heart.”

With that he the bard gathered his things and made his exit leaving all those gathered to wonder upon the fate of Heleth’s sword. The Betrayer of the Goddess.

released to Viktor 4/25/10

Circlet of Flames

Owned By: Christine-Daae

Type of Item: Armor

Equipment Slots Used: 0

Description This mithril circlet is enspelled with runes that writher and glow like fire, yet remains cool to the touch, an almost delicate creation meant to fit the chosen bearer to perfection.

Falcon of Flame: (2 slots OOB)
The Owner of the circlet is gifted the ability to transmute their very essence into the form of the Falcon of Flame, a fire colored falcon with long flowing tail feathers. In falcon form, the owner is gifted the ability to travel faster than any normal being with wings, including that of a normal falcon or full-blooded Chirot or Torian. In passing, the Falcon of Flame will leave in it's wake a fiery burst of sparks and dazzling sparkles that are non-damaging.


In this form, the bearer is restricted from casting spells, combat and can not have sex. The full effect lasts up to !r 1d40 rounds per day. If the falcon is struck, the bearer returns to their natural state, OOC permission is also required when this form is used for spying or intruding upon another character's scene and can not be used in Combat.

Create Torch (1 Slot OOB):
This ability allows the wearer to create a torch anywhere they wish out of anything. A sword, a long stick, or just perhaps a staff; anything the wearer picks up may be made into a torch, and as it is a magical torch only the caster is able to put the flame out, it cannot be put out by water or any other means.

The flames, since magical in nature, are non-damaging and can not be used in Combat. Requires OOC consent if using an item belonging to someone else.

Vision of Heat (2 Slots OOB):
This ability allows the wearer to detect body heat, in all manners of weather, from thick fog where one cannot see a thing, to spells that cast the same loss of vision. The wearer will see a red aura surrounding the person, the strength determined by how much heat their form puts off, such as an animal or person that holds a lower body temperature than others. Can not be used in Combat.

Fire’s Embrace (2 Slots Combat):
The ability to maintain one’s body temperature is especially important to those who immerse themselves in the crafting of fire. The circlet assists in this, without any fear of Stamina loss; whenever the owner wears the circlet, their body temperature is maintained and exudes a subtle heat to those around them. This can be true whether the person is wearing nothing but a thin spider silk robe, or trekking through ice fields in the frozen North, the bearer holds no fear that their body will lose that precious heat so long as the circlet is within their possession. Due to it's nature, Fire's Embrace will also negate the additional damage penalty of 25% done when the wearer is facing attack from any Hydromancer spell.

The night was unusually cold, a chill that cut right through the skin no matter how many layers of clothing one might be wearing, and perhaps this had something to do with the creation of the circlet, but there were other things as well. There was the fact he had other things on his mind, like the beautiful winged creature within his dungeon. He had seen her out flying and it is how she came to be within his capture, he had to have such a beautiful creature as his own, it was just such a shame her wings had been permanently damaged in the capture.

He knew she was chilled and being a firemage he did his best to keep her warm, which gave him an idea, an item to be placed upon her, a circlet that would match her beauty and would add aspects to her life for what he had taken away. First he would have to find such a piece, eventually gaining control of a beautiful mithril circlet, runes placed upon the surface to make it glow and look as if it were on fire. Four spells were placed upon it of his own making. The first would be one to allow her flight once more just perhaps in a form she was not used to. The second could keep away her fear of the dark, allowing her to have light wherever she wished so that it would never go dark. Next was an ability to detect him no matter what the weather, allow her to view that fiery aura that surrounded him so she could not get lost in the blizzard like conditions of his homeland. The final ability was one he was quite proud of. This ability would allow her to be warm no matter, what, while he had a similar ability himself he still needed warmth, and knowing she had no matter of warmth but her clothing he knew this would help her greatly.

For years she kept it in her possession, long after his human life had ended, though she grew older she never did forget what he had done for her, and so she knew the circlet had to go to someone special. It was not long before her death that she found this person, a creature she knew rivaled her own beauty or at least held the same that she did, one she knew he would have loved. A gift to her, the history imparted as well so that she could know that it was a special piece. The torian Christine-Daae would be gifted with the circlet, a winged creature of beauty that also mastered the power of the flames as he had.

Cloak of the Chorded Bardess

Owned By: Tehya

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 1

A cloak, patch-worked and pieced together by a bardesses loving hands. Each cloth representing a "note" in the symphony of her life, creating the Chord that literally strum her heartstrings. A prayed for thing, given by a God to one of his favored Bardesses, to allow her peace of mind, as she served his will.

Item Abilities: Note of Knowledge (2 Slots - OOB), Note of Healing (2 Slots - Combat), Note of Awareness (2 Slots - OOB)


Cry of the Phoenix

Owned By: Scathien

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

The Cry of the Phoenix is nothing more than a small, but solid egg of mithril swirled with ruby streaks all along its surface symbolizing the egg of the phoenix used to create the item.

Natural Element (2 Slots OOB)
The Phoenix is an elemental of Fire, as such, the bearer of the Cry of the Phoenix becomes a natural conduit to this mystical creatures abilities. They are able to manipulate natural flame and heat, as its touch on a smaller scale no longer burns, but bends to the wielder’s will.

This ability grants the owner a much higher tolerance, if not immunity to natural fire. Allowing them handle burning objects, move through small to moderate sized fire without injury to one’s self, though items on the person may be damaged. If the bearer were to be caught in a area of fire that is taller or of a width wider than they are tall, the ability will diminish and become obsolete all together. In addition, they show an exemplary mastery of manipulating the flames – shaping them, pushing or pulling them, provided the area is no bigger than twice their height in diameter. This skill may not be used to attack anyone or initiate combat, not usable in combat.

Rebirth (2 Slots Combat):
The rebirth of the wielder is heralded in a massive blast of fire, encompassing anything within a five foot radius before dying down. Once rebirth has taken place, the wearer is granted with a set of feathered phoenix wings and a new take on life. They are filled with an energetic zest for life; the urge to create and push onward towards one’s goals is almost overwhelming. They are more likely to do things on a simple whim because they feel the urge.

Mechanics: Aside from the psychological changes that occur during the first month, the wearer is granted a set of feathered phoenix wings. These wings effectively grant them the ability to fly as if born to it, inclusive of the grace, speed and reduced stamina cost that natural fliers are known for. To those that do not have wings, the wings will be usable for flying from the 15th of the first month onwards, Half-breeds will have the wings usable from the 8th onwards, and those who can already fly suffer no time penalty to this. Those who do not have wings suffer the disadvantage of being restricted to the same kinds of armor that a Torian is restricted to. This gift lasts the duration of the first and second month of the cycle.

Middle Life (2 Slot OOB):
At this time their zest for life will slowly begin to fade as they start to reach a plateau in their life and begin to more fully take on the mindset of a phoenix. Along with this they seem to become more diligent in whatever work they undertake, but lacks that spark to do things upon a simple whim. They also begin to show an increased dislike for water and those that follow the element, but nothing to drive them away from it. During the third month of the Phoenix cycle. The zest for life now completely fades as the wielder moves towards the full mindset of the Phoenix. Here the wielder will pause in taking on new projects, though continues to work with incredible drive in their current goals. Their aversion to those who are associated with water and the element itself comes to the forefront; at the same time, their pride driving them to constantly beat their opponents, to show themselves with incredible fighting ferocity.

Aside from the psychological changes, the wings gifted by the first ability begin to change and are no longer usable for flight. If the wielder is a half-breed, they maintain the ability to fly but lose their luster. Those who have had natural working wings will note nothing happens to their wings.

Death’s Pyre (1 Slot OOB):
They grow somber, preparing themselves for the passing of the old into the new. Tasks that are not finished will be hard to complete. The wielder begins to feel the end grow near; as they become reluctant to engage in battle. However they will continue to maintain their pride, seeking to avoid water and those that deal with the element. The wearer seems far more content to simply sit at home and await the end gracefully, inviting a few close friends to watch his passing as if he were going to truly die.

Mechanics: At the beginning of the fourth month, those that normally do not have wings will have their weakened wings fall away and disintegrate. This will also remove the armor restriction imposed by said wings. Half-breeds will find that their wings are slowly losing their strength, rendering them flightless once again. Those with natural wings will find the vibrant colors of the phoenix fading away back into the wielder's natural colors. Once the Cry of the Phoenix becomes one's possession, the owner must go through with its cyclical effects and does not have the choice to avoid its ups and downs.

Long ago, the now forgotten High Elven city of Ters`Nasan found itself at the mercy of a drow pyromancer of almost unheard of skill in the arts of fire. He would attack at seemingly random, causing the city to remain in a constant state of fear. Finally, a single young mage managed to escape the city, traveling far into the mountains, seeking out dwarven peoples and beg of them to lend some aid to his people. Instead, the young man was visited by something far, far greater. Resyure, the phoenix god, chanced upon the young man and in a moment of curiosity, descended onto the ground and took the form of a fiery bearded dwarf. As the young man desperately told the dwarf of what had been happening to his city, the strangely ruby eyed man merely nodded, and bade the young man to collect some few things, a ruby bathed in the blood of a salamander, mithril ages bathed in the heat of a volcano, and bits of shell from a newly hatched phoenix egg. After a lengthy and tedious search, the young man stumbled upon the first two items, nearly losing his life to both, only to have the third constantly denied to him. Dejected, the young man returned to the dwarf with only the two objects, unable to find the third. The dwarf merely smiled and took the items from him and revealed his true form, telling the young man to return in one month's time and he would have what he sought. As the god flew off to his nest where he nested the metal and jewel next to a small egg. Just less than a month later the egg hatched into a newly reborn phoenix, the flames of its birth caressing over the metal and ruby, guided by power of the god, infusing them with is own might even as the mithril and ruby melted and blended to together, forming into an egg formed of the mithril swirled with ruby streaks. Resyure returned to the young man at the designated time, and handed him the amulet, telling him he had naught to fear from fire as long as he wore the amulet. Ecstatic, the man quickly returned to Ters`Nasan, only to find the city burning under the assault of the drow, the man laughing as he attempted to slowly burn the city to ash. Unable to restrain himself, the young man screamed and raced towards the attacking mage, only to have the pyromancer sneer and throw a fireball directly at the young man. As the flames licked at his body, the man was shocked to find himself growing stronger instead of weaker, his weariness fading away as the flames seemed to fill his body. As the pyromancer stood momentarily flabbergasted, the young man struck at the mage, drawing forth a deep wound on the man's body. Growling in anger, the drow threw a dark iron dagger straight at the young man, catching the shocked man in the chest, piercing his heart. Then even as the man laughed in his triumph, the young man's body was consumed in a sudden explosion of flame, the blast burning the drow to ash in even as his scream mixed with the cry of a phoenix. From the flames, the young man was reborn as if the phoenix, a pair of wings, feathers mixed of red orange and yellow, like living flames upon his back. Time passed and the city was abandoned, the Amulet eventually lost to the ages its current location unknown.

Crystal Tears of Amera

Owned By: Morrigan_Steel

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

Class Required: Healer

The Crystal Tears of Amera are set in a single piece of crystal, of about 2" diameter. It looks shaped like a lens, and curved as one, but closer inspection would reveal that the edges are really present, just so finely cut it looks rounded. Although it looks clear like a piece of glass, the shades of the Crystal changes as the Tears within are expended. The Crystal holds up to 3 Tears of Amera. When the Tears are used, they are restored at a rate of one Tear per Day When there are 3 Tears within the Crystal, it is clear as glass; when there are 2 Tears within the Crystal, it is a slight pinkish cast; when there is 1 Tear within the Crystal, it has a darker pink hue but is still clear enough to look through; when there are no Tears within the Crystal, it is a bright shining red as that of a ruby, and generally impossible to look through except at very nearby objects.

Sight of Amera: (2 slots)
Depending on the number of Tears in the Crystal, when the Crystal is used as a lens say in a spyglass, or framed as a glass eye, it can see details as if the user were standing a certain distance closer, similar to a zoom effect. The presence of the Tears also enable the bearer to discern through the crystal the pains and sufferings of others about him, and will generally cause him to do his best to help ease their plight.

If there is 1 Tear, the user can see as if he were up to 40 feet closer in the direction of sight. If there are 2 Tears, the user can see as if he were up to 80 feet closer, and if there are 3 Tears, up to 120 feet closer. Note that if there are no Tears within it, the Crystal is an opaque red similar to that of a ruby, and would be useless for the purposes of seeing through. Having at least 2 Tears in the Crystal would also allow the user to automatically to be able to use discern ailment to see both natural and magical afflictions of anyone he sees through the Crystal who are within 8 feet of them. This might cause the bearer sentiments of wishing to help the afflicted person, typically warning the person at least, and in some cases, feeling the pain of the person such that it is nigh impossible not to extend help. This ability is not usable in battle.

Restoration: (2 Slots)
Restoration is usually is performed on people who are seriously injured, allowing the tears to enter into their bloodstream via the wounds, and circulating to run throughout the body, even as it greatly reduces bleeding at wherever it is applied. This respite provided by reduced bleeding gives the person time to benefit from the power of the many Tears flowing through his body, in his bloodstream, restoring his body as they use the very resources of the recipient's body to augment their already considerable healing power. Due to the antagonistic nature of conflict with the life-giving powers Leassa set into the Tears, if the recipient enters combat, the effect of the Tears will immediately be halted. The person may get weak and hungry from the effect of Restoration, as it uses the body's resources to restore him.

Mechanics Restoration is an OOB ability, costing 7 stamina per tear; when affected on someone, the person regains 1/3 of his Max Life at a rate of six minutes (game time) for every tear used until the victim is fully healed. IE He uses 1 tear, beneficiary gains 1/3 their life at a cost to the owner of 7 stamina; he uses 2 tears the beneficiary gains 2/3rds their life at a cost to the owner of 14 stamina, and so forth. It also seals all fresh scars and such; however it does not restore lost limbs or cure disease or poison that still remains in the body's system. The effect of Restoration halts if the beneficiary is for whatever reason involved in combat prior to regaining all his Life.

Cleansing Tears: (3 slots)
This ability serves to nullify all poisons and diseases upon a person's body, as well as relieving them of all malignant magic and effects that serve to impede the effects of healing magic’s.

Cleansing Tears is an OOB ability costing 10 Sta, and uses up 2 Tears. This ability immediately relieves the pain caused from poison (magical or non-magical) and disease (magical or non-magical); however, it requires focused attention and time, usually the course of a scene, to remove the cause of that pain completely from the body. It can overwrite the effect of non-healable wounds (such as the Necromancer spell Infection), making them healable. If the one that this is being used on chooses to or is forced into any aggressive or combative scene, the benefits of restoration halts immediately. This can not be used during battle considering the pacifistic nature of the Crystal.qqQwq

Amera lived her child and early adulthood within the secure boundaries of her forest home. Celebrated not only for her existence but for the purity of both visage and heart, the young elven woman came of age knowing her place within the wooded community to be safe and secure. Guided by wise parents, she devoted herself to the worship of the God and Goddess Tulik and Leassa respectively, and with time became one of the high priestesses of her encampment and a trustworthy healer, dedicated (some said zealously) to the protection of the family and friends within her auspices. As well, she met and wed another sylvan elf, Gglynidd. He was a defender of the sylvan peoples, and as such he learned the arts of warcraft, though the sylvan’s preferred not to have to use those arts. Amera and Gglynidd’s love was strong, the two bonding in a way that is still much spoken of in the rituals of the speakers. Together, the two dreamed of the life they would have together, and the children that they would be blessed with. Amera performed her devotions to Leassa with particular care so that her prayers would be answered. And so the centuries passed, for the sylvan’s are a long-lived people. Amera performed the duties of high priestess to the gods, and Gglynidd patrolled the forest boundaries and protected the bounty of nature. One would think their lives to be idyllic. And so it was... until a group of humans encroached onto the lands of this particular band of sylvan’s. With their huge, lumbering horses and their biting screaming axes and saws they began to lay waste to the precious trees that the sylvan’s guarded so well. The earth itself screamed as roots were wrested from their snug hold and the trees wept in the form of the sap that seeped from the gaping wounds the humans gouged into their living bark. The cries of the injured rang silently through the forests…and were answered in the form of the small band of elves that came to the rescue, intent on protecting that which had been rent asunder. Reason failed to convince the humans to give up the desecration of the sylvan’s forest, and the first strike fell upon the small party of elves who had ventured forward to try to effect peace. Now the axes bit deeply into flesh and bone. Now the grass was stained with the lifeblood of the defenders. Amera dodged through the scene of the battle, helping to support and offering the healing protection of her deities and it seemed as though the elves would be victorious in their defense. For indeed, the humans retreated and left the area with their great noxious beasts and their nasty biting axes. But they left behind more than just carnage. In the midst of the field of battle, lying near the trunk of an aged oak, Amera found her beloved. Gglynidd’s wounds were mortal; even she could tell. No amount of healing would be fast enough or good enough to stave off the inevitable. Still, he drew breath and as she bent over him, her hand going to try futilely to staunch the flow of blood from the gaping wound in his chest. He could not speak, but within her husband’s eyes she was able to read all the things that he would no longer be able to tell her. His wishes for a future that they both knew now would not be, the confidence that he had in her ability to go forward, the great love that he held for this most gentle and demure of women. Her tears fell, droplets that glimmered as crystal fell into the well of his wound. Their silent communion was such that Tulik and Leassa, seeing the unbounded regard of the bonded elves, performed a silent intervention for the grieving woman. With his skill and craft, Tulik caused the wound of Gglynidd to coalesce into a red crystal, and as Amera’s tears fell upon that wound, Leassa placed her own life into them even as they gained form and stability. Each tear that so fell caused the crystal to lighten, and her hand now wallowed not in the lifeblood of her partner, but grasped an artifact of healing and restorative power. Pressed to his chest as it was, his wounds mended with the power of the Leassa and the dimming light in his eyes strengthened, turning from the journey he had thought to take to the beauteous visage of the woman he loved. Amera’s tears turned from those of grief to those of joy, but still they fell and still they were trapped within the crystal that Tulik had forged from the lifeblood of Gglynidd. For centuries, Amera used the Crystal in order to minister to the needs of her people and when the time came, as all times must, that the Gods and Goddesses took the pair to the place of their reward beyond this life, the Crystal remained, imbued with the essence of the Goddess, no longer set aside just for the priestess for whom it was made, but ever bided in the land, that another would take up the life giving touch of the Crystal Tears of Amera.

Cuff of Deviance

Owned By: Twerlinger

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

Mithril Cuff, with a small sapphire set in the middle of it, a small charm shaped like an arrow dangles from it.

The Power of Speech and Touch(2 slot)

Elthuris, a great mage, often found himself at the disadvantage of others, being robbed of his hands due to being encumbered by weapon or for being tied up, he turned his mind to other methods, eventually finding a manual that detailed how to use voice alone in the casting of spells. After many a day of working hard at mastering this.. he eventually managed to learn the technique and thus was able to cast by simply speech alone.

Mech - Able to cast out of battle or anywhere spells outside of combat by voice alone or by gesture alone. Still requiring one or the other to be effective. Loss of speech or the ability to move hands will still render the bearer unable to use spells. This ability is only usable out of battle, and any spell cast by it will fade if combat starts.

Flawless Visage (2 slots)

Another effect of the amulet having been with a single person for so long. The ability to heal a little quicker than others, to enable them to get the best out of their time on the earth, for either noble, or other reasons. Granting the ability to heal almost as quickly as a duessa. Marks, blemishes and scars, along with any wounds would disappear and heal within 24 hours of being made. As such, tattoos and piercings would need to be done with extra care and attention to avoid them spoiling and needing to be redone. This effect will also counter ageing, though it wouldn't prevent someone from being killed due to massive or cumulative injury being received.

Mechs - The cuff itself heals the bearer during times of rest and non-agression. Due to this continual healing the bearers lifespan extends, although the ability isn't able to keep old age at bay, enabling the possessor to live as long as 50% more than their normal lifespan, although they will succumb to their injuries if enough damage is dealt to them before the can rest and heal up. Healing only happens after the end of combat, and if they are still alive, otherwise no effect happens. The mark removal takes 24 hours, and heals all scars and blemishes and any tattoos not done with mithril ink, and healing happens at an increased rate of 40% over normal times. This can not restore lost limbs, or replace the immediate need for a healer if injuries are mortal.

Metallic Manipulations (1 Slot)

With but a thought and a gesture, the wielder of this can bring forth a single strand of mithril, to be used as he wishes, or to mold in shape and dimension (up to a volume equivalent to the wielder's forearm) to fill his every whim until banished. Allowing the one who Wields this item to create any toy that meets his desire, from using the length of metal itself on his victim, to being able to create a dildo, a ring gag, a flail, literally anything that catches his fancy, though only one item can be summoned at a time.

MECHANICS: The created toy lasts until end of scene and then disappears. OOC Consent needed for use of this ability, not usable during combat.

Magickal Manifestation (2 slots - Combat)

Power of the cuff to allow the conjuring and condensing the arcane energy into a physical form, using a bow to launch these arrows towards an opponent.

Mech - Allows the creation of an 'energy' arrow, to be fired from a normal bow. Damage done with a normal Ranmagatk roll + normal bonus of the bow used. No bonus for using those 'energy' arrows.

Dreamt up in its basics by a ranger who shunned the town and city life, and who was more at home in the wilderness, with little or nothing to slow him down and hold back his adventures. Initially required to prevent him from being unable to hunt due to lack of arrows, so an alternative was sought, exploring forbidden temples and high into the mountains, until he finally found someone who was able to craft missiles from arcane energy, and after bartering his service to them, he was finally gifted a cuff that would allow him to perform the same feat.

After the gaining of such power the ranger roamed through the lands, until his death and the cuff fell into the hands of the mage Elthurius. The ability already in place explored completely by him, and chosen to be ignored as of no use to him at all, was instead used as the centre piece for his studies into the art of other means of spell casting. A rather personal issue to Elthurius, who had oft been subjected to being overwhelmed and dealt with in rather embarrassing ways by his peers and fellow townsfolk, who thought of him as a joke and a laugh. Eventually after many years of research and trial and error, he managed to imbue the item with the ability to counter the need for motions in spell casting, allowing the possessor to cast by speech alone. He smiled, donning the item and was about to try it out as he managed to trip over a fine length of twine a thief had set up and toppled out of the window of the tower to his death. The cuff being recovered and sold off by a passing tradesman who knew a good thing when he saw one.

Ten years later the cuff found its way into the hands of a cleric of Ishtar, who thought it a fine piece of jewellery, and was ignorant of the other factors upon the item, instead wearing it as he preached and promoted Ishtar’s name to the masses, using his abilities and spells to show and keep the faith, some of those magical energies seeping into the cuff, and eventually imbuing it with some of his own abilities. After attempting to convert a high priestess of Kirva, and falling to her own talents, this cuff was cast away as unclean, and disappeared into the mist of history, not to be seen or unearthed until it was not required upon the face of the world.

The last change to happen to it, the cuff being found by a duessa, one of those created by magic and nature combined, never aging and healing overnight, the perfect canvas for anything or anyone to work on. Worn for almost one hundred years until she was impaled upon a tree, tossed from her Masters mount as he carried her in flight from the ransacking of his home, her punishment for her allowance of the invaders to gain entry across the moat. Her body resting there to it was reclaimed and the cuff slipping to the floor, buried by dirt and debris, till it was found by someone, cutting wood in the area 5 years later, almost missed, if it hadn’t been for his sharp eyesight, seeing it for something interesting, that was almost a match to something else he possessed, and so the cuff came back into circulation, for good or for evil, only time will know.

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Dar`Gan's Blood Tear

Owned By: Belson

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

Base Item: Ruby Gemstone
Race Required: Dark Elf

Crimson Despair: (2 Slots Combat)

Much like the originator of the gemstone, the bearer of the blood red ruby is known to be a fierce warrior in battle. Their visage twisted in lines of determination and intimidation; and sometimes, when the power of the gemstone is tapped, amplified by the influence of the spirit inhabiting it. This manifests in the mask like visage that consumes the caster’s face, directing all of its malevolent taint and anger filled snarl at the victim of this attack. If they do not have the ability to resist their own fear, the victim is sent into a paralysis that lasts the span of a few actions, often giving the caster enough time to walk away from the battle victorious.

Mechanics: A clophyatk vs clophydef is rolled for this attack, if the bearer of the Item wins; their opponent is shaken with fear for 1d3 rounds, and is stunned by the aggressive behavior of the wielder; much like the stun spell. While shaken with fear the victim can not attack, but they defend as normal and may take any other action. If the wielder damages an opponent shaken with fear before the duration expires, the effect wears off.

Dar’Gan’s Heir: (1 Slot OOB)

The item's personality is melancholic and sorrowful. Its abilities come from the pain, suffering and anger left in Dar`Gan's bleeding last stance. The item itself is not intelligent in anyway but it influences its owner with a weight on their heart, never letting them be overly cheerful. Mood swings, foul temper, irritability and quick to draw a weapon are common. Each month on the 17th the item becomes unstable and loses all its powers. Each year on the 17th of August, the item marks the anniversary of Dar`Gan's fall from grace, losing its power for a full week and driving its owner into reclusion and remorseful meditation, in remembrance and tribute to the great Dar`Gan Del`Nechawse, Prince of Underdark Territories of Marlnmarr.

Aura of the Accursed: (2 Slot OOB)

The aura of the one who bears Dar`Gan’s legacy is one that is as palpable as it is subtle. So much so, that when not in battle or cloaked by some other magic, the bearer is almost always cloaked in a pulsating aura of fear. It can have varying levels of effect on those who venture within visual contact distance of the owner, but regardless, is always there clinging to the bearer like a second cloak.

Mechanics: OOC consent required, works the same as Fear Aura, causing those affected to attempt to avoid the caster or to get away. Not usable in Battle.

Stolen Sorrow: (2 Slots OOB)

This ability, buried beneath the originator’s spirit, is an act that requires the victim to be touched and spoken to, as it enables the spirit to move quickly to pluck a single image of rueful, sorrowful or grievous nature from the victim's mind. The victim may resist, but if they do not, a single image taken from their past may be passed along to the caster.

Mechanics: Requires OOC consent, or if the victim wishes to resist, they can roll 1dRES and obtain a score of half their resistance or lower. To determine the severity of the image, the caster has the option of rolling a !r 1d10 1-3 and the image is mild, faintly sad; 4-7 The image is something fairly recent but has caused the victim to be upset, rueful or depressed; 8-10 The image is intense, a memory from either recent or long ago that still brings grief or strong negative emotion. IF they do not wish to roll the dice, the image can be determined at the discretion of the victim. This can only be used once on the victim within a 7 day period, the single image itself sharp and retainable to the caster for that same time period. Not usable in Battle

Night was coming to an end after what felt like an eternity of waiting in anticipation for the Marlnmaar Armies. The Dark Elves, men, women and even some of too young an age huddled in blankets. None could sleep that night as the faint rumble grew louder a few leagues beyond their outer posts. The Barbarian marauders of Kormish Akka had arrived at the battle field and their tents were erect and grey smoke wafted up into the cold moonlit night. He stood alone in his chambers when the horns sounded, save for a page that was at his side, helping him put on his Elven armor. There was no man or child in the city that did not recognize this man by face and many needed only his voice to know he was near. He was Dar`Gan Del`Nechawse, Prince of Underdark Territories of Marlnmarr. The King had taken ill shortly before word had come from the frontiers of the approaching armies. Dar`Gan had no brothers but he trusted in his people and they trusted him with their lives. The scene had changed in a matter of a few hours. By the time the sun had come up, both armies had suffered terrible losses. Hundreds lay on the fields, dead or dying. Some say it was the bloodiest of battles every fought in Marlnmaar, some claim the costliest in terms of lives lost. By nightfall the Barbarians had won and the Elves were defeated and driven out and captured. Cal`Un Del`Nechawse, Dar`Gan's sister was one of the survivors who came to the fields to look for her brother's fallen body. She found him still alive but barely in a pool of blood, fatally wounded and taking his last breath. It was her magic that captured his spilled blood to form a stone with which she escaped. Dar`Gan's spirit lingered in the bloodstone, never willing to accept his fate to move on and face the gods. The gem remained in Cal`Un's possession for many many years, until it was lost. The current owner is rumored to have found it on one of his adventurous journeys. At the time he knew nothing of its powers and had thought it would come in handy to light fires. Since then he has learnt of its true value and has had it worked into his sword. The stone has brought him glory in combat but continues to cause him sorrow and pain.

Destiny's Weapon

Owned By: StormWind

Type of Item: Weapon

Equipment Slots Used: 0

A pair of stylized swallow daggers, elongated, made of unknown metal and connected in the center by the double-sided pommel.

Dance with Death (2 Slot Combat):

The wielder is gifted with an almost preternatural grace, moving in and out of battle with sinuous design. Only their faces mark the persistent glee of their unbridled ferocity. Because of this, when the bearer wishes to act upon initiated combat, so quick are their actions that the first strike will often fall to the wielder of the weapon of destiny.

Mech: Gains +5 to Init

The Pebble in the Pond (2 Slots OOB);

In tune with the wielder and in times of calm, the weapon has been known to veil the mind from fear inducing spells. It allows the wielder to remain true to them self; to remain fierce and to deny their enemies the satisfaction of seeing them bend or run from such obstacles.

Mech: +5 against mind altering spells, IE Fear Aura, Impending Doom, Obsession. Out of Battle use only.

A Touch of Peace (2 Slots OOB);

When not in battle, wounds and lacerations seem to knit at a slow but steady pace. The worst of wounds, not including limb separation, repaired overnight. This is only provided to the bearer once they have come down from the inevitable rush of victory; not defeat, healing up to 10% of the bearers lost life every hour. This ability cannot be used while in battle, and stops immediately should the bearer return to battle or engage in any extrenuous activity that might lead to further aggression.

The Allure of Grace (1 Slot OOB):
The Weapon of Destiny has the natural ability of amplifying the wielder's natural grace and confidence, their natural presence. In battle, this reveals itself when the wielder seems to effortlessly overwhelm his enemy. But when does life ever stop when the battle ends? Even when one lies dead, the life of others goes on, as does the ancient relic's power. After all, legends and bards tales are filled with grand warriors of all races and sexes who seem to effortlessly attract mates and lovers to their taste. The Weapon of Destiny has the gift of facilitating such couplings for its wielder, even going so far as to seem on occasion able to shift an aggressor's mind from violence, to more, sensual matters.

While in possession of the Relic, the owner is cloaked in an aura of allure and grace; often provoking faces to turn to simply follow where the owner might walk, how they talk or even act. It amplifies their own sexual appeal like the spell Essence of Grace; those subject to it may attempt a resistance roll of !clomagatk vs !clomagdef, or OOC consent may be used in lieu of a resistance roll. This is not usable in battle.

The histories and tales are full of mention of such magically crafted tools and weapons as to grant their wielders abilities greatly beyond the normal. This is one of those stories. Gone by many names over the millennium, it is the weapon of destiny. It has vanished and reappeared throughout many periods. It has found itself in the hands of many of Belariath's most legendary warriors. There has even been rumor that this is one of the grand items that found its way into the hands of the Emperor StormBringer when he was in the throes of forging these lands into the whole that is now the Ilfrian Empire, though historians are in agreement that it seems to have disappeared from his possession shortly after the God-Man that is StormBringer cemented his place upon the throne, but nowhere in the tombs of time is there mention of where it had gone.

The tales of the weapon's comings and goings tend to be rather muddled, as one would expect seeing as history is written by the victors of course, and the victors so often wish others to assume that -They- were the cause and center of the changes of which they took part in the world. Thus it is difficult to keep track of who has possessed it over the years, decades, and centuries. Through diligence though, a small, and dedicated group of historians have managed to put together a fairly comprehensive description of what they think the weapon can do and why. After sifting through the erroneous myths of weapons that change from one form to another, and things which keep their wielders alive and fighting long past the point of no return, no matter how grievous the wounds, and other flotsam, this group have come to a rather shaky consensus.

Kiroja had been fighting dirty of late, trying to change the rules of the war they had fought since the beginning of days. He was tearing the veil which separated the worlds, trying to invade the world to which she had sent her children to escape the war, to recover, to learn. He was trying to find ways of shaking the faith her children held in her, trying to find ways of enslaving them before they were able to rejoin the battle. Already she knew she was going to have to begin sending certain of her children back to the hollow world before allowing them to take their place in among their brothers and sisters in the great battle. Already she had been forced to send a daughter back, and had shed tears over the fact, but at least she had the arms of her companion to return to. The problem was, that would hardly be enough to reestablish the balance in the war, for the balance was required if she and her children were ever going to win the war, and keep -all- the worlds safe from the betrayers. There had to be another way, and then it came to her; a vision of her chosen twins, no longer one, but two of course, as they now knew of one another, and seemed to work together well. She reached out, and summoned forth Destiny's Weapon, pulling it from the ether, pausing to admire the mystical metal, like nothing that existed any longer in the hollow world so many of her children inhabited, so much more substantive than even their mithril. She allowed her fingers to trace the curves and lines, from one double sided blade, to the two handed hilt in the center, to the point of the second, twisted and delicately curved blade. Already she could see her son's dancing through battle with this in their capable hands, cleaving through the traitors, and any other enemy in their path. She smiled, and sent it spinning into the mists, watching through the eyes that saw both worlds, until it came to rest on the alter StormWind had insisted be created in her honor, knowing one of the two would find it, and knowing it would remain immovable until the hand of one of the brothers claimed it.

Dragonsian Soul

Owned By: Tamryn Kathahles

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

The Soul of Dragonesis is a many faceted gem. It is mostly clear with a soft white glow seen from within. The gem was designed to be locked into a special blade, with its companion gem. It currently glows a soft white, able to radiate the divine grace of priest whose soul lies within. The glow gets larger or smaller depending on if the gem is locked inside the blade or not and will seem to reflect its dark master's mood. The glow will leave a slight visible trail as it moves through the air.

Healing of the Draconic Hoard:
The healing that comes from the stone itself is very much like the regenerative affects legendary from a dragon's sleeping upon its hoard. It wraps its owner in and aura and after combat to allow healing at an accelerated rate. This constant healing also stops the aging process, allowing the body to compensate for the wear and tear that natural aging would provide. Holding true, that only true death can kill the body, meaning age will not touch it, but violence surely can. Not immortal, but like those magical creatures, appearing ageless.

The stone itself heals the Owner, only after combat and time passing, can they basically heal at the same rate as a duessa. The constant of it, the body never aging past the point it was when the stone was taken into its hands. The holder will not die from old age as healing stills this process, but they can still be killed by violent means. As long as they are still alive though, the stone may heal nearly any injury. Poisons not applying effects and damage via combat will be slowed down by the healing and purged from the character's system over the duration of the healing. Damage sufficient to kill them will still do that requiring resurrection or some other like ability to be returned to life. It should be noted, that this healing will not even begin till the wielder is out of combat. The healing happens overnight or over the course of 8 hours.

Aspects of the Elders:
The stone's powers, now combined with the Dragonesian Heart, starts to at times overtake the appearance of the one who holds them. Legend implies that it is the constant healing of the body by the stone itself, others state it is the tainted aura. However, it shows itself in the eyes first, blacking the color, as the taint ebbs and wanes; soon the ability to spout almost claw like fingers, like talons of a greater beast. Sometimes when he is very agitated or angry it is almost as if he has scales or perhaps shadows play behind him to resemble wings. Those beyond would get a sense of ancientness from him at times.

While giving no combat advantages, this effect only is visible with the Owner of the stone. Dependant on mood, and setting, they can change the color of their eyes, to a soulless black, their very build seems to bulk up, the fingers take on the aspects of talons. An RP vice only at the control of the player to have affecting them or not, it sets the mood for the stones, giving no advantages while in combat, other then the effect itself. Bulk will give no boon of strength and talons will not do additional damage.

Divine Grace:
This ability grants the owner of the stone, the chance to subdue emotions within another being. Where as corruption can taint, this effect takes away all fear, leaving the being in a state of lethargic happiness, erasing inhibitions, creating a relaxed state of mind without tension or taboo. The pristine touch of the human's flawless soul within the heart of the dragon's chaos, felt smoothing out the fires that emotions create.

A ranmagat.k vs. ranmagdef roll allows the use of this effect. While it cannot be used in Combat it can be used as a scene builder, so then should the effect be used, and the target wishes to give OOC consent the ability goes into effect without the dice roll. When the effect succeeds, it remains in play until the end of scene or the stone is removed, whichever is the target's preference.

Flight of the Draconic:
It gives the ability of flight, wingless control of the skies. More so the stone's captured beings within. Those bits of memories, pushing out their energy and allowing strength to be seen within combat.

Like the flight spell, however there is no stamina drain as with flight within combat. The Owner of the stone is capable of carrying his strength allowance while in flight, along with wearing the heavier armors, as this is not a natural state, but one that is magically induced upon them.

A long time ago, in the ancient Kingdom of Dragonesia, there lived a powerful council of mages that controlled the lands through their magical arts and their bonds to mystical dragons, not the dreams of the elders but a relative of those majestic creatures. Creatures believed to have lost the ability to slip into just dreams. They sacrificed near godhood to bond with these mortals and as such a lesser type of dragon. Dragonesia reached its Golden Age, under the rule of three siblings, An elder Mage-Lord and his two brothers, Dragan and Lorkri, who were twins. They were not identical twins and in fact where quite polar opposites. One of the twins, Dragan, followed the necromantic arts while the other, Lokri, walked the path of a powerful Water-mage and cleric of the god of serenity. The eldest brother, Chrysagon, was a powerful mage and artificer.

For many years the three siblings rose to control the council and managed to rule their lands in peace. However madness soon claimed the twin who had delved entirely too far into the darker arts of his necromantic trade and he sought to overthrow the council and his two siblings. Dragan was bonded to an ancient dragon as dark as the very depths of the abyss; Lokri was bonded to dragon as pure and white as the winter's falling. Crysagon was bound to a dragon of the most pure mithril sheen. Dragan's madness soon grew too large to contain and the brothers were all brought into conflict, Chrysagon and Lorkri working to stop the mad bid for power of their brother, Dragan.

When the brothers went to war with Dragan, the kingdom was nearly torn apart. Dragan had sought out allies from the darker races and it had become a full on war. In the final confrontation, Dragan and Lokri met in a battle over the heart of the city. They both unleashed powerful magics of fire and ice and death. A mile area of the city was obliterated as the confrontation closed, leaving both brothers dead as well as their dragons they had ridden. Chrysagon lamented the loss of his brothers and calling upon all his skills in the magical arts he began the crafting of a weapon, a memorial to his brothers and something useful to help keep peace under a single ruler of his kingdom, both in symbol and in power. He created a magical blade. To serve as a source of power he pulled the heart from each of the dead dragons as well as a bit of magical essence of both of his brother's souls, the both used to balance each other. Their souls and the dragon's hearts were condensed to two very powerful gems made to fasten into the area near the hilt of the blade. For years the sword stood as a symbol of the powerful kingdom but eventually Chrysagon passed, his last act to plunge the blade into the heart of his own dragon, its essence drawn into the blade, his won soul leaving his body to merge forever inside blade with the other.

After his death the blade was passed to a much less competent heir. The line falters and never reached its glory and eventually the kingdom fell into hands of another, the blade passing down through a family tree till eventually it was held by a minor noble in the kingdom of Elacia, named Donnel Kathahles, one of the last heirs of a long dead kingdom. By then the gems had been lost from the blade and it seemed no more than an oddly etched longsword, dark and odd, and a bit dull in truth, though marked by etchings along its length. On his passing the blade was claimed by his son Tamryn, who only knew it as his father did, an odd family heirloom. The gems had passed from hand to hand owned or possessing those they wished to use till they might find their way back to the blade, a goal always present to the near conscious gems. For the blade's abilities and true power of them all would not awake without their proximity. The brother's souls within and those of their dragons, needing to be reunited.

Dreamer's Lash - Mistress, the Bullwhip

Owned By: Sorgram

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

A ten foot long, black leather whip. The handle is ten inches long, 1.75 in diameter. The tip contains a blood ruby, pulsing with the inner fire and warmth of a living creature. From the ruby, leather is braided, creating a natural handhold and cushioning the bone hard handle. The leather is of the softest material similar to the well tended skin of a young elf. Braided with twenty strands, the thong is so tight that air is hard pressed to pass through. Over 9 feet of leather makes the thong, fully supple and limber, it can coil into the tightest of circles.The fall is that of a single strand, curling like that of a snakes tongue as thin as ribbon but splitting into a Y to form the popper.

Slither: (1 slot OOB) Mistress moves as a if she were alive to her owner's command and active guidance. She can curl around objects and tighten around objects and limbs in no more than simple knots.
Mechanics- This ability doesn't do any damage it is more like a snake slithering along your skin curling into loose knots that cant restrain or pick anything up. cannot be used in combat

Invulnerable: (1 slot OOB) Due to the source and makeup of her body, Mistress is undamageable and can never be destroyed save by the will of the great Chaos Dreamer. cannot be used in combat.

Dream Damage: (2 slots OOB) Damage only exists in the mind of the victim. Welts and wounds are only visible to the victim and wielder. After a time of unconsciousness, the victim will awake with no damage, but a firm memory of the pain and giver of such. The whips owner, always in tune to the whip, can see either the damage or the truth.
mechanics- This ability only effects the mind and leaves no physical damage. The welts and wounds are illusion only seen only. Requires OOC consent cannot be used in combat

Fantastical Visage: (3 slots OOB) The owner's visage appears to shift to one that the victim knows. Whether an enemy or a cherished lover, the visage is incredibly convincing and if the attack is successful and the ability hits they will believe that this person is the one who puts them in this position and punishes them. If the attack is not successful then the person the ability is being used on will see it for the illusion it is. The whip must touch the victim and take from them the most hated enemy or deepest lover at the choice of the owner. From that point on, until the victim awakes from their next sleep or the owner is out of view for an hour, the visage will appear as that of the person chosen, fully complete in every aspect. requires ooc consent

Mechanics- For this ability to work the wielder must successfully attack using a clomagatk roll. A successful defense will not allow the visage to form and the owner will be seen as he truly is. The whip must touch the victim in order for this ability to be used, and once this ability has been evoked successfuly, then the victim will see the bearer of this item not as themselves, but taking on the traits and forms of either their most hated enemy or deepest lover. This is not a true mimicry of that form, but simply taking on the general aspects of that person, like race and general appearance, and it relies upon the addled mind to make the jump from the generic form being shown, and the actually person who they think it should be. This does not grant the ability to sound like the person, or to use abilities that the mimiced person might posesses. From that point on, until the victim awakes from their next sleep or the owner is out of view for an hour, the visage will appear as that of the person chosen, fully complete in every aspect. This ability only lasts for 24 hours or the end of the scene. Cannot be used in combat.

Dreamer's Lash or Mistress as she prefers to be called is a seemingly sentient bullwhip crafted from the dreams of the great Chaos Dreamer, Glythxx. Once, many eons ago, the great wyrm was attacked during a time when she was shedding. Damage was done to her tail by a paladin who was soon to be corpse, causing a small wound and knocking some of her skin from the dragons tail. Landing on the ground and covered in the dreamers blood, the skin curled and tightened, as it was buried under piles of treasure. Infused with the blood of the dreamer, the skin reformed into this long whip capturing a ruby created at the dreamer's blood hit the stone floor of her lair. The ruby pulses with a soft light as if a beating heart. As Mistress lay discarded and unrecognized beneath the piles of treasure, she began to absorb minute amounts of the dream power and gained empathy to these thoughts. Eventually, she found she could move and curled around her mother, gaining warmth and more contact with dreams. Many years later, a new form solidified in the cavern as the great wyrm created her most recent Dream and gave him substance. Receiving his instructions, he moved to choose his weapons. Mistress moved her self to a position of prominence and into his view. Urging him to take her, he did make the choice and possessed her. Still new to the contact, she did not know how to read him. Over time and travels, she came to understand him and gave herself to him. His first use of her, ecstatic though it was caused her great pain and disgust. Relishing the pain and pleasure, she detested the taste of blood and resolved to never draw it again, no matter the power behind her use. Receiving pleasure from the pain given, she often urges the use of herself. One day, she felt that a particular victim possessed a secret love that none knew about, taking this vision, she sent her power forth into the mind of the victim and made her see the wielder as that love, causing more chaos in the mind of the victim and increasing the pleasure in her use on the victim. With practice, Mistress became adept at solidifying the looks and appearance, though at times, she was thwarted by a stronger victim.

Earth's Hammer

Owned By: Matwyn

Type of Item: Weapon

Equipment Slots Used: 1


Strike of the Earth Spirit (2 Slots Combat):

This hammer can be slammed down into the ground, and cause a shock wave to travel outwards for five yards. This effect knocks anyone in the area besides the wielder prone, stunning them.

Mech: ranmagatk versus ranmagdef. Everyone within range who fails their ranmagdef roll is stunned for one round as per the spell, and takes 5 points of damage.

Earths Shatter (2 Slots OOB):

The Hammer has the ability to shatter anything made of stone with one strike if the hammer if the owner so wishes it. The wielder is also able to control the kinetic energy of the hammer so that when using this ability they may sculpt or chip away precise pieces from the original object.

Mech: Upon striking a stone surface an exact portion breaks off no bigger than 125 cubic feet, within a 5 foot cube, from the point of impact. This ability works for up to 500 cubic feet per day, equal to four 5 foot cubes, and then burns out until the next day. OOC Consent is needed if the object is owned by another player. OOB only

Stone Secret Cavern (3 Slots OOB):

By means of this ability, the wielder can move himself through the earth at unnatural speed, surpassing the fastest men on foot. While within the ground or stone, he can see and hear nothing, though he can sense that others are nearby but is unsure of whom they are. The wielder can sense obstructions such as caverns, basements and other empty spots in the ground and can avoid them easily enough. He can also sense when the effect is wearing off and may rush back to open air to avoid the disorientating ejection that will occur if he is still in the ground when it wears off.

Mech: The wielder may enter or leave the earth by spending an entire round morphing them self into or out of the ground; no one may accompany them this way. Every minute underground drains 5 stamina, the evade action cannot be taken to restore stamina lost from this exhausting ability. The wielder may travel underground at a speed of one mile per minute, but may only travel five miles per day. If the wielder runs out of stamina while underground, they will be expelled from the ground violently. If an Earth Mage casts a spell (Eruption, Gaea's Protecting Hand) on the ground where he is, he must roll a Close Magical Defense to avoid surfacing against his will. OOB only. If the wielder surfaces into combat, they may not re-enter the earth until combat is over.

Earth's Hammer is an ancient relic predating the empire by a good thousand years, even older then a few races that grade the lands of belariath these days. Long Long ago, a small mountain village was plagued by an evil corrupt Earth elemental, it ransacked the town, decaying the crops, shattering the very foundations of the villagers homes. This continued for many years, mages were called from far and wide, eventually a great earth mage managed to summon forth a Calmer kinder Earth spirit.. yet these two elementals, would then fight endlessly, back and forth neither giving in to the other, eventually leaving the village in total ruin.

This continued soon as there battle spilled over into another village, the two elementals blows never ceasing, as different as night and day yet of the same element, the village council would soon enlist the aid of the local shamans. Shamans as a hole seldom if ever work together, less the need is great and even then alliances are only temporary, though many gathered, they would begin a ritual to bind the powerful elementals, the ritual going on for seven days, shaman occasionally falling from fatigue.

Upon the seventh day only three shaman were left of the original nine, the others power spent having given up, they would finally bind the elementals together fusing them into one being, binding them together with a Chains of Damascus, laden with runes of binding, and control, leather bands with ritualistic sutras forming the hilt, of the weapon they encased the duel elementals within. The black onyx like stone Mixed with the white marble the chips moving slowly, the pattern different each minute as they continued to move about slowly within the hammers shape.

The resulting backlash of Magical energy from this binding blew back the remaining shamans, as well as the stone beneath and around them, the hammer falling into the black depths of the Earth, occasionally found, passed from warrior to warrior, before sinking back into obscurity, only to resurface periodically.

Experiment 13

Owned By: Miyuka

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

In rest, the item itself is eternally bonded to the owner as a set of archaic runes that are etched into the skin itself; much like a perpetually glowing set of tattoo's. When in use, the runes themselves will form into a green coloured orb that orbits its owner, not moving more than 2 foot away from her at any time. The rune that normally would be upon the skin of the owner, instead swirl and move around this orb, as if in imitation of swirls upon the surface of the orb, and occasionally a ring around it.

Summon Orb of Chaos (4 Slots OOB)
The only thing chaotic about the orb is the way it looks. An orb of pure magical darkness, it can be a frightening thing to look at, but do not be fooled, it is a most harmless spell used to travel. Anita's love for flashy and strange looking magic is obvious in the conjuration of this spell, light seemingly appearing to be sucked out of the immediate area as this spell comes into existence. The orb is about 3 feet in diameter. Once summoned, the orb can be used to travel simply by throwing it at the casters' feet or into the air which creates a portal that the user can hop into. When appearing on the other end of the portal, the orb appears first as if pulling the user out of thin air or the ground.

Mechanics: The orb takes two full actions to be summoned; actions which if interrupted must be redone all over again. On the third round the orb appears, at which point the caster may enter. Only the Caster is allowed to enter into the orb, and once inside, the caster can travel up to 2 miles for every time they have chosen their class. There is a small chance that either the spell will not work, or, upon exiting the other side, the portal has opened too high causing the caster damage; to determine this, the caster rolls !r 1d100, 1-3 the spell fizzles and the orb can not be summoned for another round. 99-100, the caster successfully summons the orb, but they come out too high and fall, losing 50% of their Life Points from the fall. Not usable in Battle.

Summon Dress of the Goddess (1 Slot OOB)
If there was one thing Anita loved, it was looking pretty, and one couldn't look pretty if they didn't have the right outfit. This ability allows the user to summon a dress seemingly out of thin air that's the perfect size and measurements for either herself or another. A dress summoned in this fashion will last until the ability is used again, the previous dress will fade away quickly seeming as if it was pulled apart by a single string.

Mechanics: There is a small 1% chance that this spell will fail. A 1d100 must be rolled. A role of one causes the spell to fail.

Summon Bow of Magic (2 Slots Combat)
An odd conjuration no doubt, but the creator of the runes was an odd person. With this incantation the user summons a bow to her hands that allow her to fire her own spells from it. The powers within the bow enhances her magic’s when fired in this fashion and gives her the ability to change what the spells actually look like, though the effects remain the same. The bow itself can also look different each time it's conjured into existence.

Mechanics: It takes one turn to summon the bow into existence. Once within hand, the bow can be used for the duration of that scene. Only ranged spells can be used with the bow; if used on any ranged air sphere spell, the spell's damage gains an additional +2 during the damage roll. The additional damage only pertains to single-target spells.

It was a brilliant mind who came up with the power of the runes. A woman whom called herself Anita, not much was known about her other than the fact that she enjoyed toying with magic and conducting experiments. Her name would be lost to the world long after her supposed death due to her having to keep everything a secret. Anita's mind may have seemed chaotic but it was all towards a greater goal....stronger, better, much more mind boggling magic. Her most grand experiment was number 13...also, it was her last. A massive blast of magical energies would forever silence the woman known as Anita, but her final experiment would remain...

300 years after the end of Anita, her final experiment would come into play...runes upon a lone figure, how they got there, she did not know, who put them there, she did not know, all she did know is that she was treated like a princess, revered by the people of the Ktechlahan Tribe because of the marks on her body...She was told that they were the symbols of the Dark Goddess Lucia, the lady of the moon...oh how wrong they were. There was a man who knew the truth, a wolven male whom had helped to start this tribe, the man who took this bearer of the runes in as his own daughter. His name was Alexander, and he would raise his 'daughter' without ever telling her the truth. She may have been treated like a princess, but she was also being used as a weapon, the man, Alexander, always trying to figure out how to unlock the true power held within the inscriptions.

Alexander never did unlock the secrets, and was later killed by the same daughter he had come to love...though his quest for power would be his downfall. The last person who could possibly know of the true reason of the existence of the runes was now long gone. It would take years of research and study to finally break the cryptic and strange incantation of the runes. Would true power finally be unlocked? Something powerful enough to shatter the existence of the world? No...experiment 13 was nothing more than Anita having a bit of fun...she always was a girl who loved beautiful things, she enjoyed standing out in a crowd, and this last project of hers was proof of her nature. The draw back to this little experiment is that it is slightly unstable...there is a slight chance that the summons’s might go awry.

Given to Miyuka 7/2009
Modified 4/19/10

Fangs of the Dark Wind

Owned By: Adrienna

Type of Item: Weapon

Equipment Slots Used: 0

Once shining like silver, these twin weapons, black-wrapped hilts with curved, dagger-sized blades emerging from each end, now seem to be made of some unearthly, dark metal, etched with wicked runes

Tempest Blades (2 Slots Combat):

This power, when activated by a simple twirl of the blades, creates a whirling wall of air and black fire that swirls up around the wielder before rushing outward in a radius of thirty feet, tearing and slamming at any enemies within the area of the effect. This can only be used once per battle.

Mechanics: !ranmagatk vs !ranmagdef against all opponents within thirty feet. Anyone hit by the attack takes five points of damage. Anyone that has been struck by the attack is then shoved backwards an amount of feet equal to the damage roll. Anyone in the air that has been struck by the attack is shoved backwards an additional fifteen feet.

Darkness of the Heart (2 Slots OOB):

Shadows coil about the wielder when the blades are drawn, wreathing them in wispy tendrils of purple and black that concentrate around their hands. Those passing near the wielder feel an unearthly chill, as if from the vileness of the weapons’ power. Even more interesting, the wielder seems to become more ethereal...a being of darkness, as if part of the writhing shadows around them. This has absolutely no combat effect, and is purely for RP purposes.

Infernal Soul (1 Slot OOB):

This power grants the wielder of the blades a dark presence, an almost palpable pressure of fear and loathing that flows forth from them, weighing upon those around them. This aura can be used to startle or intimidate an unwary person, though in combat it becomes useless. Also, this power can be dampened at will by the wielder, to avoid unnecessarily intimidating those they might not wish to.

Blaze of Shadows (2 Slots OOB):

This power taints the magic of those that wield the blades, things like fire and other elemental magics taking on that darkness that permeates the swords. Flames, ice, even mystical energy itself becomes black, tinged with pulsing purple. This has no effect on the power of the magic itself, though it can certainly unnerve the opponent of the one wielding such darkened magic. This has no effect in combat, as well, only serving as a visual alteration.

An ancient set of weapons, these twin blades were crafted from the heart of a fallen star for a warrior whose name has been long forgotten. As ages passed, the legend of the weapons grew, though the wielder changed often over the years. They were noble blades, bound to the power of the winds themselves. And yet…even these noble legends passed as the weapons fell into the grasp of one of dark intent.

Named Kathren the Dark, he was a fell sorceror of incredible power, with a slight frame that belied his considerable physical strength. Powered by his dark magics, he cut a swath of bloody mayhem through the lands, infusing these magical weapons with his power, and over time they became feared things, their very shape warped by the magic Kathren employed.

Finally, with no small effort, he was defeated, cast down by a group of warriors led by one that had once been his lieutenant. Rather than claim the blades as his own, this warrior, known as Darketh, had them hidden away in a place he felt none would find. These weapons have been long sought by those of both dark and noble intent, and yet none have found them…and many believe that these blades, bound to wind and darkness alike, never even existed…

Fickle Heart

Owned By: Infernis

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

A simple tarnished silver ring set with a single star cut ruby.

Impression(2 Slots - OOB):
The ring imbues its wearer with the ability to reach out and 'impress' upon a weaker mind, sorting through, finding emotions and either twisting them, or outright overwriting them in the short term. Memories are not effected, the wielder cannot command the victim in any way and be obeyed without thought. Only emotions can be effected. This is similar to Spindle of Emotions, except the wielder need not speak to the victim, only hold him or her within his eyesight. Should the wielder actually speak to the victim, the effect is doubly as powerful and lasts twice as long.

This ability lasts for as long as the wielder is within eye sight of the victim, and persists for 30 mins after the wielder has left. Requires OOC consent, or a successful Ranged Magickal attack roll to determine if this is effective or not against their target.

Weight of the World (2 Slots OOB)
The wielder can, by focusing on a single person, reach in and sort through their emotions, take all their regrets, guilt's, sorrows, pains and boost them to unnatural levels. By doing so, the victim is suddenly overwhelmed with those negative emotions and can often do nothing more than sit down and cry, losing all motivation, all hope, all optimism for his or her world ever getting better. The wave of depression lasts for one day, and can be canceled at any time by the wielder.

Mechanics: Standard Ranged Magical Attack that requires no actual casting, just eye contact with the victim. This ability lasts for as long as the caster maintains eye contact and then an equal amount of time afterwards; the effects gradually lessening till they fade completely. Or if they caster has a personal trinket of the target it can last for up to 24 hours, or until canceled by the caster, which ever comes first. Trinket is defined as something that is personal to the person, or lock of hair, nails, fur, etc.

In years past, the Empire has been invaded several times by a deviant sub-race of Chirot from the east named Spirettes. These creatures have devolved from their kith and kin, developing horrible powers of the mind in order to enslave all those around them. Thankfully, their powers are based entirely on their proximity to their home-caverns and the unknown power source there.

In the aftermath of the last failed invasion, a certain number of papers and artifacts were found and gathered and studied, destroying them in the process, the study was done in secret and far from prying eyes, the end result of which was the creation of the tarnished ring named Fickle Heart. It contains a small fragment of the Spirette magic's, diluted and incomplete, unable to enslave anyone, but still with enough power to influence the mind and make certain 'adjustments' to a person's way of thinking.

Gaea's Blessing

Owned By: Christolf

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

Gaea's Blessing is a robe of tightly woven spider silk spun by the arachnids of Gaea's grove. Unlike typical spider silk this material allows the wearer to change the color of the robe with a thought. The base color is pale green as that of fresh young leaves, which seems to change color depending on the angle from which it is viewed.

Woven into the spider silk are thin vines which form a close-knit mesh of vines and leaves on the outside of the robe, leaving the wearer protected from the thorns that cover every inch of the vines, draping down from the neck to cover the back of the person, and can be pulled around the body to envelope the owner in their embrace. The vines sprout leaves which grow larger during the spring and summer months, then shrink slowly as winter approaches.

The robe seems able to mold itself to fit the wearer regardless of their size and covers everything from shoulders to ankles. A large hood hangs from the back and can be pulled over the wearer's head if they wish. Along the hem of the robe are several archaic designs which when viewed closely can be recognized as Gaea's name written several different languages.

Belenus' Rage (2 Slots, Combat)

As Belenus first demonstrated, rousing the owner's anger is nothing short of risking the leafy robe's immediate and vicious backlash. When this ability is activated, the owner lunges forward on one leg, lowering their body slightly while the back is leaning forward and the hands grip the sides of the robe and pull it overhead and towards the opponent. A swarm of swirling leaves and thorns erupts forth to engulf an opponent with a storm of thorny leaves. Slithering and snaking on their very flesh and under their armor, the leaves cut with the razor edge and the thorns drag and pinch in a thousand places at once.

Mechanics: Rolled as !ranmagatk, which has a bonus of +5 versus anyone of the Necromancer class, costing 5 STA. Deals normal LFE damage to one opponent and suffers an itching rash on their body from the poison on the thorns for 1 full day. This ability takes one action to perform and can only be used once a day.

Walk With Gaea (2 Slots, OOB)

Returning to the robe's desired setting within the forest the wearer would become in tune with the nature surrounding them. Through this time period of peaceful interaction with nature, possibly through meditation or taking care of the plants about the robe will slowly mend any damage that may have been caused to it. As a side effect, as well as mending any damage suffered to the robe, it will also extend its powers to small nicks, cuts and bruises of the wielder of the item as well.

Verdant Shades (2 Slots, OOB)

In natural surroundings, the robe's form and color can change and shift to meld easily into the natural surroundings, taking on shades of leafy hue and brown to help conceal the user in Gaea's bosom. This ability has no effect in combat, and is purely an RP effect to be used out of battle.

Gaea's Embrace (1 slot, OOB)

The owner of this robe must spend time within the forest interacting with nature at least twice a week, or else the vines weaved within the spider silk will start to wilt, and all its abilities and bonuses imbued upon it will no longer be in effect.

Long before man walked the earth, the gods and goddesses labored lovingly to create the perfect Eden-like environment for their faithful servants. Gaea paid special attention to the minutest detail wanting her own servants to feel pride in their surroundings; enough pride to forfeit their own life while protecting it if necessary. As the goddess of earth walks the lands, all manner of vegetation begins sprouting; saplings, ivy, flowers of varying colors and shapes, and grass. What had once been a barren land now teems with life sustaining plants. For many decades, the gods and goddesses nurture the land. Finally, they decide it is time to populate the land. To their way of thinking, what is a world to rule over without anyone to worship you? So, it came to pass that the land was populated. Each god and goddess spent a fair amount of time with the inhabitants, molding and shaping them into faithful subjects.

Soon, the people chose their deities to dedicate the bulk of their time to. Most of the gods chose to stay in their lofty thrones and be worshiped from afar. Gaea was the exception to the rule. She spent countless hours with her followers becoming close to them all before choosing one as her High Priest. Vandar had proven his faithfulness and willingness to learn many times thereby earning the illustrious position. Vandar took his job as High Priest to heart. He gathered around him those he knew to be genuine servants of Gaea and not some heretic that only wished to be known for his or her association with the goddess.

For many years, Gaea walked among the men and women. She became known as the gentle goddess, caring little for the ways of war. All she cared about was that her children protect each other and the land that gave them life. After the building of the temple in her honor, Gaea retired to her own lofty throne to watch over her followers from a distance. Little did she know that soon destruction and death will befall her children.

Not long after the completion of the temple, the inhabitants were attacked. Some of those that didn't believe in worshiping gods and goddesses had decided to end the reign of the gods on high. Gaea's followers fought valiantly but were soon overcome by the barrage. They were taught the ways of nature, but their training for combat was sadly skimmed over. All of the followers fell leaving the temple unprotected, and the rioters destroyed it before moving on to one of the others.

Gaea, hearing the cries of her children, descended into the midst of the carnage, to hear a strangled cry reverberating through the mountains. Thus she came upon the fallen body of Vandar, and heard his soft whisper, "We tried to stop them, but we weren't strong enough," and these were the last words ever uttered from the young High Priest's lips. As the last breath escaped from Vandar, Gaea understood that never again would she allow one of those close to her to ever fall so easily again.

Rising, she walked through the woods, and the forest seemed to feel her distress over what has happened, with each plant, tree, flower she passed bending to touch the goddess and offer their form of sympathy. Stopping amid a beautiful patch of variegated ivy, the goddess sat to think about all that had happened, when all of those she had hand picked for her cause lay slain and her temple in ruins. As a plan of action formed in the goddess's mind, she rose gracefully and made her way back to temple, beginning the ritual of cleansing the ground.

Once the land was sanctified by her presence, the goddess drew unto herself new followers. This time, unwilling to leave their safety in the hands of chance, Gaea taught her children how to protect themselves by using things of nature. Thorns dipped in poison were made into darts. Canes were cut and dried to be used as blowguns. Finally, after many strenuous months of training, Gaea decided the group ready to take over the care of the temple. She walked among them studying each in turn before stopping in front of a young man that reminds her hauntingly of Vandar. Belenus isn't as meek as his predecessor and should prove a strong foe against any that might try to attack them again.

With a snap of her fingers, a servant appeared on Gaea's right side with a robe woven from the finest spider silk available. Though the color appeared pale green, it changed and shimmered as the light hits it. As Gaea set the robe around Belenus' shoulders, she began to speak. "This robe will identify you as High Priest and help protect you. It has my blessing . . . as well as my rage upon it. Only the finest material was used in its creation. When the proper time has come, you are to pass it down to one you think is worthy. Wear it with pride and protect those weaker than yourself." With those few words, the goddess took her leave.

As the years went by, the robe was passed from one High Priest to another until one posing as a child of Gaea turned out to be a traitor. Chadric had heard rumors of the power of the robe and thought to keep it for himself. Little did he know that Gaea's blessing didn't extend to those who weren't pure of heart or mind, and only those that seek to protect that which she holds dear gain her blessing. Thus, the robe was of little use to the would be thief. For many years, the children of Gaea searched for the robe, but it seemed the article was lost to them, and Chadric, it would seem, had escaped. Little did they know that the night the robe had been taken, Chadric found a cave to sleep in, and when he awoke the following morning, the entrance to the cave had been covered over by a strange thorny vine. He had tried to hack away the vines, but they kept growing back, and there had been no other way for him to escape. Thus, he died alone in his silent tomb with only the cape to keep him company.

Centuries later, while searching for a runaway slave, the catman Christolf found the cave he suspected that she may have run into. The vines and thorns impeded his progress, but he was determined to get inside, for some reason. Something drew him there...something he couldn't see or feel. Once inside, he found the long-dead Chadric, nothing but bones and dust, along with these robes...which seemed still to hold their mysterious sheen after all these years. He picked them up, holding them to the light...and the vines mysteriously vanished...leaving the cave entrance open once more. The catman was a little thrown off by this, but he knew that every thing had its purpose...and he had been drawn here to find this magical item. He took the robes with him, and continued on with his search...then unaware at the power he had found.

Gloves of the Vessel

Owned By: Eraelabryn

Type of Item: Armor

Equipment Slots Used: 0

A satin in appearance glove, magically crafted from the Darker magic’s within the Gloom itself. While it strikes as metal, is a gauntlet for all purposes, it does allow for spell casting while being worn, not interrupting a Priest/ess energy’s to flow from the Goddess to spell casting. Black like ink, shimmering like metal but to the touch cloth and nothing more.

Healing of the Flesh (2 Slots OOB):

The wearer of the gauntlet is granted Duessa like healing. Twice the rate of the average, in appearance bruises fade only instants after being put to flesh. Pride a matter great to the Goddess served, always strong, always healthy those who are her Voice should be. Fates’ own essence working within the blood of the one the gauntlet chooses, binding wounds and preparing the vessel that serves. Able with sleep, to heal almost anything, becoming once more the perfect vessel. The effect of this, while it cannot be used in combat itself, can be used after combat. Unable to keep tattoo's or brandings, the wearer will find themselves only able to be pierced with Mithril, due to the healing powers of the gauntlet.

Protection of the Flesh (2 Slots Combat):

The gauntlets stone can be used to cast a spell similar to the “Portal” spell. Opening a doorway so that the Priest/ess can ‘escape’ to safety, to heal, rest and plot. Only usable if the welder can stave off two free actions within combat.Meaning take two full hits or manage to block two hits, and still be aware of their surroundings. (They cannot drop to 5 HP or less) The location of the Portals exit, must be a place the Priest/ess has been within the last 7 days.

Need of the Flesh (1 Slot OOB):
The gauntlet calls forth such emotions from the ones it touches. The ability of it, to outside of combat inspire another to things that normally would repulse them, with but a word, and touch, seem so totally acceptable.

Mech: Clomagatk vs clomagdef Much like the seductress Obsession spell, the one who wears the gauntlet and makes a hit, can then alter the thoughts how the Priestess wishes. It last for one day per time the Priestess class has been taken, and a OOC consent for anything sexual is a must of course, also discussing the Mun's boundries according to violence. It is an RP boon only and is limited only by the imagination and desires of the players. Used to further the hand of their God, should a dark Priestess hold it, it tends to be darker in nature. IE: You have the complusion to stab any dark elf you see in the knee. You have the complusion to steal. You have the complusion to lie.

Desires of the Flesh (2 Slots OOB):

Because of the use of the one who wears the gauntlets, this allowance lets them cast spells without the use of their hands or touch, merely their voice. Sultry intonations to give out words. It has been the life saver of many a Priestess bound, to sweet bliss a would be attacker without ever touching them. Line of sight is needed, as well as voice to cast.

Mech: Allows the Owner to cast using only their voice, however this cannot be used during combat itself. (Meaning only out of battle spells can be cast as such, and those only during general RP scenes, never within battle itself)

A relic that is guarded with the Gloom, handed to a Priestess only when her sacrifice is pleasing enough to Kirva. Fickle Goddess it is a weapon that teaches first defense, a healing thing to make sure that who she has ‘chosen’ as her voice can carry on. Show the Power that Kirva herself grants her daughters. Jealousy created when this item passes itself from Female to Female, as one dies, another is chosen. Strange thing indeed to possess something that possesses you in turn. The House Huican-Lodar , Kirva’s chosen ranks of Priestess’s and Cleric, one of the few Houses which show that given, Kirva’s boon in marking for their service. Strange House of females and them alone, drawing the dark wickedness of their Mother, keeping her secrets as no other house. It is believed this is why she chooses one of their Rank to be adorned with this gift. To spur them into jealous rage, and to demand to keep it. Pride a wicked teacher and tool, to train one for survival. Death and it alone separating the gauntlet from the One chosen to wear it. In the days of old, before the Great war, and the Banishment, it was rumored this gauntlet was worn by the first who approached Veldrin, the traitor, at the time of the stair wells rupturing. A gift for being the first to answer the dark call, and come forwards leave the Surface and follow Kirva, and Veldrin to the shadowed world. The first who had forsaken the pleas of her family to stride into the Gloom, prideful and willing to face whatever it took to become Exalted. This was to become the bloodline of the Matrons of Huican-Lodar, the reason for their blood to at times be considered holy. While times have changed, and constant warring has created a thinning of the blood ties to the title of Matron, this relic has always been passed across to who Kirva viewed as a contender for such.

Karoth Dortho (Slaver Aid in Dark Elven)

Owned By: Istoaj

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

Base Item: Wand

Jiv'undus phor Ssrigg'tul (2 Slots Combat)("Pain over Pleasure" in Dark Elven):
With a mere touch, this item can cause unimaginable pain to the one to who it touches. It works on the pain synapses in the body, and only causes small bruises, hence why it was so highly valued by it's owners. Intense pain can be brought about by holding the item in place for a few seconds as well, but at the cost of marks on the victim.

Mechanics: At a cost of 2 STA per round, the holder of the item can touch the tip against the victim, and cause their pain receptors to fire, causing intense pain. If the victim wishes to evade, they can resist by a !clomagatk vs !clomagdef for every attempt to touch is made; however OOC consent can override the need for an attack roll with a simple yes or no. If the holder keeps the item against the victim for a second round, it will cause a bruise underneath the skin, and cost an additional 4 STA. If this is used prior to or during a fight, once a defense roll is failed, the shock from the pain can cause one round stun; where the victim is stunned from attacking, though are still able to defend from any further attack. It causes no LIFE damage at all...just intense pain.

Ssrigg'tul phor Jiv'undus (1 Slot OOB)("Pleasure over Pain" in Dark Elven):
With a thought and a touch of the tip against the victim's body, the sensation of pleasure blossoms into life wherever the tip touches. It works on the pleasure receptors in the body, and only on living humanoids. If the holder keeps touching the same spot, and it is a particularly sensitive (re sex) area, it can actually cause an uncontrolled orgasm. It can never be used in combat.

Mechanics: At a cost of 1 STA per round, the holder of the item can touch a part of the body, and cause the pleasure receptors to fire, causing an almost euphoric feeling to wash over the victim. If held in place over a sensitive area, it can actually cause orgasm if kept in place for repeated rounds. This ability can never be used in combat. OOC consent required.

Veldri dosst Tejmook'cinkjuun (2 Slot OOB)("Hide your Feelings" in Dark Elven):
If one cannot control their feelings, one cannot become a proper trainer. By activating this ability, the emotions of the holder can be pushed into a bubble, and conceiled inside themselves. They will become a soulless, emotionless person, who only focuses on their task at hand.

Mechanics: At the cost of 4 STA, the holder of this item can activate it's power, and push their emotions inside. Once inside, they feel almost nothing, save for pain. Nothing else. This grants a +5 to defend against mind altering effect such as Obsession, Fear Aura, etc, though granted on an OOB basis. It can be used before combat, but not during as the benefits will dissipate instantly.

Dos satiir vel'bol Usstan satiir (2 Slots OOB)("I Feel what You Feel" in Dark Elven):
During it's use, the holder of the item will be afflicted by the same pain or pleasure that the victim is subject to. Each bruise, each climax, shared through simple use of the tool; a way to guage what the other is going through and what can be tolerated perhaps, as the feeling is slightly dulled. However, in order to concentrate or push aside such feelings to better focus on the task at hand, the user has but to exert their will over that of the Wand.

Mechanics: The holder of the item will always feel what pain or pleasure they subject the recalcitrant slave to a degree; yet when they wish to push such distractions aside, the user must roll !r 1d10, a roll of 7 and under and they are able to successfully ignore the Wand's effect. If the roll is successful, it is at a cost of 6 stamina, with no penalty for a missed roll. This is usable only once per scene, not usable in combat.

"We have a slave that needs a firm hand here..."

That phrase was spoken hundred times over the course of the last few thousand years, and most dark elven who said it were female. The hardest among those were the trained slavers, who have been called many things, but chiefest among them was Dalninin d' Jiv'undus, or the Sisters of Pain. They had a particular knack for breaking their victims, and the males they broke for sale were among the best trained available. They had many different methods in their repitore, but their biggest secret was the Karath Dortho, usually held by the Olath Ilhar, or Dark Mother, the leader of the Sisters. Those that were particularly difficult to break were taken in by the Olath Ilhar, who kept them in solitude for six weeks. When the pair emerged after six weeks, the slave was different, a perfect specimen of what a slave should be.

For centuries, the secrets of how the Olath Ilhar worked were hidden, passed from one leader to another, tightly guarded like a dragon's horde. When the Dalninin d' Jiv'undus were attacked for the last time, their order was scattered, and the Olath Ilhar was slain...and none replaced her. The secrets of their order was lost for centuries, until a certain dark elf found a book and a small covered wand in the earth near the Inn. The book was written in the old dark elven language, which took months for him to translate.

When he began to work it out, the history of the Dalninin d' Jiv'undus unfolded before him, and he began to figure out what it was he found. Hidden inside this book was how the object he had unearthed was used. He smirked as he did so, and figured that perhaps he had found what would be a great aid to him. It would be...delicious, the pain and pleasure he would cause with it. It was time for him to bring this object back to life, and make the world fear it once more.

Kuk d'Ramith - The Staff of Nightmares

Owned By: Archaon

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 1

Words are hard to define something that brings such darkness and despair. The staff stands 7 feet tall from bottom to top, black as night as if it were set ablaze and charred. What appears to be the shaft of the staff appears to be a lengthy spinal column carved from the desiccated wood that it is made from. A long gouge that appears veiny travels its entire length from the crown to end. Faces. Many faces showing various degrees of fright, pain, and death frozen in time within the wooden surface. At the top of the unholy cane, the upper torso of a deathly looking figure with four arms crowns it. The veiny gouge begins beneath this figure, pulsing with a crimson color, as if it were alive.. beating rhythmcially akin to a heartbeat. Two of the four hands hold a smaller light source, crimson in color, as if those sources were fireballs waiting to be thrown. The upper arms rise above the figure's head, holding a single source of light above its horned head. Three crescent shaped designs rest attached to the figure's back to complete the twisted vision of its creator.

Everlasting Life (2 Slots Combat)

The wielder of this heartless staff has been known to be slain on many occasions, yet somehow, they would be alive once again to haunt and torment their prey another day. The reason as to how, or why, the wielder has survived so many attacks, and so grievous of wounds was totally unknown. It is said that the countless souls that were enthralled within the staff upon its creation was the source of their everlasting existance, but no one had ever come close enough to try and take the staff from its owner.. and lived. The twisted, gnarled staff acts as a link between the realm of the living, and the dark realm of the dead, fortifying the wielder when the end is near.

Mech: During combat, if the wielder's Life would drop to 0, the staff reacts and begins to surge its energy into the wielder's body, healing the user immediately to one fourth of their Life stat instead. This ability can only happen once per combat scene or rp scene, and no more than once a week.

Terror Personified (1 Slot OOB)

When the wielder of Kuk D`Ramith deigns it necessary, the black staff's many faces begin to scream in tortured silence, radiating a most unholy power. The victim's most dreaded fears begin to come to life right before their very eyes, be it the form of a spider, or being bound in chains and helpless. This very manifestation is illusionary only to the afflicted, and the will to get away as swiftly as possible from this horrible fear becomes priority.

Mech: OOB only. ranmagatk vs ranmagdef to determine success, a limit of one image within a single round of action, and able to be broken by detect illusion.

Cacophony of Insanity (1 Slot OOB)

The various faces, all contorted, twisted, screaming mutely in their frozen prison are more than just horrific artistry. Echoing moans, pain filled groans, and murderous screams filter forth from the maws of the consumed. It brings many different emotions about when one hears this unholy of vocal symphonies. Fear. Hate. Dread. Silence. The chill of icy fingers delicately tracing one's spine. The blanket of cold that death brings when it hovers over your very being are but a few unsettling examples one may feel.

Mech: OOB only. OOC consent required for effect to take place.

Hands of Dark Fate: (3 slots OOB)

The appearance of the staff is a bane to all eyes as it is, but then one swears that it moves, that it will pulse with a sickly red aura that traverses the length of the staff. The arms, the head, even the face and mouth may appear to become animated; further inspection will find two carved sets of arms extending from the head, holding a burning light. It is relatively harmless in a sense, until the owner has a use for those hands. The hands may break away from the staff, and begin moving on their own, directed by silent command of the owner, to fetch things such as a drink from the bar, food, or even act as mystical bonds when the owner decides to sate his infernal lust of pleasure upon someone.

Mech: OOB only. OOC consent required to grapple and hold another person or owned property. Any round a grappled person tries to initiate combat, they must first successfully defend against a clophyatk with clophydef in order to break free. Once the init is rolled, the magic of this effect fades.

Known by several names by those who study the old texts, Kuk d'Ramith is translated to Common as the Staff of Nightmares. A dark elven creation, it is sometimes referred to simply as Ramoth or Nightmare. It's existance is heavily debated, for who would create such a relic as the Terror staff? A dark elf of course. A Dark elven priestess known in her later years as Stree'an turned her efforts from serving her Goddess to serving her own darker desires in the realms of death. She slaughtered her sister priests and much of her house to use their bodies and souls in her experiments and explorations with soul trapping. Many of her texts are used today in the studies of necromancers. A madness and bloodlust overtook the woman and she resurrected minions to go forth and bring her more lives to take, her goal to surpass mortality and create in herself a new goddess of death to be worshipped by all. Outraged attacks from other Dark Elves lead not only to a severe paranoia but the creation of the Staff. Stree'an took a staff and imbedded within it the tormented souls of those she'd slain. As she worked, the staff grew black and hard as glass yet unbreakable. The tormented images of the souls within it molded and gnarled the surface, twisting and reaching from the head until it spiraled with vicious, clawlike spires. Turned upon any of her attackers, the staff's angry essence used their own fears against them, striking them unable to fight with absolute terror. It was only with patient luck that the creature who was Stree'an was finally slain in her slumber.

Le'zala's presence

Owned By: Alren

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

A midnight black onyx sphere who's polished surface gives off a distortive reflection of it's surroundings. Not a single flaw can be found upon it, and those with a sensitivity for magic can feel something ancient rolling away from it's surface that feels wholly unnatural.

Purification (2 Slot - Combat)
Desc: - Functions as the cure the senses spell. The effect has a lingering side effect of instilling calm in the subjects mind, making them less likely to loose their cool and go berserk.

Mechanics: - Works as the spell Cure the Senses. Costs 2 stamina to cast plus 3 stamina per sense to be recovered. Instills a sense of calm within the target that this has been used upon, which grants no bonuses to any effects, but simply allows them to keep their head a little more in rp.

Venomous Bite (2 Slot - OOB)
Fingers become clothed in a faint blue hue from the power of the crystal. Once touched to a victim, the hue disappears, tainting the victim's skin slightly, as the power begins to work, supercharging the victim's sense of touch. Taking the softest sensations and making them feel 100 times more intense, for better or for worse. Not to cause physical harm, but perhaps to simply work upon the mind.

Mechanics: Requires OOC consent and cannot be used in combat. This ability can only be used on a person once per week. Once used, the victim's sense of touch is multiplied 100 fold. Every little touch, over sensation against their skin granting them overwhelming super-realistic intensity. No physical damage will be caused by this ability, but the victim's mind might insist that they are being hurt by the sensations. This lasts for one full day, and can be cured by Cure the Senses, or any poison curing antidote.

Spiritual Guides (2 Slots - OOB)
Summons up to two spirits that can for a time take physical form. They can perform manual tasks but dissolve to smoke at the first start of combat.

Mechanics: Taking one round to concentrate upon the orb to summon forth a pair of ghostly, but fully tangible humanoid figures. Able to lift, move, push and pull almost anything, up to a limit of 50 lbs. The main exception being living flesh, which this ability is unable to manipulate in the slightest. Once summoned, concentration is allowed to relax and the figures can be directed by thought of the wielder only, not requiring words or gestures to use. The figures are bound to the orb and are unable to stray more then 100 yards away from it, if the orb is moved then the figures will be dragged, spilling and dropping anything that they might be holding at the time the orb is moved. Not usable in combat and requiring OOC consent for manipulation of someone else's belongings. The figures are not able to restrain a person in any way shape or form and if used to do so, they will immediately dissipate.

Presence (1 Slot - OOB)
The crystal ball is capable of floating about it's owner. A physical window from the spirit's realm to ours, it trails with is a soft blue glow. Due to the fact that its path is random in this state, its not advisable to be used in combat like this.

Mecanicss: The crystal ball can be made to float around its owner if so wished. It grants no bonuses, but its other abilities can be used whilst it is in motion. Not Usable in combat

Long before the modern recorded history of the empire there were smaller sects that surged into exsistance, minor God's and dieties that each raced to compete for the worship of others. Le'zala was just such a being, though her temples have long ago gone empty. The deity was prized for bestowing magical gifts upon her faithful, giving them the power to change the world around them.. for a price.

With the most powerful of rituals, her followers were able to call upon her, to offer up a host for her to take form and be with them. Many secrets of the arcane were passed down to each of the sphere's of magic this way as well as more then a few items of power and relics. Each devised to make her cults more dependent upon her.

In time a war took over the land, one that pushed her followers to the brink of extinction. The treasured holy items of her faith spread out across the land and sealed away until a future time when they could once again build themselves openly. Yet, that time never came. Vaults remained unopened until a wandering unkempt mage stumbled upon a rare book and traced it's clues to one such refuge of the old sect finding the onyx sphere at rest upon a crumbling alter.

Lich's Vambrace

Owned By: Carthad Droman

Type of Item: Armor

Equipment Slots Used: 1

The vambrace looks ornate, faded gold in its metal, soft velvet within as it wrapped around the wrist. The straps of elf hide sliding through the golden buckles and onyx stones set in studs along its length. Meant to please the eye, even as it radiated a dark sense of foreboding, a maliciousness that pulsed out from it. Of course whether that’s even noticeable when its on the arm of a necromancer is up for debate.

Drinker of Souls (OOB - 3 Slots)- The name of the ability linked to the Lich’s vambrace is theatrical in nature, for it takes truly potent sorcery to keep a soul on this plane upon the death of a creature. What many do not know is that a spiritual residue, the remnants of life remains in every corpse once freshly killed. It was a piece of this energy that allowed the Death Guard to draw healing from the body, and once paired with the Lich’s Vambrace that energy takes on new uses. Fuel for the body and a shield against the ravages of time, the necromancer can take that fading pool of spiritual energy, draining it from the body, and adding it to his own life force, extending his days. With a fresh supply of corpses, there’s no reason the necromancer couldn’t ensure centuries of continuing his dark craft.

Mechanics: For every one corpse found and drained, the user gains one year added to his natural life. The use of this can be used on Playable Characters, taking one year of life and transferring it to the user's lifespan, provided the PC is dead and grants OOC consent. It can not be used again on the same corpse once the transfer has been completed and must be done in the presence of an Op or Quest Runner while In Character.

Wicked Affliction (Combat - 2 Slots)
As the Necromancer hones his craft he learns the ins and outs of every spell, and as a scholar he comes to understand that even what others call perfection can be improved upon. The Vambrace gives its wearer the power to employ that knowledge, vastly augmenting the debilitating effects of the Contagion spell

Mechanics: The Necromancer must announce they are casting the Improved version of Contagion, using up 3 stamina in addition to the spell's usual costs. Along with rolling 1d4 to determine how the victim is affected, a second d4 is rolled to add another disease to the target. Should the same number be rolled twice then only that one affect is placed upon the target and it does not stack. This ability may only be used once per day

A Step Between Worlds (OOB - 2 Slots)- The line between life and death is imperceptibly thin, though with the number that cross it every day, many come to realize what a fine line it is they walk in life. Places where death gathers, where It hangs in the air and gluts itself in darkness wear away at this line between the spirit world and our real one, and these lines can be seen by those skilled in manipulating that darkness. Bent, torn, and remade at these places of death a necromancer using the Lich’s Vambrace as his guide can step into the spirit world, and emerge at another place close by, as traversing the spirit world for too long causes one to become a source of attention for hungry souls

Mechanics: After two rounds of uninterrupted concentration the necromancer can move from this one space through the spirit world and instantaneously re-appear at another location. This power only allows entry within an area of recent death (the last three months) or somewhere where the dead are actively stored, whether for their interment or other studies. The distance between locations must not exceed 20 miles and is limited to the Necromancer and what he can carry. As necromancer’s tend to keep their raw materials at places they frequent, it allows for convenient travel between places of work.

The Arch Lich Talon Kordanis was unique in his paranoia of staying alive, or rather, of continuing his existence. It wasn’t enough for him to have reached the end of his moral life by ascending to lichdom, making his phylactery and hiding it away in some guarded place far from mortal eyes to find. No, building an impenetrable layer wasn’t good enough for him, as his mind turned to other madder ways to preserve himself if the worst were to occur. His mind went about constructing multiple phylacteries for himself, shards of his mortal soul held in receptacles. How many were made is stuff of legend, some say three, others ten. That the fool of an Arch Lich didn’t realize though, was with his life force spread out, hidden and isolated from one another, when the time came that the forces of light managed to defeat his physical form rather than re-constitute himself in a matter of days, the distance between the phylacteries kept their magic from working in unison. His Empire to vast, his strongholds and dungeons too far apart, the malevolent soul of the lich of such endless power stays trapped in these pieces, whispering dark secrets into the minds of those that attempt to use their power, hoping one day that they will be brought close enough together for him to return and wreak his havoc once more.

Released 5/10/10
Redone 3/02/12

Megil en' Iralen Stacivae. (Blade of Eternal Starlight)

Owned By: Gali Shuminta

Type of Item: Weapon

Equipment Slots Used: 0

Class: Paladin or Mage of Aku-Rei
Race: Cat-Person

Its said that this sword never carries the same shape from one wielder to the next, some have seen it as a shimmering rapier, others have seen it as a glowing long sword, and still some claim to have seen it as a blazing dagger. Regardless of what shape the weapon takes, its original form is always the same.

Megil en' Iralen Stacivae appears in its base form to be a gem, the size of a mans thigh, with dozens of thin slip spikes jutting from its surface. Its coloring makes it appear to be something akin to glass, as it appears clear and perfectly shaped despite its protruding spikes, or perhaps because of them. It’s only when one who happens to be able to use arcane magic nears the Gem that it reveals itself to be something more. When a mage draws near the Gem seems to take on a dim multicolored glow.

The spikes begin to dissolve in to the gem itself, until its left with a smooth, almost flat surface. It should be noted that many a mage has reached out to touch this surface, at which point it seems to appear to be liquid to the touch, after a moment one of two things will happen, one the mage screams in pain as his hand is impaled by suddenly reformed spikes, OR the liquid surface begins clime on to the mages hand like a creeping amoeba, once its in the

Once its in the palm of the mage it begins to form itself in to a ball, from that ball it takes on its new true form, becoming a blade of the mages design. It can take on the shape of any blade known to man, so long as it’s not larger then they can handle. Once created by its owner then the form remains the same until its owner dies and leaves the world forever.

Regardless of what form the blade takes, there are key things that are always the same. Its blade looks utterly crystal, though the handle and cross guard can vary, The blade’s inner portions are always the same color as the Anima banner of its current owner, and if he is not displaying an anima banner, what ever the favored color/colors of its current owner are. At the Center of the Blade on one side are the words “Saloh su Ar” ( Gift from above) Etched in to the blade, on the other side, is Aku-Rei’s personal mark the image of two wings on either side of a cat’s paw.

Anima Aura of Health (2 slots OOB)

The power of this item grants its bearer an increased level of healing and restoration. Granting the ability to heal almost as quickly as a duessa. Marks, blemishes and scars, along with any wounds would dissappear and heal within 24 hours of being made. As such, tattoos and piercings would need to be done with extra care and attention to avoid them spoiling and needing to be redone. This effect will also counter aging, though it wouldn't prevent someone from being killed due to massive or cumulative injury being recieved.

Mechs - The aura itself heals the bearer. Their body never aging as it renews constantly whilst not under stress or strain. Due to this continual healing the bearers lifespan extends, although the ability isn't able to keep old age at bay, enabling the posser to live as long as any elf might, although they will succumb to their injuries if enough damage is dealt to them before the can rest and heal up. Healing only happens after the end of combat, and if they are still alive, otherwise no effect happens. The mark removal takes 24 hours, and healing happens at an increased rate of 40% over normal times. This ability can not be used to regenerate lost limbs

Sword Aura (1 Slots OOB)

Created by the goddess and infused with a tiny amount of her power to ensure that only the chosen and worthy of her followers could wield it without pain and punishment following their every step. It glows with a soft inner glow all the time, but when held by her chosen one, the glow intensifies and leaks around the item to announce the presence of her chosen one.

Mechs: The item always has a faint glow associated with it when unsheathed. When grasped by the wielder it glows brighter and is unable to be hidden by normal means from sight as it announces the one that holds it. The effect slowly fades during combat, and reappears once combat has finished.OOB Only

Mind of its Own (2 Slots OOB)

Created by the goddess herself, somehow imbuing this item with a portion of her intelligence, allowing it sense and mentally communicate with its current possessor and warn them of potential threats to them that may otherwise go un-noticed.

Mechs: Almost like the ability to see in the back of their head, the intelligence within the item acts as a near constant sleep watch; even when the wielder is not sleeping. It allows them a sixth sense against surprise attacks, helping to negate any penalties they may incur from such a danger. It works in an active zone of up to 20 feet around the wielder during times of rest against any incoming aggressive action, as long as the item is in his posses ion. This is only usable prior to an initiated fight, and holds no boon while in combat. OOB Only

Crystal Forged (1 Slot OOB)

Upon taking this Relic, the user specifies a shape that the crystal sword takes. From that point on the blade remains in that shape, when the owner of the blade dies (permanently), and or loses their faith, the blade returns to its Gem like for, until a new owner proves themselves worth, OR the Paladin’s faith is renewed.

Legends, speak of the gifts that gods, and goddesses bestow upon their mortal champions. Be it the divine protection of a paladin, faith, or the cleric’s divine spells. ‘Megil en' Iralen Stacivae’ is one such gift given by a spiteful goddess. Any one who’s ever read the history of the Cat-people‘s creation, or heard the tales of it knows full well why the goddess punished her creation with an increased libido, and an unbalanced birth-rate. But what about those who have tried to atone for the sins of their for-fathers…what about those who have tried to become what they should have been…immortal perfection.

Such tales are not very wide known, nor are they wide spread. This is impart due to the fact that most who become Aku-Rei’s favored have done unspeakable things to others to prove their faith to their goddess…some have sacrificed whole elfin families to their goddess in the hopes of recreating the ritual that should have given them eternal youth. Others have enslaved hundreds and forced them to build monuments to their goddess. Its not hard to see why so-many people want those who are chosen by Aku-Rei dead…

Thus is the reason why Megil en' Iralen Stacivae’ was made or so its said. Legend has it that he Goddess herself reached out from her place in the heavens, and plucked a star from the night sky, With in this star she placed a tiny fragment of her divine will, and the ability to forge a weapon of its body. Then she hurled the star down to earth where if clammed in to the earth at the feet of Therissa Black claw, as she was being set upon by Wolven, and human peasants who were attempting to kill her for the enslavement of their loved ones.

Its said that Therissa heard the fallen star whisper in her mind one thing.” you have been chosen” Before she reached out and picked up the strange item. Its said that it took the form of a Scimitar which she used to cut down the wolven and human aggressors. Thus began the Legend of Therissa Blackclaw, the feral queen of the city known as Rathica. Its said that during her rein she was as ruthless as she was Horney torturing her slaves brutally and offering up any that died as sacrifices to Aku-Rei. She was eventually killed after nearly 150 years of ruling her nation by a army of Trolls and goblins.

It was believed that when she died the star itself shattered, becoming fragments in the stomachs of the very creatures that killed her, thus it was lost for all time. Or so it was thought, through out the years rumors of the blade have surfaced, along with sightings of ambitious cat-people, who seemed to have some dark deeds in their past. Though the blade has also been sighted with other creatures of other races, though its said these creatures have been known rapist, or everything but cat-people, who call themselves Paladins of Aku-Rei.

Its not known if these are true sightings of the blade or just remakes of the original, however there is no doubting that each and every sighting that says this person or that has the fabled star blade, has had the characteristics of one who wields the fabled glow, an odd flare up of light and ethereal flame and images that happens when their emotions are high, and an odd tendency to talk to themselves, or as they say, a blade that apparently talks back.

Gali's Version of this sword comes in the shape of a Scimitar, The blade itself appears to be forged from Jade, matching the cat-mans eyes, save for the blade has what appears to be shifting swirls of black in it. The hand is almost eight inches long, and appears to be wrapped in a layer of thick black leather. The finger guard is circular, like that of a Katana, and the image in it appears to be two great jungle cats circling each other around the blade. The pummel of the Sword appears to be another portion of rough cut jade, with the same black swirls as the blade. It as per the Abilities of the blade appears to be coated with a thin layer of jade flame at all times.

Nightmare's Delight

Owned By: Unowned

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 2

Item Base: Gem

Nightmarish Form (2 Slots OOB)
The gem further blurs the line between the holder and the shadows, by activating the incantation, the holder's body becomes encased in a tangible shadow that completely obscures features and allows the holder to essentially become a shadow - able to crawl and move along surfaces in any direction, and manipulation one's body to fit into smaller gaps. However, the holder travels more slowly in this form, and while they can change their shape, the overall mass of the holder is translated into the shadow, cannot be reduced (taken even more time to pass through smaller openings). This power cannot be invoked during combat or sex (or to prevent combat). Nor does it block out the smell or scent of the holder.

Mechs: Grants +10 for the entry roll for shop stealing, but the roll is limited to a total of 80 - making an impossible lock possible, but the door will always be locked, so entry takes at least a round to seep through the door. Shadow can move along any surface, at half speed. Not usable in combat. OOC consent required for use of this ability on any building or structure owned privately.

Nightmares (2 Slots Combat)
Causes the targets deepest darkest fear to play out before their eyes. The wielder gains an insight into what the fear is about.

Mechs: - Ranmagatk vs Ranmagdef for effect of this ability. Effective use of this ability will stun the recipient for !1d3 rounds, enough to draw out the images needed to gain such insight into the fear. The length of the play out might seem like ages, but is only a matter of moments in reality. OOC Consent required.

Impending Doom (2 Slot OOB only)

This ability takes the bearers presence and uses that feeling to taints a victim's mind, nearly infecting his mind and dreams with nightmarish thoughts. All of these thoughts focus on the bearer of the item as the source of those nightmares

Mechs: This ability slowly warps the targets view of the caster, turning them into a source of their darkest nightmares. This ability requires that the target be asleep, either by magical means or by natural sleep. The effects will either last for one scene, or a whole night’s sleep. It also requires that the user of this ability has a personal item from the target. A ranged magical attack roll is required for use of the ability to be successful, but it is not usable during combat. OOC Consent required

Invisible storage (1 Slots OOB)
Able to store items out of sight, within a small pocket on a piece of clothing. So long as that person is able to carry weight of the items stored that way. Able to retrieve or withdraw an item at the whim of the bearer, often a boon to be able to carry items that the bearer doesn't desire to be seen with.

Mechs: The pocket is the size of a backpack, and can only contain what a backpack could. The pocket still weighs as normal, it just doesn’t show or alert others to what the wielder is carrying upon their person. This ability is not usable in combat due to the amount of concentration required to pull items from the pocket.

The gem was crafted by a nightmare, dreamt into being by horrified dreamers, as a result of his influence and intent to twist and manipulate them into what he wanted. That fuel from such twisted and horrific dreams enabling it to be crafted, shaped and empowered with the abilities he wished for his avatar upon the world below.

Once it was crafted and he was secure that what he wanted was entombed within the gem, he sent it down, crafting dreams and nightmares within his chosen avatar, not trying to send them mad, although the first couple that he tried did indeed lose their grip on sanity, but eventually one was found who was strong enough, the gem offered forth, and gifted to them, it melded with flesh, and when they woke they found the knowledge needed to use the item within their mind, enabling them to make best use of it.

His first successful chosen, however wasn’t quite satisfied with what was contained within the gem, finding the scrolls he needed, able to pass some of his own power into it, the ability to take what was given, merge and mutate it with his own skills, and grant that ability to turn into a shadow, he used it for nefarious purposes, to find and liberate those coins and items that he wanted, and to hoard and build his own wealth by use of it.

Time went by, the first chosen was killed in a war, gem disappeared from his grasp with his last breath, sent back to its creator, although it never reached its intended target, the other gods, wary of such power being reunited with its creator, conspired and sent the gem spinning off back towards the ground.

It dug its way into the earth in a remote forest, slowly the earth buried that item within its bosom, to hide and keep its secret, till a hunting party came across something digging there, after killing the animal, they unearthed the black gem, not realizing what it could, they brought it back to civilization, where it passed on through the hands on unscrupulous traders, till its earthly starting point was all but forgotten, and it had passed beyond something of wonder, and into simply something nice, that couldn’t be cut or shaped.

released, un-owned 4/25/10

Osheanna's tear

Owned By: Ray`El

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

The small palm sized pebble was kept on a almost indestructible mitrhal chain. the small tear dropped carved pebble had a lot runes all over it in old tongues few even understood anymore.

Mastery of the Craft (2 Slots - Combat)
A true master of the elements is one who is able to think outside the box and manipulate those things that others see as impossible or foolish to attempt to do. The bearer of this mark can push their craft beyond known limits or the limits most think they have. Creating objects in and outside combat on the fly. Making items that most others would dream about at speeds even other hydromancers find outstanding. This perfects their craft to point their items can withstand fire of a non magical nature, or appear as anything they wish.

Mechs - In combat the user can create items similar to elemental craft on the fly and use them for role-play or attacks, but does Not add to or change any mechanics of base rolls. Making this pure cosmetic.

Water's Harem (2 Slots - OOB)
This ability allows him control the servants made by his magics with just his mental commands. He also can sense what they sense and feel what they feel as if they were a part of him. This spell allows the hydromancer to see and do more then one thing at once. This ability can not be used in combat.

Mechs- Each servant created this way costs 6 stamina which can not be regained till the servant is sent away. This ability allows the hydromancer to do many tasks at Once, as each is a separate body with its own right. The max range is within five miles, and the The max limit on servants is five. Just like the base spell that's boosted. Out of battle only

Osheanna's Kiss (1 Slot - OOB)
Osheanna the most famous hydromancer in the world, Much to the owner of this items chargrin .Is known for being able to seduce almost anyone or anyway she wants.The truth is she learned this trick from her satyr lovers. The user of the brand is also taught this trick from one oldest and most powerful mages left alive.

Mechs- The bearer of this item must have sex at least once every 24 hours, or will fall ill. Severity of the illness depends on the time without sex. The bearer of this item produces Pheromone's almost like a a Satyr's, that surrounded the bearer with a radius of 10ft. These promote feelings of sensuality and sexual abandon in females, and the same in males, but with added aggressive overtones. This ability requires OOC consent to be used.

Gift of The Hydromancer (2 Slots - OOB)
Desc - While most hydromancer's must cast their spells on others, the bearer of this mark is able to manipulate a select few spells and imbue them upon items to use as gifts for others.

Mechs - Allows the bearer to craft an item imbued with one or a pair of spells. Water's breath and Hydromantic Adaptation. Costs 10 stamina for one spell and 15 if both are imbued, this stamina can not be regained whilst the item is in existence. The item lasts for 12 hours or until used and its effects expire. This item can be given to another person to allow them to have the benefits of those spells, but the spells will only function as if the wielder was a Watermagex1 or at Level 10, whichever is the lowest achievable gainer for that spell.. Not usable in combat.

Made many years ago.. before the current minds realized what time was. this item had a piece of a special well dripped into it, allowing it to control the water more then even some dream. it called to the most powerful of her kind, and she found it. she was the greatest hydromancer ever.. osheanna. who's known for being wet then more one way. She held it for years. having surpassed its power herself, she was waiting for the next person to earn it .Going to a contest in the town for the general store. her and her other 3 masters.. who she hated one of, all came to visit the town. Along the banks ray meet her, offering help and play before he even knew who she was.. not sensing her power. the man teased and played. when ray showed her his skill in hydromancy, she was impressed, and also teased the man,. offering him greater power if he should prove himself.. once he had reached a Plato.. this gem activated.. allowing him closer to the greatness, thou this wasn't the end.. was it?


Owned By: Unowned

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

Race Required: Drak Sen

This flawless band of silver seems just a little heavier than it really should be, dense with as much material as something supernatural. Engraved on the ring in sharp runes is the word "paragon" in Drakonic.

Wings of the Dragon (2 Slots combat)

The bearer's wings will be able to lift the owner's form from the ground and fly with the maneuverability and speed of the great dragons.

Mechanics: Like the flight spell, except without stamina drain in or out of combat.

Dream Gate (2 Slots OOB)

The innate ability of the Drak Sen to project their spirits into the Dragon Realm while meditating, is enhanced. In addition to the ability to navigate through the dreams and commune with their Elders, the wielder is now able to draw the spirit of other sleepers into the Dragon Realm.

Mechanics: OOB only. With OOC consent, this allows the wielder to manipulate the dreams of whoever he's physically touching, to the extent of consent. The ability lasts as long as the wielder is meditating, and the target is asleep. At any point after activating this ability, whenever the target wishes to resist the control of the Drak Sen, the wielder must succeed in a clomagatk vs clomagdef to maintain control. While in this state all def rolls on behalf of the wielder are treated as 1. This ability ends when either the wielder or target is woken, the wielder chooses to end the ability, or the target wins a resistance roll against the wielder of this item. The same target cannot be chosen again for 12 hours.

Essence of Bliss (1 Slot OOB)

The target's most carnal fantasy is brought to life in their senses. Anything they've ever dreamed of and wanted to happen to them, is suddenly felt and made very much real.

Mechanics: OOB only. This ability functions like Divine Ecstasy, allowing the Drak Sen to take complete control over the victim's senses, allowing the wielder to stroke the victim to a level of mind-breaking pleasures with a few words and a touch. Touch is required and OOC consent is required.

Sahzralaith, the great and elder dragon, stared into the reflective pool of his subterranean lair. His dreams were filled to the brim with the sacrifices of the Drak Sen, as they paid their homage to their patron and gave him their reports. It was all the same, as it had been for centuries. The magnificent acts of the four Dragon Gods had faded into the history of the primal world, and now all the civilized peoples flourished over a land his own patron once had a hand in creating. Reaching out a claw, he called to his spawn, idly stirring the pool between his large and deadly talons. He set into place the very series of events he'd been planning for eons, waiting for the perfect tool, and the proper lord to rally his spawn. He plucked a ring from the pool, summoning it from The Dream and into the physical world with his titanic force of will, eying like one would a game piece about to be delivered to a pawn. The world only grew more and more stagnant as time passed by, and with eyes that saw through the past, present, and future, he knew this was not the destiny for the immortal draconic race. His spawn were not made to wither in idle times, and he himself would settle for no less than a seat on the elder council, in the face of their greater purpose. The ceremony was brief, and silent save for the honors gifted to a particular Drak Sen, one whom was summoned to serve, and carry the ring he had titled 'Paragon'.

Given to Dowjin Qui 11/18/10

Scion of the Spider Queen

Owned By: Vysanth

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

base item: Bracelet, once worn bonds to owner in the form of a tattoo

Sight of the Spider Queen (2 Slots)

When this happens both eyes of the bearer take on the same form, reflecting the nature of Kirva's touch on the bearer. This shifting of form of eye, enables them to enhance all of their senses a little, which enables them to perform their duties even if inflicted with statuses that might attempt to prevent them.

Mech - The wielder of this item a +5 bonus to the the defense roll against any spell or ability, that would effect one or more senses. This ability is only usable during combat, and is limited to two combat scenes within a 24 hour period due to the strain it puts upon the wielders body. After use they will feel fatigued and drained, and although able to do things normally, will seek out a place to rest and recover if at all possible

Senses of the Spider (1 slot)

The bearer's sensitivity to moving objects, temperature changes, or even footsteps on the bare ground are all greatly increased, out to a range of 15 feet. The ability does not work -through- walls unless pressed against it, and then only when something touches that wall from the other side. This ability will not add anything to initiative, first strike in combat, sneak strike, or any other such boon. Note that this sensitivity is due to the receptiveness and sensitiveness of thier skin to disturbances in the air and ground increasing, and NOT due to any form of hearing-related improvement. This ability can be invoked at will outside of battle by concentrating his senses, and cannot be used while in combat. The use of this ability requires that the wielder concentrate upon this new found sense, and it degrades his other senses a little, meaning sight dims a touch, hearing deafens slightly whilst this ability is in use. Not usable in combat.

Perfection of Malice (2 slots)

Outside of combat, the bearer regenerates in a bizarre fashion as dozens of miniature spiders flow from out of the wound itself to repair it, knitting bone and reweaving flesh. For minor cuts, it would take only a few minutes for the mark to disappear completely, with larger wounds and broken bones taking at least a few days. Major injuries would heal over a period of a week or so, but critical and mortal wounds will not be affected unless at least healed partially, decreasing the severity of the wound. Lost limbs will not be regenerated. The regeneration only takes place when they concentrate on it; hence has no effect in combat, nor may they perform other actions while focusing on their wounds. Healing cannot take place until at least 8 hours have passed after a combat, for during combat, the eye withdraws its power to heal in favor of its other powers. After such, it must both re-gather its energies, and be sure that battle will not be forthcoming soon. This regeneration takes 8 hours or more of rest doing nothing else but allowing the body to repair itself and its wounds. Not usable in combat.

Kirva's Shroud (2 slots)

When concentrating and not in combat, the bearer of the eye moves with an otherworldly grace when in their perfect form, sometimes seeming as if their frame isn't quite fully part of this realm; a foot seeming to pass through a rock, or stepping upon solid ground where none seems to be. If one watches closely enough, an occasional ghostly form of a giant spider co-exists where the wearer is. Needless to say, either aspect of it are disheartening to most, causing uneasiness, nausea, or even a desire to quickly move away from the bearer. Should the bearer of the eye turn their gaze upon someone and concentrate on them, they can instill a much stronger sense of that emotion; fear welling up from within. While some might not be affected by it, others would be able to feel nothing but that strongest of sensations, cowardice displayed blatantly for all, either by running, putting others in harm's way, or simply curling up into the fetal position and freezing in place. A wielders Int Vs targets Res roll is required for use of this ability to be successful. Ability is not usable in battle. This appearance is an illusion and the effects can be disrupted upon those effect with a successful detect illusion spell. The effect last a single round if the target flees the room, otherwise a continued roll is used, until the victim of this ability wins a round and sees it for the illusion it is.

Crafted by the order of the goddess herself, something whimsical for one of her favorites, not necessarily one of her priests or priestesses but one of those who followed her anyone, not forced to but choose to out of their own mind. Gifted at first with little thought to what it might do to a person, driving them slowly mad from the near touch of the goddess. The item was examined by her highest and most devoted priests and mages, and then imbued with other abilities to help spread her favor a little in order to not drive the honored ones mad. The first ability to be able to better defend against divine magic, the wielders eyes changing to see flow of energy and be able to avoid it better. The second to heal quicker, to be better able to perform the duties that would be given to the one so gifted.. then a curse of sorts, to be seen by others as being flanked by a giant spider, her little playful gesture, although some found it useful in scaring or intimidating others, a few were disturbed themselves by the image.

The mark passed itself on from person to person, always at the whim of the goddess as to who it should be bestowed upon, never the same race twice in a row, or even the same sex.. always a little whimsical in the choice made, although it was never regretted, the honored one was always one who would bear this mark bravely and proudly.

Shade's Grace

Owned By: White Mist

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

A black cloak, that seems lined with something far more stunning then mere satin.

Shadow Step: Works like a Dimension Door spell, just without any spell casting and works by having him step into a shadow and stepping out of another within line of sight. No stamina usage. Not to be used during combat, and the shadow that is used must be at the least a foot by a foot, large enough to ‘step’ into. The shadow that is given, must be created naturally. (IE no using magic to create the shadow with a spell , however one could light a candle, and use the shadow from it.)

Shadow Spy: Works like a Far Scry spell, just without spell casting and he must physically touch the victim. His shadow will mingle with the victim's and he can then watch that person indefinitely, until he chooses to end the watching. Only one person at a time may be Spied upon like this. The victim has a constant feeling of being observed from behind or from the shadows. Of course, for this ability there must be OOC consent of the victim, since the RP effect must be clearly understood. Much like the Shaman Spell, share spirit, that which the Victim, sees, tastes, feels and hears is given to the shadow to take to the Owner, however unlike it, no emotions are imparted as such.

Shadow Capture: Requires the victim to be currently Shadow Spied. The victim of the Shadow Spying can be physically captured and held by use of a Close Magical Attack with corresponding Close Magical Defense. Should the victim fail their Defense, they are held tight by their own shadow. He is unable to make any other sort of attacks while utilizing Shadow Capture. Once captured, he can then focus on other things, but any attack upon the captured one automatically cancels the Capture. Of course, this manner of gaining one attack is only useful against the one Victim who has been Shadow Spied upon, the Shadow’s themselves binding the Target, with no more then two attempts at such during the Combat Scene. While in combat, this ability can be used once successfully, or attempted twice. Out of combat, for purposes of RP enhancing, it is capable of binding a victim, until there is an attack either from the Owner of the Cloak, to the target, much like the spell “Web”.

In days of old, in lands far from this one, Empires contested with each other in the oldest of ways. Political, religious and intercine conflict brought much chaos into the world as each of a dozen factions and groups with hidden agendas did contest each other for control of a failing Empire. Its colonies were rebelling and declaring independence, while deeper within the Empire, each of its Houses fought secret wars in the streets and alleyways with mercenary forces and uncaring thieves. Shade's Grace was born from that quiet war and is one of the few items to survive the disasters that befell that long-ago Empire.

A heavily enchanted bit of cloth, it was forged by a group of High elf Mages and Enchanters who sought to pool all of their power into a single device to empower a single operative who would serve their purposes. It was 'believed' that the cloak would be empowered and would maintain its power through the life-force of those who had contributed to its creation. The operative would be 'forced' to obey this cabal of Mages to keep the cloak's power. The cabal, while Wizardly and wise, was not well-versed in the ways of the cold-blooded. The unknown operative slew his overseer Mage, the one who had delivered the cloak to him so that he might enforce the will of the Cabal. Noting no undue loss of power to the cloak, the hidden operative then stalked the remaining oblivious members of the group, none of them anticipating that the operative would ever have the 'gall' to challenge them in such a way. Such is the price of overweaning pride and arrogance.

In turn, each was slain in his sleep by the cloaked operative and he went on to a distinguished career of double-dealing and spying for a variety of groups, sides and Orders, until the fall of that Empire and the operative stole away into the night, the fires of the burning capitol lighting the way ahead of him for miles...

Since then, the cloak has fallen into the hands of many would-be assassins, spies and thieves, each fully unaware of what power lingers in the heavy black cloak, and it is only in 'this' day that the power of Shade's Grace is fully understood and put back to its original purpose. The creating of chaos.

Sheara's Kiss

Owned By: Marot

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

Class: Paladin
Race: Chirot
Item Base: Torq

Glossy Wings: (2 Slots)
The Chirot's wings seem become healthier, shinier, and able resist a lot of natures might.

Mechanics: Works like a always active glossy wings; allowing the Chirot to fly threw snow, ice, rain and storm, the water simply rolling off the wings as though coated in grease.

Sting of the Faithful (2 slots Combat)
The Chirot roars in holy anger and his wings slap together creating a dark energy which will snap out and sting the Chirot’s unholy enemy, the Kirojan.

Mechanics: works like spell feather dart, doing a RanMagAtk +5 vs any feathered winged race of pure blood.

Sheara's Kiss (3 Slots)
The Chirot, may bend down and kiss a faithful head, and then bless them with the blessing of a goddess, taking their wounds, or allowing them to heal their own wounds with her love.

Mechanics: This heals up to 10 Life points. Useable on anyone, thou many think it is only usable for the faithful of Sheara. Useable only three times a day, including self. OOB Only.

The most loyal of paladins to Sheara are sometimes blessed to become the ultimate hunters of the Kirojan. They become imbued with the weapons to fly better than most, to fire death from afar and regain health to kill longer. The first to receive this gift was a Paladin whom was leading a small force of Chirot against a Torian Keep. The group was near defeat and losing hope so the paladin leading them prayed for help. Sheara granted him powers to show she= was with him. His wings turned to slick black appendages and he led a last attack. He took the gate flying through winds that would dash normal fliers to the rocks. The rest of the group ran in, faith high now, and fought on. Archers were useless as these new wings could shoot out black darts of honed sharpness that sliced Kirojan flesh. After a long battle the wings healed the faithful companions and they moved into the tower, fighting bravely, piling bodies high, but soon his companions fell, and he quickly after. Sheara came to him to take him to the great war on the other side, but told him that these powers would be passed on to worthy paladins to fight the Kirojan in ages to come. Her blessing would make the loyal Kirojan haters a flying harbinger of death, able to fly through any conditions like a dervish, shoot down foes with feathers with wicked darts of energy and heal the body of wounds to keep it killing. In his honor she would call it Last Stand, though most Chirot would reverently refer to it as Blessing of Sheara. Any Chirot endowed with this would feel unworthy, yet be respected in Chirot society.

Sheara's Second Wind

Owned By: gwyneth

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

A mithril arm band etched with delicate diagonal lines reminiscent of stitching, completing three spirals and capped by sword hilts wrapped in gold on each end. Three woven gold charms hang down from the bottom spiral, from one dangles the coiled nine tailed whip of Sheara done in gold the Chirot word "rebirth" etched into the golden 'leather', from the second, tiny leather wings done in fine detail in tiger's eye bearing the word "daughter", and from the third a delicate jade scroll hung, etched with a single word in Chirot "life".

Sheara's Touch (Combat)

With a moment of concentration, a bolt of light can be thrown at an opponent in order to 'freeze' a person in place. Almost a paralysis of sorts. It would freeze the opponent in place, halting the effects of any spells both beneficial or detrimental to them

Mechs - Ranged magic attack. Effect is broken on successful damage roll, or after 3 rounds. If used outside of battle, it will render the target unconscious, allowing the healer to work in peace and quiet to fix and mend whatever is needed. OOC Consent required for the unconsciousness to happen

Sheara's Refilling

This ability was created with the tireless healer in mind. Oft a healers power and potential is diminished by the fact that they run themselves into the ground with their art. This ability was created as a way to provide a healer with a new lease of energy, allowing them to work on through the heaviest of conflicts to aid their companions as best they can.


Removal of a thong takes one round to summon the armlet into life from its resting place and to remove the thong from the armlet itself. Once the thong is removed, it is held tightly in hand for a moment, before it will fade and in doing so rejuvenate the healer using it, completely refilling their stamina to maximum. Once a thong is removed, it takes 7 days for it to reappear upon the item. The item holds three thong's once found and can not hold more than that amount. Not usable in combat.

Sheara's Healing Presence

The armlet allows one to share their own natural healing ability with another who is close to them. Typically a healer used to stay up looking over the sick and wounded, some would curl about their patients to keep them warm and safe, and this influenced the creation of this power.

This ability requires a full 8 hours of sleep to occur with the patient and the healer in close, touching proximity. If this occurs with out any interruptions, and without any strenuous activity, then the healers own healing properties, are gifted to boost the patient's own. Doubling the rest and recuperation rate of the patient. Not usable in combat. OOC Consent required.

Sheara's Ease

Gifted to the bearer of this item by Sheara herself, once the item is worn about the arm and has joined with the bearers spirit, it grants them a little of the chirots natural ability, primarily the healing trance that the rest enjoys as a boon from the goddess.

Mechanics - This requires 12 hours of continuous undisturbed trance and no stressful activity for the remainder of the day. During this period the bearer of this item will regain 20% of his life, double what other races receive from normal rest. If the bearer does not spend the complete 12 hours in his trance, he will receive no healing benefit for that day. The wielder may remain in a trance longer than 12 hours, but the 20% life restoration cannot be exceeded. Other forms of healing such as spells and potions will always affect the wearer normally, and are cumulative with the effects of the healing trance.

Chirot legend tells of a Warrior, a female warrior who fought so well and so hard for her Goddess that villages of Kiroan fell beneath her blade, blood spilled in earth, never to return home again. Her birth name is lost to the mists of time, but whispers still tell the tale of the Reaper.

The Reaper often went to the same tavern not far from the town of her birth when she was scouting new battles, Kiroan to kill. And this was her undoing. The barkeep was bribed to slip a powder into her drink when next she arrived, and soon she was slumped in
the corner, asleep, unaware as six of them surrounded her, the last males of a village, saved only because they had been out hunting and had not been there to defend the rest.

Every one had lost brother, father, mother, or sister to her blade. And so they boundher, and took her deep into the forest. What happened there was never fully told, but one can imagine the rape, the torment, the anger and humiliation they released on the
Chirot's helpless form. Only the condition in which she was found, weeks later, left barely breathing in the dung heap of the tavern she'd been taken from speaks of the horrors she endured at the hands of her enemies.

The Tavern keeper kept her hidden, chained in the stable, tending her wounds, feeding her, and renting her out to certain trusted patrons as she healed, afraid of her wrath if he released her, yet unwilling to let her just perish there in the dirt. Furred ears were gone, deaf, wings in tatters, and missing the toes of one foot as well as the first finger of each hand, never again would she wield a blade, not without proper healing, which was withheld from her. There she stayed until a Chirot knight recognized her when he went to stable his horse, the tavern keeper hurrying out to intercept, but too late. The knight slayed the man, and took the Reaper, over the saddle, for she was too injured to ride, back to her home.

The damage had been done, spirit and body broken and regrown twisted, her armour and sword lost, she languished in bed, dispirited for months. Lost in her defeat, in the memories and nightmares that haunted her dreams and kept her from achieving a true healing trance. The healer staying near her bedside, but unable to do much to ease her pain, the body healed at last, but the soul a gaping wound.

At last the Healer sent for the High Priest, though the Reaper swore and cussed at her for doing so, she did not want to see any Priest or any Man ever again, only languish and die in her home. But the Priest came anyway.... and together, with the healer they slowly drew the Reaper out, got her to eat, to flourish once again... but still the nightmares came, haunting, tearing down every bit of progress so it had to be made again and again. Finally the Priest sought the council of another, an Elder in the town, and together they prayed and petitioned the Mother on behalf of the Reaper, who'd served Her so well for so long.

In the morning, after many sacrifices and please... a band of mithril twisted thrice with three golden tongs holding three charms sat on the alter. And that night, for the first time since her capture, the Reaper sank deep into trance without a single nightmare, instead she dreamed of the Mother, her Goddess, bathing in her presence... and she woke with a new vocation, a new way to serve her, a rebirth into life. The life of a healer, of service without the sword... and the armband a sign of the Goddess touch, of her gift of new life, so the Reaper became the Sower. Healing the warriors who took up where she'd left off, bringing new lives safely into the world to grow and thrive... until she finally, deep into old age, and no longer able to walk even with her cane, she crossed over the Veil to join her beloved Goddess on the Battlefield once more.

Skin of the Earthmother

Owned By: Unowned

Type of Item: Armor

Equipment Slots Used: 0

Item Base: Vambraces
Class Req: Geomancer
Level Req: 40

Earthmother's Bounty (1 Slot, OOB)

Once these bracer's have been set to the flesh, the leather dissolves, giving way to a multitude of emeralds that look like they are one in the same with the flesh they're embedded into. These pebble-sized, perfectly spherical emeralds start in a bracelet-like clump upon the wrist, and slowly thin out towards the elbow. These precious gems sparkle brilliantly when exposed to sunlight, like any true precious stone. These gems cannot be removed, sold or used as currency.

Flowing Earth (2 Slots, OOB)

Through the gift of the Earth mothers blessing, the wielder of her 'skin' may shape and mold stone and earth to a limited degree. For each hour spent with this ability in place, the wielder may shape up to five feet of stone or equal to a ten foot diameter. Though this is not an easy task in the slightest. Each hour requires a stamina investment of ten and can only be used if the wielder has enough stamina and time to focus on the task at hand.The caster must have both hands free to work with the rock; this ability is usable up to three times per day if the user stops or has to start again at any point during their work. OOC consent required if using on someone else's property, out-of-battle only.

Emerald Brilliance (2 Slots, OOB)

As with most things involving Gaea, her gift also bestows the ability to heal, should it be required. Calling upon the nurturing instinct that Gaea is often, the emeralds embedded in the flesh slowly start to shimmer, from elbow to wrist, at which the gentle energies are released through the wielders digits in the form of a fine, green mist.

The caster can heal 1 Life for every 1 Stamina expended, up to a maximum of 20 Life for 20 Stamina, with this ability. This is usable up to twice per day, out-of-battle only.

Molten Bliss (2 Slots, Combat)

Deep within the Earth mother's embrace the heat of her affection can lead to many things. Wearer of the skin, by means of a spell, is able to either rejuvenate a weakened bedmate or reinvigorate themselves at another's expense this can be in the form of, but not limited to, a kiss, touch during combat or otherwise, oral sex of any sort, some sort of sensual activity that causes natural body heat to rise and pulse to quicken.

For every 10 levels, the caster is able to absorb 1 point of Stamina per turn, to a maximum of 5 Stamina per turn. A Close Magical Attack and Defense is rolled should the caster actively resist this spell. Each round, the victim can roll another Close Magical Defense to break free of the spell. Should the victim be drained to 0, he or she passes out immediately. Even the transfer of even 1 point of Stamina reinvigorates the mage completely, giving her the look of being well rested and fed. Should the chosen target 'not' resist the spell, then the entirety of the Stamina can be transferred in a single round. Should the caster decide to transfer Stamina to another, then it is done in a single round, unless the recipient resists. If she or he resists, then it fails automatically. This is usable once per day or within a combat scene.

Those that protect Gaea do so in two forms. They either defend the lands they've sworn to protect or they take the fight to those would would defile whatever they could touch. Sometimes the defense comes in the form of something so innocuous that those that would seek harm to Gaea simply look beyond it. This was one of those gifts that Gaea granted to her followers.

Not all of Gaeas followers are druids and rangers. Some come from other callings that others wouldn't otherwise think could befit one of nature, and this skin of the Earthmother was granted to one of her more lascivious children. A high elf seductress by name of Lorian Featherlight, an argent defender of the forests where she was raised, lived in a human settlement that was bound to start expansion into the forest. The forests had shrunk since her time growing up, those living within Gaea's embrace wept as more of the woodland disappeared to the hungering enclave of humanity.

It wasn't readily evident to the girl what the towns tribunal was up to, not till it was too late at least. A large swath of the forest had been cut down, the stumps uprooted, with several dwarven geomancers tearing into Gaeas crust, burrowing down into the earth in search for precious stones. One foolish man too eager for sexual release spilled the information all too readily to her tender touches and subtle questions. Outraged, she sought the council of Gaea herself, who nudged her in the direction of the cavern.

The glory that was Gaea is more than surface deep, as any scholar would say, and as Lorian delved deeper into the cavern, she saw more and more that which the town sought.

Emeralds. Hundreds of raw, green precious stone.

Lorian was confused, however. Gaea hadn't brought her here to tear down the cavern, she didn't instill any information that would aid in stiffling the town from this gem mine. Instead, the earth mother spoke in the womans mind, easing her thoughts, and as she did so, dozens of tiny emeralds fell from the nodes and gathered around the seductress, swirling about her wrists and forearms.

Gaea spoke, simply, to the woman. "This is the towns livelyhood. This will keep their bellys full and their lives comfortable. They still venerate My will and that of the land, the beasts and foliage."

One by one, they'd embed themselves into her leather vambraces, till not a one remained, and the leather itself melded with her flesh, as did the gentle green stone. Thus, Lorian was gifted with the skin of the earth mother, and learned that there was more to nature and life than just the woodlands, and that she needed to listen to what the Earth Mother willed, rather than what she believed what Gaeas chosen should do. She put the Skin of the Earthmother to good use, creating stone-wrought buildings that might take weeks normally, just in a matter of days, tending to the forests by way of her own sexual deviance, keeping those who would do intentional harm from doing just that.

After many decades of service, the Skin of the Earthmother disappeared with Lorian, lost to the sands of time when the seductress gave herself to the land that birthed her, perhaps to be put to use once again when Gaea deems it necessary.

Slaver's Serpent

Owned By: Tarin

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

At first a ring, but then a Tattoo of a snake curled around the lower of arm of its bearer, dark green scales amongst the black outline and a set of , what might almost be considered alive and glowing, amber eyes to it.

Serpents Guile (1 Slot)
A thought, an image, a word, all of these can be used to tease and torment a person, maybe its the thought of something that they desire, a position, an item, a person, or maybe its something that frightens them. Whatever it might be, the bearer of this item can push a thought or image towards a single person, imprinting it almost into their mind. Although it isn't a defined skill, as the wrong thought or image might stand out, so a degree of descretion has to be had when using this ability

With a thought, a single image or thought is pushed towards the victim's mind. It can be of anything that the caster wants it to be. Depending on the image chosen, the victim might be aware that it isn't a natural thought, and so might be able to dismiss it through the power of their mind. Line of sight to the victim is required. Duration of the Image is instantaneous, the illusion will last for upto 5 min. OOB Only. OOC consent required.

Serpents Tail (1 Slot)
With a thought and an image of how they'd like their target restrained, a pulse of energy into that tattoo, and it would flare into life as an animated rope, lashing out towards the victim in an attempt to ensnare them to the designs and desires of their controller. Their only taboo, the neck and head would be left free, and if the desire included those areas, then the snake would refuse to be moulded into this form.

Use of this ability will attempt to render the victim immobile, the tattoo shifting into a very real and long rope, and lashing out towards the intended victim, attempting to wrap around the target as the wielder of this item so desires (Arms, legs and body only. Head and neck aren't valid targets for this ability). Maximum range of 50 ft and clear line of sight is required for use of this ability. OOB Only. OOC consent required. If an offensive attack (such as a weapon or spell attack) is launced at the victim or wielder of this ability, then the ability dissipates instantly, otherwise the ability lasts until end of scene.

Serpents Mind (2 Slots)
With a single word or phrase, and a bending of their will against their intended targets, the bearer of this item attempts to bend the victim's will to their own wants and needs, that word laced with power, settling into the targets mind, where they are then focused totally upon it, almost obssessed with that word or phrase and its conatations

A successful touch and a Close Magical Attack is required to pass on this magic to the victim. Upon completition, the victim passes into a trance like state and is utterly open to the wielders wishes. This obsession lasts for one day. This spell requires OOC consent 'and' a lengthy PM session with the victim to ensure that no boundaries are crossed. The range of this obsession is limited only by the imagination and desires of the players. OOB Only.

Serpents Retaliation (1 Slot)
Should the wielder of this tatto ever get weak, be foreced to kneel before another and submit their free will to that person, then the snake will turn upon the wearer, enabling all of its abilities to be utilised by the dominant party. A last little bite of the snake to ensure its wearer would never submit or face the wrath of the magick within that tatoo.

Should the wielder of this item ever submit to another, by free will or magick, then the person submitted to, would have access to all of the abilities within the tattoo until they either grow tired of the submissive, or the wielder breaks free and re-asserts their own will once again. OOB only. OOC consent required.

He had been pet, close to a familiar, bound so much to that one cruel person, the one that was slaver, cruel and firm, knew how to handle prey, those lovely toys he found and trained, sold without a care, used magic to tempter with the women he worked on, too much at times and all was seen by those reptilian eyes, all taken in, soaking over time into scaled flesh, till that animal itself seemed to be dripping with the arcane, started to toy with mice, with his food, not that his owner noted. That snake seemed to develop, over time a bit more
personality, a mind of it’s own, more often watched, seemed to be curious about his master’s arts, the training of slaves. It wasn’t until the animal broke free that he was missed.

That way a certain feline found him, a moment distracted, enjoying the heat of the day, which too, was enjoyed by that reptile, to warm his skin, a bite and magic came loose.

After the bite he found a flash of light and that snake gone in a burst of flames, gasping, stumbling back onto her bum, where he sat confused. That was when he heard that hissing, within his mind, something that seemed to take space in the very back, it’s own niche. It was a hiss that greeted him, when he tried to look there. “I will gift you my masters strengths, so long as you wield them how he would, show strength and I will help you, show any weakness and I will bite you...” it was all he got to know, all that he was told before that presence vanished, somehow, from his mind. He would find out soon enough, where that mind of the animal went, as his arm burned, felt as if on fire and after he ripped off that sleeve of his shirt he saw the last, remaining, burning edges of snake curled around his lower arm, scales a shiny dark green, the eyes almost glowing in their amber colour.

Those eyes glowed again and he felt knowledge flood his mind, nest on that darker side of his being, poor feline torn to pieces some more, another part of him, added. He knew how to play the mind, to tease and speak of those naughty images, to make one prey, hunted good gasp and blush, bring her legs together in embarrassment, cause they knew, in the end he would make those images to be true. There was the knowledge how to use the snake, his twisted body, magically changed to be rope, to tie in forms, secure yet not with damage a body, to create a helpless form to be toyed with, to enjoy the flesh, mark it, mar it by whips or floggers, to tease with kisses, bites, teeth teases and what else comes to mind. Then the idea of pleasure, of pleasing the one that commanded, the need of a slave when will as broken, when the mind rather bend to the wishes then completely crumble to pieces. The snake gave him the wisdom to hex the mind, to warp it, to have the one be spelled for some time do the bidding, as if trained, finding suggestions to be easily followed, a command not sounding that harsh in one’s ear anymore. There is the warning yet, to keep the strength, to have hand strong, or that snake, never known for it’s loyalty might turn on the owner, biting back and simply switching sides to the one that is stronger. Sure, the magic kept it bound, which doesn’t mean, for those small moments it wouldn’t search itself a stronger keeper, one it would serve better.

Soul's Armlament

Owned By: Van Masterson

Type of Item: Weapon

Equipment Slots Used: 1

ts normal appearance is that of a sword made of crystal, and if gazed at closely, there would appear to almost be uniform cracks within the material, as if it was made of segments and there was some hidden usage to the blade. The hilt was studded with clear jewels at either side of the guard, and the pommel and hilt were ribbed to allow for firm grip and purchase of hand upon it.

Balance's Reach (Combat - 2 Slots)
By concentration and imbuing this item with some of the wielders stamina, the weapon in question can suddenly extend, shooting out to three times its normal length in a flicker of an eye, allowing them to simply attempt to impale an opponent from afar when they are least expecting it.

Mechanics - Costing 5 stamina on top of normal attack costs, allows this weapon to be used as a ranged attack. Limited to 5 times a combat scene.

Breath of Life (OOB - 3 Slots)
Breath of life within this item, able to caress and pour that life into another if so needed and so wanted, but there was a limit, as there was within all items like this.

Mechanics - Able to heal upto 20 points of life in total per day. Costs 2 stamina per 1 point of life to be healed. Not useable in combat. Only useable upon the bearer of the item.

Weapons Attachment(OOB - 1 Slot)
Tied by its bearer's soul, the item is simply within reach at all times. Whilst not physically there, if concentrated on, then the item will be called from its resting place and into their hand, ready for whatever it is needed for.

Mechanics - Costing 5 stamina, and needing to stay still whilst using this ability, allows the bearer to pull their sword to their hand. Can not be used after Init has been called or combat has started. Not usable in combat

Pleasure's Blessing (OOB - 1 Slot)
Blessed by a goddess of pleasure, imbuing this item simply with the ability to vibrate without causing harm or damage, all the better to allow one of their flock to spread the sensation of a little pleasure, or pain as it might be amongst others.

Mechanics - Allows the item to vibrate at high speed, without causing damage to anything it might be touching. Not Useable in Combat.

Soul's Armament, crafted by powers of good and evil, to be used as the recipient wishes for either aim. If taken up by a good person, then the colouration will be that of good and justice, of white light, if taken up by evil, it will be a mxture of dark colours, each choice reflecting the soul of the one that has grasped it for their use. The item was crafted to allow for imbalance of good and evil to be redressed, whichever way that imbalance should fall. Once taken, the weapon will fade and become a memory of its wielder, until called forth when it will flourish and appear within the grasp, to be used as they see fit.

It was granted the ability to allow one to strike out at range if so wished, as well as the ability to grant life to another, to allow them to keep someone from death's door, no matter what their ulterior motive might be.

It would appear in a dream to its new possessor, and instruct them in the abilities that were within their command, if they could but conquer it in their dreams. Failure, would result in the death of the dreamer, success and the item would be fully within their control and its powers would be theirs to wield as they saw fit.

Spear of Agna'Ra

Owned By: Shadow_Wolf

Type of Item: Weapon

Equipment Slots Used: 1

It is 8 feet in length and tipped with a crystal moonstone 8 inches long and weighing over 40 carats. The crystal is multi-faceted and every one of it's dozens of edges are razor sharp. Any light refracted through this feldspar's thin, paired internal layers causes a milky, bluish sheen. But in moonlight the spearhead seems to glow, radiating a pearly radiance. The haft is made from ruddish mahogany, worn smooth and stained with the blood of countless victims. Upon close inspection by the light of a full moon ancient runes can be seen, as if a fine silver filigree were woven into the wood grain.

Edged Moonlight:

The tip and edge of the spear is covered with shining light, and from its edge a beam extends beyond its edge, the length of the light source adjustable, turning it into sizzling beam of arcane power. It can be wielded like a long spear of light; however it costs energy to control and to extend it.

This ability takes one round to cast, and lasts 5 rounds. It allows the spear to be used as a RanMagAtk (with a range of up to 20') as well as a CloPhyAtk, defended with a corresponding defense roll (RanMagDef, CloPhyDef), when used as a MagAtk it ignores physical armor. Limit Once per day

Hunter's Call;

In the evening, during that time that the Wolven is within his element, he will appear to grow in form, musculature enhanced and claws distended, seeming to move with greater speed and strength. His other senses are also enhanced, such as his sense of smell, touch and sight improved above and beyond the normal rate. He can see within the dark almost the same as during the afternoon, his hearing the equivalent to that of a Chirot’s.

Mechanics: The wielder is granted an RP boon from the spear, granting him better vision, hearing, speed and strength while out doors and under the night sky. Not useable in Combat.

Moonlight Bathing;

The power of the spear has to be recharged once a month, during the Full Moon period. During this period the wearer must hold the spear up in the light of the Full Moon, leaving it there to re-absorb and strengthen its innate power once more with the origin of their source.

Pack Leader Personality:

As the spear benefits the owner, so too must the owner be worthy of the spear; He must lead his pack mates and fellow wolven in things of import, to be a pack leader. The owner of the spear will not take any cheek from his fellow wolven, always keeping them in line, and will move to sort out problems within the wolven, which he sees as his pack. He will also stand up for his own kind and is likely to gather them to meet a common threat, and may not openly side a non-wolven against a wolven, regardless of any vendetta he may have. He will also constantly seek to be worthy of keeping his position as pack leader, by honing his combat skills, conducting himself well in front of his brethren, and exercising wise decisions regarding their well being.

Mechanics: The owner will not tolerate any insults or challenges from fellow wolven, and will move to meet them with action and combat. He will also move to try to sort out issues between 2 wolven. He may not side with a non-wolven against a fellow wolven either in battle or in testimony. He will move to aid any outnumbered wolven in combat (not in rape). To hone his combat skills, he is likely to challenge and must accept challenges of those who are within 3 levels of him. This requires OOC consent for all parties involved when intervening into another characters scene.

In a time far lost to the sands of history, when the first wolven stood and roamed the lands, there was a legend of a mighty spear created by the Wolven deities and handed down to the first Chosen..Agna`Ra. As the stories dictate, he was perhaps the First..but nevertheless, Agna`Ra was blesses by his Gods with a spear that held a special spearhead made of moon crystal, and created from a rugged, ruddish mahogany. Agna`Ra used this spear with utmost pride and zeal to defeat many enemies and foes of his pack, and while everyone celebrated their victories, word began to spread through the pack that Agna`Ra was gifted by the Gods. The spear was said to hold an extraordinary gift, able to blast the enemy with pure energy..but it also grew more intense with each phase of the Moon above. Runes began to shimmer upon the shaft where none were seen before, and the bejeweled spearhead radiated as bright as the moon above. After the fall of Agna`Ra, the spear had found itself lost, used, and lost again in countless hands, until it was rumored to have finally disappeared back to the hands of their Gods for a time when a mighty wolven was deemed worthy enough to use this magnificent artifact. The many legends state that this spear acts as a focal point for the Moon, able to channel the Moon's light into an effective weapon via the moon crystal..and grew stronger as the moon's phases shone brighter. It is also rumored that some who were greedy and cunning had stolen the spear and studies its secrets, but had been unsuccessful to this very day.. but whether or not any of these stories are true remains to be seen. The true location of the Spear of Agna`ra has been lost to the lips of storytellers, but those very very few who have known of this wondrous item believe that a young pack of Wolven known as the Selene Mare are in possession of it and guard it with a fervorous zeal. Their whereabouts are, as of now, unknown.

Sunlight Collar

Owned By: Greywind Darkholm

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

Broad plaited collar that surrounds neck and shoulders, covering the upper part of pectorals with blue and gold fabric. Little plates of Lapis Lazuli stone being interspaced with ones made of fine marble, thin, yet ornate, in the shape of Isosceles trapezoids, with arcane symbols being carved into, with one twice the space taking up center upon chest, depicting a scarab chiselled into the blue stone. Incidentally, it will allow the so called Moonlight Scarab to be set into perfectly, removing the necessity to wear it on its own chain

Mind Touch; (2 Slots OOB)

This is a close ranged ability, when used, the caster gains the ability to pry through the mind's natural defenses; to pluck a single image or thought from their subconscious. This can be a fear, a need, and a want, something that is swimming close to the surface of the victim's thoughts. The image dissipates after thirty days, and can not be recalled again if the caster attempts the spell on the same victim.

Mechanics: OOC consent, a range of ten feet, and a discussion on what exactly is taken between caster and victim is required for this to work. This can be a fear, a sexual fantasy, a brief image of something mundane, but it is a single image that can not be duplicated if the caster attempts a second time. Limit one use per day.

Touch of Obsession: (1 Slots OOB)

There is a nuisance of touch that was prevalent in the old world, when an old Sun God cursed an Empire to die and wither for their arrogance; this magic held within, was used often to punish those who were not careful enough to avoid the creeping fingers of intent. Subtle and discreet, the touch based spell can instill an obsession or compulsion that will plague the individual for the entirety of the day. Only until the spell had run its course, would the victim finally find relief from the debased amusement of that old power.

Mechanics: This requires touch to be activated and explicit OOC consent; the victim can try and resist the spell through a !clomagatk vs !clomagdef. The touch itself can imprint a single compulsion or obsession onto the psyche of the victim that lasts the duration of the day. This can be anything from needing to orally pleasure anyone they come across, not wearing clothing in public, etc. Only one suggestion allowed per victim and that same person can not be targeted again in the same week's time. Not usable in Battle . Limit to twice per week.

Deceptive Visage: (2 Slots Combat)

Terrible powers had once been instilled into this one great artifact, some powers lost, but some kept like the lingering memory of its rightful owner. One such memory, that of manipulating one’s own appearance, how they are presented on the exterior. This spell, when cast, allows the caster to make themselves into the image of a Tribesman; allowing them to take on the visage of another race during times of rest and combat, complete with the ability to determine eye color, hair length, and even height or weight.

Mechanics: This can be maintained in battle or out, it does not alter physical stats; the user is able to manipulate themselves into the image of a human Tribes man, this can include a change of height and weight up to 10% of the original, hair length, skin color, eye color, as well as the removal of any extremities such as tails, wings, fur, and non-human ears. Clothing or Armor is not affected, and will need adjustments if the new form does not fit. If the user is a magical class, they can still use spells, as this is a pure cosmetic change that can be maintained while fighting.

Unseen Tormentor (2 Slots OOB)

The art of manipulation, both unseen but felt, is a repertoire that is ingrain within the item's many retained abilities. One such ability is the spell Unseen Tormentor; through concentration, the caster is able to invoke a pair of hands, or an entire body that not only mimics the caster in weight, height, and general appearance, but can both translucent or unseen, or given to a vague and indistinct outline. The form itself is composed of an invisible force that is tangible only to living flesh. The caster can also feel through this form, and use it to manipulate another's flesh. This magical ‘doppelganger’ can pass through armor and other clothing, and can be sent anywhere within the line of sight of the caster. Because of the concentration required, if the caster is attacked or engages in combat, the hands dissipate.

Mechanics: OOC consent required, Out-of-Battle only, must be used within line of sight and can only be used on living flesh. The Unseen can not engage in battle, or carry anything heavier then a piece of clothing, and if the caster is struck, dissipates immediately.

A civilization long gone, once mighty, building massive pyramids which rose from the depths of the sea, monuments in ivory and gold, which endured the endless waves of the ocean crashing against their shores and yet, would do nothing to budge these immense structures, allowing those who lived within, who traveled the far and wide reaching gardens set upon edges, to enjoy a life that was protected from hardship and dangers. They were people of secrets, of magic and of alchemistical abilities many a mage would be curious about. Their Kingdom far reaching, filled with enlightenment and contention, what shameful secrets they had tugged away safely into hidden temples and secret locations, kept from the knowledge of the common man during these times. Magic was as natural to these as breathing was, they were capable of creating wonders which were still to be found in the world today, some in far away deserts and countries, others close by, swallowed by the earth, resting in forgotten caves, slumbering, awaiting their secrets to be awoken once more. They were of power, and very few were capable of standing against their magical might, yet, even they would not know what to do with the being that appeared upon the Temple of the Sun at one fateful day. Clad in white robes, skin as beautiful and fine as alabaster. Hair golden and eyes of the deepest blue imaginable, wings spreading out behind his back, folding gently against his shoulders. They asked him Who are you? and he would not answer. They wondered From whence do you come? and once again he would not respond. Angry, they screamed Bow to us, for we are the rulers of all we survey! and yet his smile was all they would gain.

And as powerful and smart they were, as arrogant and rash they were! Storming up stairs which led to their most holy of places, one they felt this creature had defiled with his silence, they would jump upon him, wrest him to the ground, their fists raining down upon their silent visitor, bloodying his lips, sending him into the deep slumber of unconsciousness. High they rose his limp body above themselves, held him aloft, to show him to the world, shouting There is no one who may defy us!Before they cast his broken frame down the stairs, to see how wings would twist and hurt, how feathers would dance in the air as if to highlight the painful trek silent visitor had taken. Yet, as he arrived upon the ground, would roll off the last of those steps, he would rise back to his knees, his mind reeling back from the darkness that had surrounded it, giving him strength enough to have him struggle to his feet. He turned and faced his assailants with angry gaze, and he whispered Die and they all fell before him. One after the other, like an invisible breeze of power had whipped against them, they stumbled and crumbled down upon stairs and floor, life having left their frames. Yet, they were many, and he was but one, and soon others were upon him, hitting him, hurting him, breaking him, until he could not endure it anymore and submitted to their vile assault. They dragged him in front of their Godking, a man of ancient heritage, his skin grey and brittle, his eyes lifeless black orbs, clinging to life through dangerous, forbidden magics and mixtures, and as he saw the male upon his knees, the King knew thirst for life. He climbed to his feet and approached their beaten visitor, he reached out for the blonde mans cheek and found it unbearable, and with but the utterance of a scant few words, he condemned everyone to death. Your life will feed me well. And they closed the doors. Yet, as the ancient Godking tried to dine upon their visitors life, a wave of black pestilence was sweeping through ivory pyramid, killing everyone instantly, and those who did not loose their life became twisted creatures, monstrosities that were unspeakable and dark, creatures of a horrible existence that denied life itself. The scream of their King echoing throughout endless corridors, danced upon dying plants within large gardens, blackened the stone from purest of white to darkest of Obsidian and turning day into night, with a single moon sending haunting paleness to dance upon Necropolis. And from deep within Kings chambers, the blonde man would emerge, the smile once again upon healed features, and eyes which spoke of secrets no mortal man could behold without going insane. His wings gone, yet, within his hands he held a Collar, broad and made of leather, cloth, marble and lapis stone, to hold it up and let it catch the light of this violated moon, then brought it to the temple where he had dared to land before, placing it there upon neck of broken statue of their Sungod, would bend down to press his own lips against those of likeness before he would vanish forever, while ancient, once mighty city was sinking into dark blue of ocean....

Takao's Bookstrap

Owned By: Takao

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

Book strap constructed of uncommonly tough leather laced with metal.

Wings of the Colony (2 Slots OOB):
This provides a sudden burst of magic, propelling the user into being transformed into a dozen or more small bodies of breathing, leaving creatures. The caster can transform themselves into a colony of bats; those which never fly away from the group but move in synchronization where ever they go.

Mechanics: This ability costs an immediate 10 stamina and can last the duration of the scene or day, limited twice within that day. The user will be gifted with the same sense as the animal(s) while in that form, such as flight and echo-location on top of their normal senses. The number of bats the user is transformed in will always equal one bat for every life point had, never more, but it can be less. Clothing, robes, and jewelry are transformed and vanish for the duration of the ability, and will re-appear on the user when it ends, though they are still considered equipped. Any heavy armor or weapons are dropped wherever the user activates this ability, and are no longer equipped. The user can not engage in any type of combat while under this form, as it will revert them back immediately to their natural state. This is also prohibited from any sexual context or use; any use to spy also requires OOC consent. Not usable in Battle.

Helping Hands (2 Slots OOB):
This creates a pair of translucent magical hands that can go and fetch items for the caster. Each can operate independently but cannot act in a harmful manner. They do have some measure of autonomy, being able to fetch a specific item or tome with no trouble at all.

Mechanics: The user can summon one helper per time Class taken. These helpers can fetch items or do mundane tasks with simple instruction; a limit on what they can lift is equal to the normal range of the caster themselves. The hands can also be used in sexual pursuits, tangible to flesh, able to squeeze, caress or stroke – but never harm. They can pass through armor when needed; otherwise it must be used within line-of-sight, not usable in Battle. OOC consent required when used during Sex.

Aether Bat (1 Slot OOB)
A bat constructed of aether, visible only to its owner, which can act as the casters eyes, ears and messenger

Mechanics: It is summoned forth as a aether bat, visible fully to the owner of the strap but given only a vague impression to others, allowing it to be used for spying purposes. Has the ability to pass on direct images or sounds to its owner, who has to concentrate on the particular sense to be used and otherwise cannot be engaged in anything else, otherwise it may impart a general sense of what happened when it returns to its owner. One sense per use of the creature; OOC Consent for it to be used to spy upon anybody, not to be used in combat, if attacked one hit disrupts the bat for 24 hours. Bat can be detected by detect magic, which will show a presence, or detect illusion which will show the bat but not its nature.

Permanence of Ink (2 Slot Combat)
The strap itself is imbued with the ability to transform it, and the book it is attached to, into a tattoo kept safe on body. This makes it much more easier for the caster to carry such priceless items without being burdened by their weight.

Mechanics. This allows the caster to transform both the strap and the book it is attached to into a tattoo that lays on the form when at rest. The book and strap will remain in this form until summoned, taking one action to do so.

Takao had been studying the bloody book for years now and always the damned thing had eluded him. How is one supposed to read a book when the words won't even stay the same? Half the time the characters themselves didn't make any sense! Twisting and turning into strange runes whenever his eyes glanced away from them. And of course, none of the pages ever said the same thing twice, if it even said anything at all. Obviously the book is powerful and if he can ever unlock it's secrets then he would easily become one of the most powerful Mage’s in the land.

So his studies had gone on and on and on. Never had he made any progress with the book past what it had revealed to him when he'd found it in that chest on the ship. Portals, powerful ones, permanent ones, but there is more there. Hidden away in those twisting words. But the book hinted. A sentence here and there, partial though it usually was it still told him of those secrets.

Then the night had come that he'd turned back to the book, a half empty bottle of wine on his desk. He had leaned over the book, flipping the pages, staring at them, when suddenly they made sense. He saw it, a spell, right there in front of him. There wasn't even a moment of hesitation in him. He began to read aloud, almost chanting the words as his fingers moved. By the time he realized just what was happening there was no way to stop. The magic grabbed at him, it held him tight. His tongue seemed to have taken on a life of it's own. Harsh words of power pouring from his lips. He wasn't even able to look down, to see what the magic was doing. His eyes remained locked on the page, muttering those words without pause while that incredible power rushed into him through the book. And then suddenly it stopped. The page shifting in the blink of an eye. His gaze finally free, the Chirot was able to look down at his lap, at the length of leather and metal laying there. A strap. But with a touch he could feel the power within, his eyes widening as he looked back at the book and eagerly began to flip the pages, searching for more words of power within.

Talons of the Fiend

Owned By: Kain

Type of Item: Armor

Equipment Slots Used: 1

A deceptively simple pair of deepest-black gloves which climb up just past the elbows when stretched taut, they'd seem little more than an odd fashion choice until the wearer felt threatened. Then would already long arms seem to stretch to a disturbingly unnatural length, already bony fingers seem to sharpen at the tips and swell into ghastly, talon-like claws, until the wearer could near drag them across the ground with arms held lax at their sides. Though the dark matter of which those ghoulish hands are composed is lost somewhere between the physical and the otherworldly, they seem nothing but real when reaching out for your throat.

Death’s Reach (2 slots, combat)

Description: These ghastly talons give their wearer the uncanny ability to reach out over vast distances, even to bend their unnaturally extended arm in places no joint could possibly be. This gives them an unprecedented versatility in casting, able to utilize spells that require direct contact at range, or apply ranged spell effects with a simple, penetrating touch of those phantasmal claws.

Mechanics: This ability allows the caster to convert any close magical attack of the Necromancer sphere into a ranged magical attack, and vice versa. Use of this ability must be declared prior to rolling the attack, and will apply an additional 5 stamina to the original cost of that spell. This ability will have no influence on the effects or the mechanics of a spell whatsoever, and only alters what dice are rolled. Once used, 5 full rounds must pass before it can be used again.

Visage of the Fiend (2 slots, OOB)

When activated, this ability seems to extend the wearers arms to a disturbing length, bony fingers growing into viciously sharp claws. Those claws seem nothing but real, able to manipulate objects and even close around flesh, their semi-ethereal nature only exposed when the wearer attempts to use them offensively. Cannot be used in combat - when the wearer enters into combat, the offensive form comes into effect. Arms can remain extended to the length of a room for as long as necessary, able to manipulate small objects and even lift almost the same weight that the wearers natural arms are capable of, bending around tight corners easily as if they had many multiple joints.

Guise of Flesh (1 slot, oob)

Horrifying as those gloves have the potential to appear, they can also take on the guise of flesh and bone, to make it seem as if the caster wasn’t wearing them at all. This ‘second skin’ around their hands seems every bit as sensitive as real flesh, even restoring feeling where there had been none before. The guise will fade if this false flesh is cut, revealing the simple black gloves once more and wounding the actual flesh beneath them.

Functional Perversions (2 slot, oob)

Just as the wielder of the Talons can extend an arm unnaturally in order to deal a vicious attack, they can also reach out over unsettlingly vast distances to perform simple or even relatively complex tasks with an uncanny ease. Arms can remain extended to the length of a room for as long as necessary, able to manipulate small objects and even lift almost the same weight that the wearers natural arms are capable of, bending around tight corners easily as if they had many multiple joints. They can even pass through thin walls briefly, though they of course can’t pull solid objects through them, and need to retract almost instantly afterward.

Kain met Cravenous Vile a near century and a half ago, the first Necromancer with which he ever had dealings, and following those dealings the last he ever hoped to see. A simple audience with Vile had been a most dangerous affair, teetering on the edge of turning deadly with each word traded between them. Still, Cravenous seemed to take something of a liking to the Torian, happily giving the then Assassin a long and bloody assignment.

Still a younger man, and not about to test the reach of that eerily long-limbed near-cadaver, the Torian completed his assignment to the letter, and yet never risked returning to Cravenous for his pay; not wanting to chance becoming one of Vile’s many puppets which he kept on display in the main chamber of his dungeon, dangling from hooked chains.
Recently, and so very many decades after their first meeting, the Torian returned to the dungeons of Cravenous Vile, intent on collecting an age old reward, needing all the help he can get in these times, even from such an unsettling source. He was not surprised to find Vile still alive, though for such an entity ‘alive’ is an extremely relative term, Cravenous seeming nothing but amused to have the Torian standing before him again.

Though Kain went expecting violence, Vile seemed all too eager to oblige his old employee, peeling gloves from arms as black as the fabric he wore over them, off of hands just as vicious and fearsome as those gloves could make the Torian’s appear. Claiming to have ‘grown out of them’, Cravenous promised the fledgling Necromancer that they’d be far more useful than any amount of Mehrial he could have offered. He of course would fail to mention the long-term price of wearing them, or that every sensation they experienced while worn by the Torian could be shared by Vile, if he so chose.

The Black Grimoire

Owned By: Belson

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

The book itself is a tome about two feet long and several hundred pages thick. The pages are covered in runic writings that are only intelligible to the owner of the tome. The cover is black dragon hide with silver scroll workings along the spine and cover. A small lock also is set into the cover though there is no physical key to the book. The book was only openable by the owner and he would use a command word to do so. The collar when used manifests itself into a shadowy collar that seems to draw the light from the area around it. The collar looks like it would hold no substance but upon touching it one would find it was as hard as valecite.

The Shadow Collar (2 Slots Combat)

Inside the grimoire, a spell known only to the owner of the book allows them to manifest a collar of pure shadow. The collar is placed upon the subdued slave or captive and seals with no need of a proper clasp upon the throat as any normal collar would. Once locked in place, it will cut off the victim’s ability to use casted magic.

Mechanics: This ability requires OOC consent and the option of a !clophyatk vs !clophydef to place around the neck of the victim. If successful, it will cut off the victim’s ability to cast magic. This does not effect enchantments or SI's. This is usable for up to the entire scene, up to three times a week. If the victim is attacked with the intent to cause life threatening harm, the collar dissipates on the next action.

Stimulation Control (2 Slot OOB)

With the shadow collar locked in about the person's throat it gives the controller of the grimoire the ability to manipulate the reactions of the person's body somewhat. The control allows the person to induce pleasure or pain into the one who is captured. The collar will stimulate targeted parts of the victim's own body by simple words spoken by its owner. No physical harm can be caused by the ability nor can it kill; it is simply phantom stimulations.

Mechanics: Requires the collar to be placed about the victim. Once in place, the owner of the collar can target certain area's of the victim's frame and cause intense pleasure or pain, depending on whim. The intent of the collar is for training purposes, so damage is never a result of the added stimulation. This requires the spell to be either spoken outloud, or for touch to be skin to skin to where sensation is directed. If the victim is target for a life damaging attack, the effect dissipates. OOC consent required. Not usable in Combat.

Stoic Mind (1 Slots OOB)

The bearer of the grimoire's mind has been conditioned from exposure to the magics it contains that it makes them more resistant to the effects of sexual enhancing magic.

Mechanics: This gives the bearer a bonus of +5 on their defense to resist OOB seductress sphere spells while the user themselves is out of combat.

Control the Senses (2 Slots OOB)

While under the control of the shadow collar, they will find that their two most needed senses, primarily sight and hearing, can be controlled through the magic contained within the grimoire, channeled through the collar. Like the spell blindness and deafness, they find one sense dimming until it is removed completely, leaving them open to the sensory manipulations of the user. The user may then insert specific auditory or visual inferences; brief, such as amplifying their hearing until every pin drop echoes, or removing their ability to see color, or not see at all.

Mechanics: Only one sense at a time can be manipulated, control limited to the volumne of hearing or for example the depth perception and strength of a person's eyesight. Either spoken word or touch required for each degree of control to be twisted and used. If the victim is target for a life damaging attack, the effect dissipates. OOC consent required. Not usable in Combat.

The book iwas created by a powerful moriel magus who sought to usurp the power of a moriel house from the ruling matron mother. With the use of the collar he not only took control but he also broke the matron into his own personal slave. The magus ruled the house with an iron fist for almost thirty years using the grimoire and the book as a weapon if anyone even thought to rise against him. The magus would use the book to subjugate several other minor nobles in the city to his will turning them into nothing more than wanton little slaves craving his attentions. He ruled the city from behind the curtain manipulating the nobility and the matrons to his will for several years until he was finally assassinated in his sleep. The rumor is that he was poisoned by one of the women he had thought broken to his will but the truth of which will forever remain unknown. The only thing missing from the magus's belongings was the grimoire.
A moriel magus stood alone in his chamber at the top of one of the spires of his house and the mage would grip down onto the railing of his balcony. Fingers gripping down and he would growl softly the matron again having caused him quite a bit of ire and the mage was growing quite tired of her nagging and insults. The item he had been working on would be settled in the center of the room the dragon skin tome was fresh not having been touched by ink on any of the pages. The mithril inks on the outsides denoting runes on the spine of the book and across the cover and tonight would be the night. The mage had his considerable power but he needed something else to make the item work. He would smile turning to the wall where the bound human woman from the surface world was bound. Walking to her he would slap her across the cheek " Wake up, slut... " the girl would come to slowly peering up at her captor. She was a beautiful woman and stark naked as she was that beuty was on display to him. He would release the girl from the wall somewhat keeping her wrists bound together making sure the magic she contained would not be unleashed upon him. The moriel would drag the girl back to the center of the room near the book and he would begin to work his ritual. The mage's power imbedded into the item through the use of ritual.... and the magic of the girl, a seductress, would be garnered from the carnal acts he would commit upon her during the course of the ritual. When he was finished the girl nothing more than a writhing mess he would finish the binding. the runes on the cover of the book glowing faintly as the magic was sealed within. Smirking slowly the moriel would lean down and lift the book from the ground flipping through the pages slowly before he wold whisper a command word. A shadowy collar forming about the neck of the woman on the ground causing her to scream as she was cut from her magic. " Excellent... " he would whisper.

Released 7/05/10

The Ebony Throne

Owned By: ZabugDabug

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

Ornately carved ebony chair with crimson-velvet cushion

The Seat of Power: (2 slots combat)
The Ebony Throne grants its owner a distinct sense of superiority, one they carry with them long after their asses have left its velvety cushion. This sensation, one which can grow rather addictive, goes beyond simple perception, actually granting those who taste it heightened reflexes and greater alertness. The feeling fades after less than a week without the chair however, and when its gone only a hollow ache is left in its absence.

Mechanics: The owner of the Ebony Throne is granted slight protection from damage, lasting five days after being seated or until it is put to use. The first and only first source of damage to land on the owner is reduced by 1, 3 if damage dealt is 30 or more. If unused, the effect is refreshed every time the chair is sat in. If used, it cannot be refreshed for a full day.

The Seat of Corruption: (3 slot oob)
The rogue Spirit possessing The Ebony Throne is not an overly powerful entity, but it has devised many clever and insidious methods for manipulating the physical world. Using its hosts lechery as an example, the inanimate chair can for a time become animated to an extent; gaining full use of its clawed arm-rests as arms, able to capture, grope and molest any who happen to be sitting in the chair. The velvet seat-cushion can even sprout a sizable humanoid phallus of crimson, one even capable of emulating orgasm, though the 'seed' it produces is entirely illusionary. Not only that, but the chairs legs are capable of walking, and any damage dealt to it, even extensive, will slowly self-repair.

Mechanics: With OOC consent, the chair is capable of physically participating in play as a high-end sex toy, or acting as a restraint, with a fully functional set of arms and the ability to sprout a crimson phallus. Though the phallus and 'hands' of that chair will feel vaguely fleshy in the heat of the moment, damage to the chair will never yield blood, any fluids the chair secretes vanish like smoke moments later. The chair can also walk (not run) under its own power, and can repair itself in the event of damage, even able to return from apparent destruction after five full days.

The Seat of Statecraft (1 slot oob):
The Ebony Throne is well aware its owner isn't the most clever of fellows, and would much prefer it if he didn't get himself killed before it can find a way trade up its existence as a chair for occupancy of his flesh. As such, the Ebony Throne will offer up guidance and advice to the Goblin in a voice only the Goblin can hear, and only while in close range of it. Capable of understanding most all spoken languages of the world, the chair can serve as a discreet translator. While another sits in the chair the bent of their thoughts (as in the direction or inclination of their thoughts, not the content in any respect. It has all the invasive powers of an effective mood ring, and only on people with their asses in the chair) can be read into vaguely by the Throne.

The Seat of Lies (1 slot oob):
While vacant, the Ebony Throne is capable of projecting a false image of an occupant, either the Goblin himself or anyone who's been interacted with in the chair's presence. Though visually the illusion is flawless, it can only accurately emulate the Goblin's character, and even that impression isn't perfect. Still, the illusion can prove quite convincing, and can serve as a very functional distraction or decoy.

Mechanics: equivalent to the Illusional person spell, only with no function in combat given the illusions inability to leave the chair.

The spiritual world is a strange and unfathomable place where beings, many of whom have existed since the dawn of Belariath and yet have never had a taste of physical reality, carry out tasks and duties which for those who've known nothing but the physical would seem impossible to comprehend. Most every spirit has a job its supposed to be doing, and those who shirk their obligations for more idle or selfish pursuits commonly wind up as the servants, tormentors, or familiars of mortal Shaman.
Many spirits find themselves unsatisfied with their existence, growing bitter and angry as the ages roll by, and though most simply wallow in this state, some find the gumption to act. It is no easy thing, crossing from the Spiritual World into the Physical, typically requiring the intervention of powerful magics and even then only temporarily.
The only option for an independent Spirit to breach its way into the physical world is through a process of possession. The ideal vessel is a living body, but the souls of mortals which occupy them are extremely difficult to force out. An object must come first; a totem, a phylactery... something held as precious to one or many, an object of envy. Once such an object was found and 'occupied', worming ones way into a mortal's flesh became much less impossible.
The chair ZabugDabug stole from the Nanthalion market was one such item. Hauled about near everywhere by the Goblin, it's earned a whole host of envious glances in its time, and is a neatly paved road directly into the Goblin's black little heart. Though the rogue spirit which has taken occupancy of that chair will have to work long and hard, with much experimenting, to have any chance of occupying Zabug's flesh, it knows its chosen an object the Goblin would protect with its life... hopefully giving it all the time it will need.

The Magick Paint Palette

Owned By: Laerel

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

It is a beautiful brown oak palette with a hole for the thumb, and seven holes for different paints. Once the paints touch the palette, they become magical until they are washed away.

Home Painting (2 slots)

By applying a little of the paint to a surface, in the rough outline of a door, the wielder of this ability can actually step through it and come out at some distant point.

Mechs - Applying paint to an item in the rough shape of a doorway, takes one turn, and nothing else can be done during that time. Once in place, the wielder may step through it and reappear at some other point that they have seen previously with their own eyes and is known to them. Limited to a range of 10 miles and is able to transport up to 2 people per day, either the wielder twice, or wielder plus one other passenger. Once this limit has been met the ability will not be able to be used until the dawning of a new day. Not Usable in Combat.

Body Painting (2 Slots)

By applying paints of a specific color to a person, either with brush or directly by hand, the wielder of this item can attempt to shift ones emotions towards a specific aim. Each color leads to a different emotion.

Mechs - With a simple touch the wielder attempts to daub paint upon their target. If successful, the color given to the victim determines the emotion that they will start to feel overwhelming their form and minds, to completely cover them for the duration of its effects. The target rolls 1dRes and if they roll under half of their Res score then they are unaffected by the power. The effects last for a scene or until paint is washed off, and then the effects slowly wear off to leave them in their previous state. Not usable in Combat.

Black- Angry, malicious
Brown- Bold, aggressive
Blue- Sad, depressed
Red- Lustfilled, aroused
Green- Peaceful, serene
Yellow- Happy, joyful
White- Innocent, virginal

Painters Succor (2 slots - Combat)

A swirl of energy surrounds this item, extending to its wielder in times of conflict and strife, enabling the owner to be able to reflect a little of the damage that might be done to the wielder, back onto the attacker. The ability only effective against close attacks, and the more forceful the attack, the more damage is dealt in return to the attacker.

Mech - Only effective against close physical and close magical attacks. 10% of the damage inflicted to the wielder is returned to the dealer of the damage (minimum of 1 point of damage reflected upon a successful attack). This ability is unable to be used in conjunction with other auto-damage or defensive spells IE damage shield, reflux shield etc. Bonuses to defense from enchantments are the only exception to this rule; however if it was attempted to be used with another defensive spell, both are broken and rendered useless. This ability can be used once per combat scene or up to !r 1d5 rounds, which ever comes first.

Painted Disguise (1)

After painting an image upon a blank piece of canvas, and then imbuing it with arcane energy, the wielder of this ability can literally take on the appearance of the painted image for a limited amount of time.

Mechs - After painting an image of the visage to be taken, the wielder spends 10 Sta to draw forth the image and drapes it around their form to hide and confound onlookers. This ability last for as many rounds as the wielder has levels. Detect magic and Detect Illusions will reveal something amiss with the person in question, and those who have intimate knowledge might sense something amiss. OOB only.

Laerel had returned to Heldar after Krom had returned to the land of Nanthalion, to give the news to Karoth. While there, she had been inspired to paint the center hut of the village, with Karoth standing in front of it in all his glory. When the painting was finished, Karoth motioned for her to come to him. "Krom" he said, "You have always been loyal to brother Krom, and for that, I believe you should become an honorary member of this clan." and with that, a small ceremony took place. Laerel was surprised, and honored that Karoth would feel so strongly about her. She couldn't stop smiling at the ceremony, and after. She lay down to sleep that night, feeling rather good about everything that had happened. When sleep came, something was wrong. She was running, running, and screaming for Krom, her beloved Master, to help her. Masten, in the form of a giant shadow, was chasing her and laughing evilly. She ran until she thought she could run no further, when suddenly a bright light appeared in front of her. Laerel skidded to a halt and fell to her knees, deciding that her life was forfeit, though she wished she could see Krom once more, to tell him goodbye. The bright light began to take shape, and the Great Mother appeared. The Great Mother held up her hand and Masten stopped, his arms inches from reaching Laerel's slender form. "You will not harm this child" The Great Mother told her son, "She is one of mine now." Masten turned and disappeared in a flash of light, and the Great Mother helped Laerel to her feet. She pointed southward and whispered, "Follow your nose, little one, it will lead you home." Laerel turned to look down the path, and when she turned to ask her what she meant, The Great Mother was gone.

Laerel woke with a start and sat straight up. It was morning, and Porter nickered softly to her in greeting. It seemed he was as glad to have made it to morning as she was. "tanya olos" she whispered and stood up, ready to be off. She started toward Porter and tripped over what seemed to be a piece of wood, but when she leaned down to examine it closely, she saw it was a palettte with paints. She smiled, whispering, "Thank you, Mother." and placed it carefully into her pack. She clambered onto Porter's back and they started out of the forest. Laerel stopped for a minute and sniffed the air, feeling a bit silly, but wanting to be out of the forest quickly. Porter raised his head as well. "lle holma alu!" and with that, they were off at a canter, dodging trees and trying to find the water that they both had smelled. Soon, they were near the small stream that led them out of the forest and toward Nanthalion. Laerel looked skyward and whispered softly, "lye ier e' i' tua en' i' Ra Atara" and patted Porter's neck gently. They traveled through the night, not wanting to waste any more time before seeing Krom. She laughed and urged Porter to a gallop as Stromgald came into sight in the early morning hours, just after dawn. She quickly stabled the sumpter and hurried through the gates of Stromgald, to her Master's room, eager to show him the fruits of her quest. When Krom saw the palette, he paled. He whispered, "Where did you get this, girl?" and Laerel looked up at him, her smile faltering. "The Great Mother gave it to me, Master" she whispered, her voice barely audible. "Is something wrong?" and Krom shook his head. "No, girl. This be the work of Orvin. This has a legend behind it. Would you want to hear it?" and his thick, calloused fingers trailed over the palette gently, stroking it as if it were glass, and would break at any minute. Laerel nodded mutely, in awe of her Master every time he took on this mysterious voice and ways. Krom looked down at her, and began stroking her hair gently, absently, as he retold the tale that was told to him by his father, who no doubt had it told to him by the father before him. Krom began, speaking softly to the girl. "Many, many years ago, my little butterfly, Father Red Fist and his Woman bore two children, Masten and Orvin, as you know. Masten began down the road of misfortune, and brought shame to his parents. Orvin, the good son, learned to craft things with his hands, unlike Masten, who was lazy and had no trade. Father Red Fist asked Orvin to make a gift for his Woman, and this palette was made, along with a paint brush, much like the one you have." and Krom looked down at laerel with as much love and affection as any of his stature and upbringing could have for a slave, and gently curled her fingers in her hair, relishing the satiny softness. "The Great Mother accepted this gift gratefully, but told her Man that she would keep it for one that was worthy of such a precious gift, one that would show honor, loyalty, and courage above all others, even if this one was not born of the Red Fist Clan. She said She would know the girl before anyone else... and would give her great healing abilities, as well as fine talents in the sexual arts. Then, when the time came and the girl was tested, she would pass every test with flying colors, and would surpass even her teacher with the knowledge of healing and tending to others. Perhaps this girl was you, my butterfly. You have proven to me, as well as to everyone in our clan, that you are loyal to me, to them, and to the Great Mother, far more than anyone else has been or will be. You are truly worthy of this gift Father Red Fist's woman has given you, and I am proud to say that I own you." Laerel was moved to tears, and she took Krom's hand, kissing the palm gently. "Thank you, Master" she whispered softly, and lowered her gaze. Krom looked down at her, a different look in his eyes now, one of respect, and should Laerel have seen it, she would have known that she had truly become the Palm of a Red Fist Elder.

The Soul Eater

Owned By: Logan Shadowhunter

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

These masks are all made of bone, what kind of bone is anyone s guess; made to fit over half the head, covering the top of the skull, eyes bridge of nose and partly down the sides of the face. The mask reshaping itself to fit the wearer and look like the skull of whatever race the bearer happens to be. It attaches to the face magically, no strings or chains or such, and will only come off if the bearer him/herself takes it off. It cannot be forcibly removed less you cut the face off with it.

Ghost Light;
This effect is used to call into existence multiple floating globes of green phosphorous light that range in sizes from 3 inches to 10 inches. The caster can direct them within their immediate vicinit, or up to twenty feet, to dance and move as they will; a beautiful display that can lend illumination to a dark or fog filled area. The light is also transparent, so with a simple directive, can move through walls or even organic material, including that kind that walk on two legs and four.

Howling Cry:
The sound of a wolven’s howl is the epitome of a predator on the hunt; letting his prey know that he is closing in on them, and meant to strike fear into their hearts. Howling Cry, takes the howl emitted from the Wolven themselves and will almost quadruple it’s effect, letting the sound reverberate across the distance to his chosen target. Once heard, anyone within hearing distance or within range for combat would instantly pause, hesitate before attacking, allowing the charging wolven to gain his advantage at the onset of Combat

Mechanics: Standard !ranmagatk vs. !ranmagdef, if fail, there is no effect, if successful, the user then rolls a !r 1d3 for the effect. This must be completed prior to !init and can not be completed after, if the victim is too far away to engage in battle, the effect wears off prior to !init and can not be used again.

1. Opponent hesitates, user gains +15 to !init roll
2. Opponent is distracted, opponent loses -15 to !init roll
3. Opponent hesitates, moves to turn away, user gains +10 to !init roll, opponent loses -10 to !init roll.

Wraith Form:

The Mist Raider is stealth itself, that presence of eyes felt, but always unseen up to the moment of their attack. This ability, when activated, will make the bearer, their clothing, and any light equipment almost wraith like in appearance; in varying degree’s they can turn into a ghost like apparition , completely transparent, or like a thin vaporous mist. In wraith form, the Raider can move through small openings, around people, leaving a faint chill in their wake. While incorporeal, the caster can not carry or lift items, can not perform recognizable touch, and is restricted to movement and observation only. Not useable in Combat, requires OOC consent when used as spying or in connection with another player’s property. Twice per Week, will last the duration of the scene or until dispelled, if bearer is hit the effect will be nulled and is detectable by detect magic.

Ghost Touch:

This effect, is an extension of Wraith Form, using the caster's focus, they are able to use a form of telekinesis to 'touch' or 'move' objects while they are incorporeal. While restricted from heavier objects like weapons, or furniture, it would allow the caster to move a small chest, or cup. At the same instant would allow physical touch to happen, such as an icy finger down someone's spine, or perhaps even more intimate caresses.

Requires OOC consent when used in a sexual way, not useable in combat, and restricted to items 3lbs or less, and with movement restricted up to fifteen feet in diameter from the object's original point. Takes 2 STA to activate per action, and usable twice per week in conjuction with Wraith Form. Not useable in Battle.

Lost in the sands of time are the true beginnings of this item, but rumors abound of their creation; indeed it is said there are twelve of these masks in total. Herein lies what is known or rumored, what is true, who knows, but this is commonly accepted

Thou the full truth may never be known, this is what is commonly accepted among those taught the Lore’s of such things. Ages past there was a great upheaval among the Gods, what it was no one knows for sure. What is known is that for a time the servants of the Gods that led the dead to their final rest were called away to help their own deities. Souls had no guide and haunted the living in ever growing numbers, caught between worlds.

A rare conclave formed, made up of Priests of all faiths and stranger still Necromancers. For months they debated what to do…and at last a strange ritual was written and performed. What exactly happened no ones knows, the facts are lost in time as is the ritual. It is known, half those there died that night; when it was over 12 skull like masks were left, the exact number of those performing the ritual.

It is said that any wearing the masks gain insight into the afterlife and can take on a ghost like form among other things. However they are tied to its main function, leading the dead to their final rest. Once a year the Bearer must travel to the lands of the dead and lead the souls of his own people to their final rest. There is also another stipulation; whoever uses the mask gives up his own soul to it…when he dies his soul becomes part of the mask itself along with all the others to have ever worn it. If there is a way to negate this or free those souls trapped no one knows it.

The Spirit of Nature's Tumult

Owned By: Krom

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

In its dormant state, it appears as a crimson colored cuff. As the spirit infuses itself with the wearer, it dons the visage of an ever-mobile tattoo that stretches its ethereal spiritual contours across flesh at its own whim. The sentient spirit moves upon its own proclivities, it takes no rest from its sentinel state nor does it mingle with the will of its user, but instead infuses into its environment entirely augmenting both itself and the wearer with the amplified strength.

Protective Watcher (2 slots OOB)

As the spirit is a part of the holder, their intentions intermingle. They can see through each other's eyes, so to speak, where as if either is incapacitated from sight, the other's vision can be utilized. The spirit, relegated to the bound state of the armband, gives the user a small, but oft needed advantage from those who might wield a dagger at their back.

Mechs: Almost like the ability to see in the back of their head, the spirit gives the user the ability of a near constant sleep watch; even when the owner is not sleeping. It allows them a sixth sense against surprise attacks, helping to negate any penalties they may incur from such a danger. It works in an active zone of up to 20 feet around the wielder during times of rest against any incoming aggressive action. This is only usable prior to an initiated fight, and holds no boon while in combat.

Summon Armaments (2 Slots OOB)

In the best interests of survival, the user may use the spirit’s power to summon protective armaments including but not limited to weapons and armor.

Mechanics: Depending on the location of the user’s arms and armor, it utilizes 1 stamina per mile from which it was moved. The distance may not exceed a ten-mile radius; takes one round to summon armaments, with a limit of one item at a time. By the second round, the armaments will have appeared on the user, even if he has moved from the original place he stood to summon them. This can be used before or after combat, but not during.

Elementally Aligned (2 Slots Combat)

As the Spirit is forged of nature it may shift its alignment to match any element that nature may possess, absorbing a portion of the element when it is leveraged against the host and spirit in assault.

Mechanics: Elemental Damage is reduced by 10%. The use of this ability is restrained to one element (fire, earth, air, water sphere's) within a combat scene at a time, and must be called out during init. Then the owner must sacrifice an action within combat to activate; afterwards the ability lasts up to five rounds during the fight. Limit to once per day.

Lascivious Nature (1 Slot OOB)

The residual personality of the spirit that was imbued into the armband will often find pleasure and entertainment in things the user may not. With the use of minor telekinetic, the Spirit finds its own satiation in minor feats, such as unlacing garments, lifting skirts, and pouring tankards of water onto white garments.

Mechanics: The Spirit’s choice is random and will be decided by 1d# of people in channel to see who the Spirit is attracted to. OOC consent must be granted for use of this power. The owner of the band is aware of the actions they are creating, but as the power of the armband is so completely arbitrary and random, will not often be able to stop it unless OOC consent was not acquired.

Greed holds its punishment. Once a man of high esteem and power, his lust to conquer and possess ended his tyranny in an uprising of flames. The high arcane rendered his spirit from his body, imprisoning it within a seemingly insignificant trinket, exiled from the world that he longed to possess.

His baleful soul grew bitter with contempt in the passing of time, seeing all which he wished to hold captive, and yet unable to savor even the slightest satisfaction the world held to offer. Not that of refreshing ale, or the satiation of flesh in the nubile form of a woman. The trinket would offer him a means of tortured relief, able to exist, but only as a means of servitude. The spirit, though possessing its own will, is forced to be an extension of the user, of the user's primary will and to nourish and protect another above its own wants condemned to serve in order to live.

The visage it creates, an ever mobile inking on the flesh of its user, is merely the external expression of the twisted creation centuries of exile and contempt has created.

The Staff of Valsuzs Tazameer

Owned By: Unowned

Type of Item: Weapon

Equipment Slots Used: 1

The staff itself appears to be rather plain and nondescript, roughly six feet in height and made of an unknown material that is both light and strong. Invisible to the eyes of any that do not follow the path of Air are runes of power that detail Valsuzs’ constant foray into the making of his staff, and the eventual binding of the Air Spirit within it.

Razor Wind (2 slots):

Harsh and turbulent winds kick up whenever the wielder of the staff casts a spell from the Air Sphere, magically pressurized and ready to burst against the Air Mage's foes to cut them deep.

Mech: Usable once per combat scene. Must be declared before the attack is rolled. If the attack is successful then the damage done by Air spells cast by the wielder deal an additional 10 points of damage. And will only affect the first target the spell hits.

Spirit of Air (1 slot):

The powers of the staff are drawn from the elemental within it, and that energy is impossible to summon in any hands but that of an Air Mage. Any Air Mage that claims the staff slowly falls under its influence, and has their mind corrupted by the Air Spirit's own desires. Their attitude towards Earth Mages degrades into contempt, and they'll attempt to influence other Mages to take the path of Air.

Mech: Razor Wind and Horizon Walker abilities can only be used by Air Mages who wield the staff. The owner of the staff may never turn down combat from a rival Earth Mage, and will seek to persuade any Mage eligible to choose the path of air over the other elements.

Horizon Walker (3 slots):

With a single peal of thunder to clap through the air, the Air Mage vanishes. Reality, magic, and the air around their space all bent, they instantaneously pop back into existence at a new target location.

Mech: To use this ability the air mage is required to spend two full uninterrupted rounds casting. During this time the weilder may neither attack nor defend, and any damage taken or adverse affects from an offensive spell will negate the casting. Using this ability costs 10 stamina and allows the weilder to travel up to six miles. The destination site must be a known location to the mage, or the mage must be or have been within 100 feet of the location. Useable once per day. OOB only. OOC consent required to appear on someone else's property.

Staff Summoning (1 slot):

If ever the owner of the staff is found to be without it, it can be instantly summoned with a mere longing thought for its presence. A strong breeze erupts around the wielder's fingers, and the staff winks into existence in hand, disappearing from wherever it had been.

Mech: Requires a free hand. Teleports the staff into the weilder's hand at will. It can be summoned right before a fight begins, but while in combat, the wielder is too distracted to concentrate on the magic of this effect properly. OOB only.

The obsession of one of the greatest and most powerful Air Mages to have ever lived, the staff of Valsuzs Tazameer was long lost in the annuls of time and history. After Valsuzs learned the ways of the magic of Air after a brief test by the Wanderer, he set out to gain and grow in power, and to show that the ability to take flight and call forth the gales and fury of the Winds themselves would make him the greatest sorcerer that ever lived. So bent upon this purpose was he that he spent countless hours learning and discovering newer and different applications of how to harness and channel lightning, thunder, and air through his body for greater effects, even if it was only a very minor amount. For years he spent devoted to this task, traveling to any region that even remotely held promise of granting him new insight into the ways of Air magic. As he traveled, he continually spent his time and effort to carve and craft the object that would eventually be known as his staff. Into this item he poured his knowledge and research, and in time, the staff became an intrinsic focal point of his magic. So heavily had he invested upon this staff that indeed, he convinced himself that he had to have it in order to cast his magic. With the staff in his hands, Valsuzs felt he was invincible, and to many, he was, for his magical powers were so greatly enhanced that few could stand against him in single combat. However, without the staff in his hands, his confidence was shattered and though he could still utilize his magic, he always found some excuse to back down, afraid that without his precious staff he would suffer a humiliating defeat.

Furious with his imagined weakness over not always being able to have the staff, he delved anew into the processes of magic to find a way to bind the staff to him so that he would always be able to summon it when the need arose. To this end, he channeled a portion of himself into the Realm of Air itself, tearing forth an Air Spirit of considerable power. Thus done, and without thinking of the consequences, he demanded of this being that it serve him through his staff. The mage made no conditions or intricate agreements, simply made his desires and wants known, and then tried to force the Spirit into his staff.

The Air Spirit, however, was far greater than what Valsuzs could have hoped for, and it found the wizard amusing. Deciding to play along and accept the ‘terms’ of the mage’s request, the Spirit made up a temporary residence within the staff and used its powers to whisk the staff to Valsuzs whenever he called for it. No matter the distance between them, the spirit was able to turn the staff into the very air itself and travel with blinding speed to his hand, reforming the staff upon arrival so that he could call upon its strength.

With the introduction of the Air Spirit into the staff, the magical relic became even more powerful. However, the being that Valsuzs had unwittingly called forth had far more than a mind of its own, and decided that while it was visiting the lands of Belariath, that it should enjoy its ‘vacation’. It began to slowly work upon the unwitting sorcerer, giving him small hints or subtle pushes towards the Air Spirit’s own goals. In time, it had nearly overridden Valsuzs’ original plans of becoming the greatest Air Mage by circumventing and redirecting his ideals into something the Air Spirit found far more useful: the elimination of Earth Mages. With this goal in mind, Valsuzs began to travel the lands, seeking out Earth Mages, be they elder or fledgling, and challenged them to combat. One by one, he defeated numerous mages of Earth, taunting them and lording over them after his victories, stating that their insistence to remain upon the ground only weakened them and made them easy targets for him, since he was free to move through the very sky itself. He even took it upon himself to rape a few of the younger, more attractive female mages he bested, for to the victor goes the spoils, do they not?

But through time, the mage himself began to mellow with age, and even the Spirit’s influence over him could not sway him to fight as many battles, or tout his many victories. In the twilight of Valsuzs’ life, the Air Spirit made a final push at him, a perfect way to retire: To defeat the greatest Earth Mage that lived, Mountainshaker himself. It seemed to be the perfect end to a great life, and the wizened mage made the long trip to Mountainshaker’s mountain to challenge the grizzled wolven in single combat.

Unfortunately for Valsuzs, there was a very good reason why the staff had never insisted upon such a fight until that point: he was hopelessly outclassed. Even with the full powers of his staff, and the backing of the Air Spirit, Mountainshaker made short work out of the brash and arrogant wizard. The staff ripped from his grasp even as his lifeless body plummeted to the Earth that he had spent his entire life apart from, Valsuzs perished and his staff was lost over the side of Mountainshaker’s mountain.

The Sword of Keria

Owned By: Unowned

Type of Item: Weapon

Equipment Slots Used: 1

Race Requirement: Cat-Person

Description: Stylized Dagger

Keria’s Intent (2 Slots Combat):

The blade of the dagger, having been stained by the blood of the last remaining male during the coming of Unrest, is endowed with the ability to always return to its wielder if thrown or lost - allowing for swift retaliation against the body of its enemy.

Mechanic: If thrown in a combat round, or lost outside of combat, the dagger has the ability to return to the hand of its owner. Within combat, the dagger will return by the end of the same round thrown, allowing it to be used by the following attack round. All attack modifiers are retained on the dagger whether used close range or long range. If lost or stolen while outside combat and is still within twenty miles, the dagger will return after a moment's concentration from the owner.

Sign of Tennousuuhai (1 Slot OOB):

When the dagger is wielded and in sight, the blade itself almost appears to turn from innocuous metal, into either a blade of bright flame, rippling water, jagged earth or static energy. This is for RP effect only, and does not add any added bonus to battle as it is an OOB effect.

Kinetic Taint (2 Slots OOB):

The residual power that comes from its more violent history has left the ability of telekinesis thrumming within the blade. The wielder, by simply concentrating hard enough and not restricted by the stress of battle, can with this spell, move objects within their line of sight. It can move a maximum 5 lbs of stuff at a time. Note that this spell is clumsy and inarticulate. It can not be used to 'pinch', 'stroke', or 'caress', but can only do simple actions such as lift and nudge. OOB only.

Harley (2 Slots OOB)

When in possession of the blade, the one chosen to wield or carry it, at times of extreme emotional or physical stress, will come under the influence of the original owner’s extreme personality. This includes an altering shift to view male cat-people as inferior, cowardly creatures that deserve nothing less than to be wiped from existence. This personality is constantly out to prove themselves, or inferring that anyone, including slaves, who do not prove themselves are weak. They do not back down from a fight, and refuse to stop unless they are beaten, can not physically fight, or dead. However, while under the influence of this personality, the bearer retains all knowledge of their actions, and as such, is responsible for any consequence taken from prior actions. OOB only.

The sword of Keria is said to be a both blessed and cursed blade as it was the weapon used in a rebellion of cat girls against the males. As it slaughtered and gathered the blood of the males, it absorbed some of the magic’s in the blood until it slayed the final one.

When the last male was dead the blade then turned towards the dark of the cat girl wielding it and left a curse laced upon it.

While it seems like an ordinary sword of no markings other than the dried blood upon it that never wipes clean, the blade is said to use the elements to slay its enemies.

Released to Jonie 10/20/10

Valor of Syune

Owned By: Morgan Drakewing

Type of Item: Weapon

Equipment Slots Used: 0

The lance is 6' long weapon, with a haft that appears to be made out of some kind of bluish crystal mixed along with a dark metal combining to make the 4" thick shaft look as if it were made of some kind of dark blue shining metal. The tip itself seems to be made of brightest polished steely mithril, not sharpened normally but with two curved tips with a slightly rounded point, serrated edges all along their side, set at right angles to each other.


Syune's Lash (2 slots, combat ability)

This power sends a destructive bolt of blue-white lightning crackling from the tip of the lance toward one of the wielder's enemies.

Mechanics: This attack, usable twice per combat scene, sends a charge of electrical energy bursting in a line from the tip of the lance toward the targeted enemy, up to a range of 100 feet. It is resolved with ranmagatk vs ranmagdef, and, as said, can only be used twice in a scene before the power is depleted until the next combat.

Tongue of the Elders (2 slots, OOB ability)

This ability allows the wielder of the lance to speak and understand the draconic tongue fluently, but only while the lance is in their possession. As well, when speaking to a dragon, part of this power ensures that the dragon will at least listen. It gives them no actual power over the dragon, of course, no sort of influence...and listening does not necessarily mean the dragon won't decide to eat them anyway. This for out-of-battle only and is only used when in possession of the lance.

Lance of the Dragonflight (1 Slot, oob ability)

In its fully activated form, Valor of Syune is an ornate lance, 6ft in length. With this power, the lance shrinks down to a simple, nondescript metal rod of only 1 meter, which cannot be used in battle.

Syune's Light (2 Slots, OOB ability)

When in full lance form, Valor of Syune crackles with electrical energy, not only along its length but up the wielder's arm as well. This electricity does no real damage to the wielder or anyone else, of course, but if any try to touch the weapon or the wielder and is touched by the crackling arcs of electricity; it typically deals a small static shock. Again, this does no actual damage and is purely for RP effect, not usable in battle.

The dragon goddess Syune, whose name has since fallen into relative obscurity, was one of the most powerful goddesses recognized in the early ages, and the one who was said to have created dragons of old. Under her protective hand it was said that she created dragons in her own image, to possess her beauty and majesty, but none of the dragons, though nigh demigods, could hope to contain in any one of them all the aspects that composed the multi-faceted nature of Syune. So they emerged into different breeds and races of dragons, to serve as guardians and wardens, not only themselves possessing massive power but to see such power was used appropriately, and to control the flow of magic into the world, back in the days when the elves were still young agriculturists, and humans were but savages. It was also in these early days that Syune was said to have come against a certain dark power of awesome might, and somehow vanquished it, though it was rumored she herself was vanquished as well, and henceforth took up the form of one of her most favored children, the Gold Dragon, and whether out of weakness, preference, or to reduce the influence of the vestiges of darkness left from those encounters, no mortal may ever know. Meantime, with the coming of lesser races and being bound to watch over them riled many of the dragons, even in those days proud majestic beasts, for they possessed the semblance of their creator, but not her heart. Many of these creatures sought to turn away from Syune's influence, and coming together, they gathered their might and wrought forth destructive magic’s, not in the realm of the material, but in the realm of the mind and spirit. Syune, still newly recovered from her recent conflict, realized their act of rebellion, but perhaps she was too surprised and weak to do much about it, and they cut off their wills from a large part from her, giving in to their own lust for power and unity, and darkening their minds. The alliance of the renegade dragons soon split however; as they were unable to give proper submission, and after some bloody turmoil, they dispersed to each seek their own dominion. A few dragons however, remained true to Syune, and grew ever closer to the Goddess, but of her own will did she chose to leave the world, as did many of the Gods who used to walk the world in the elder days. This she also did so that the guardian dragons would not draw about the place she was, but that they too would disperse and turn their efforts to protecting against the ravages of those destructive ones. And so with her departure the attacks and savagery of the renegade dragons, previously held in check for fear of her direct intervention, lashed out in renewed surges of destruction as they strove for dominion. Among the kingdoms that worshipped the goddess Syune, many of them became besieged by such attacks, and one of them, the kingdom of the Starfire Path, became a place of much ravaging as the dragons sought, not so much to destroy it, but more to break their spirit and turn them from the worship of Syune. Syune herself responded in mercy and empathy, to their pleas for weapons with which to defend themselves from the dragons, and she crafted for them five items with which the battle the dread beasts, as well as gathering some of her children about to protect the kingdom. Of these, the Valor of Syune is perhaps the best known, and possibly the most powerful. Although the kingdom came to some semblance of strength against the dragons, Syune was aggrieved by the destruction wrought all over the world by her fallen children, and even battles where those still true to her sought to quell the other dragons still led to the devastation huge swathes of lands about the surface. And so Syune decided the time had come for the dragons to be led away from all this, and their time of their dominion must draw to a close. Combining her influence on the dragons, and calling on the services of her ally Eveshkha, Goddess of Music, Syune had her weave a song of slumbering and restfulness, that she would give herself in to, and in so doing consign her children to such as well. As Eveshkha's music played on, Syune released a few of the dragons from her will, before laying herself down as she gathered the essence of all other dragonkind into deep attunement with her spirit, and drew them with her as she slipped into a deep sleep. All about the world, dragons of all kinds responded to their goddess' call, leaving only their dreams and slumbers where they had only a bare slight influence upon the world, in the form of their manifestations and servants, the Drak Sen. Of the remnant that had been spared, those still true of heart who remained were extremely chagrined, to say the least, but they strove on, knowing that even in their goddess' sacrifice, they had been charged now with guarding her way and seeing that her intentions were carried out, to meet and prepare to face the renegades who had escaped the mantle of gentle reprieve she had put upon them. Thus it came to be that almost all the dragons entered into their repose in myriad of places beneath the world, and the name of Syune has fallen into disuse, and in more than a few cases, barely remembered even by the rogue dragons themselves. The five weapons originally crafted for the kingdom of the Starfire Path, seeing disuse with the almost complete end to dragon attacks and sightings, and neglect with the end of the worship of Syune, came to make their way out into the world over time.

Vangaryth - Hand of the Black Flame

Owned By: Annwyn

Type of Item: Armor

Equipment Slots Used: 1

Crafted from an unknown, silver-hued metal, this ornate, left-handed gauntlet seems warm to the touch, its surface worked with ornate etchings of stylized flames across the forearm, and more entwined with webbing patterns across the back of the gauntlet and over the long, claw-like digits. The metal itself is light, thin but strong, and the metal gives way to supple black leather over the palm of the wearer. Yet, affixed to the gauntlet itself by thin chains, a single gleaming gem is set into the palm, sitting at the center, its interior seeming to flicker and glow with a light of its own.

Phoenix Wings (2 Slots - OOB)
This ability empowers the user to grow a broad set of wings made of fire and smoke. The wings grant more natural flight to the user than those who use the flight spell.

Mechanics :
When the fly spell is used by the owner. and they spend another 3 stamina, a large set of broad flaming wings appear that are each about one hundred and fifty percent as wide as she is tall. These flames cannot damage anyone, yet can provide a little heat if people stay close to her. They allow her to be more graceful and faster in flight for the natural duration of the flight spell; allowing her to dive bomb, sway, to do maneuvers and to be as fast as anyone born to it. If combat is intiated then these wings dissappear instantly until combat is over. Not usable in combat

Darken Flame (2 Slots - OOB)
This allows the user to control the color, heat or shape of flames they create magically, they can control the functions and even some colorful different effects.

Mechs - This ability allows the bearer of this item to control the heat, shape, colour of the magickal flames that they create. Due to the concentration required to use this ability, it is not useable in combat. Not usable in combat

Whispers of the Dark Mother (1 Slot - OOB)
The item slowly whispers of darkness to the user. It seeks to force the user to do darker things; abuse, sodomize, to claim and and do dark deed's. This power just brings the darker self to bear more often. This does not remove OOC consent required for certain actions against others. This power does not mean that consequences of the bearers actions can be avoided. Not usable in combat

Fiery Kiss (2 slots - Combat)
The Warrior-Mage who has this item, can create a slow steaming blast of hot air, that is so hot it slides through their victim, sapping them of their strength. Forcing them sweat out the the very strength they have.

Mechanics: This spell Blasts out of the bearers hand and attacks with a +5 against Hydromancers. Anyone else is attacked with an atk value of 0. The damage dealt can either be stamina or life damage, but has to be declared before the ability is used.

Fate has a way of surprising us, of turning us down a path we would never have thought to tread. In ancient days, when the conflicts between the elves of the surface and their dark kin were at an unprecedented height, an elven warrior...born of fire and blood, the last survivor of her village...had risen, striking out at the Moriel soldiers she encountered with a ferocity unparalleled by her kind. To this end, the woman, versed in magic as well as in swordplay, had created an item of great power...reflecting the nature of her rebirth through fire, and the desire for revenge against those that had slaughtered her people. A gauntlet, crafted of a strange, silver-hued metal and set with flickering rubies, set her apart as she continued her crusade of vengeance...and even descended into the Nethergloom itself.

But it is in the deep dark of the world where Kirva is strongest, and the mind focused on vengeance blinds itself to all but its immediate goal. It was there, in the winding tunnels and cavernous deeps, that the Dark Mother reached out to the woman...subtly, cunningly, as is her way. The warrior, her name lost to time, heard the whispers then...slow, deceptive...and though she blocked them out at first, the continued to come, speaking to her in dreams, and from the deep shadows around her. Few know what truly happened then, down in the 'Gloom, but when the warrior stepped into the sunlight again many years later...she was changed, and the gauntlet had changed with her. Still gleaming bright, a darkness seemed to pulse within the item's gems, and into it had been etched stretching web-like patterns amidst the flame. The warrior's magic, as well, had been tainted, and the fiery power of the gauntlet burned in blacks and purples.

In the end, it was her own kind that slew the warrior, as she marched at the head of a moriel force intent on raiding the largest of the elven cities nearby. What happened to the gauntlet after that, few can say...though tales are told, over the centuries, of other wearers...some wicked, and some idealistic...but in the end, all serve Kirva, for few can resist her whispers in the dark...

Whirlwind Dance of The Seventh Son

Owned By: Unowned

Type of Item: Weapon

Equipment Slots Used: 0

The axe has two large blades on opposites sides of the oaken haft. Each blade is large and designed by Dwarven smiths with intricate detailing. Although the material of the blades cannot be discerned by any known magics, it is rumored to be made of a mix of steel, platinum and a very rare mithril ore found only beyond the mountain range of Farlorn Forests. The blades are hard enough to crush rock but not indestructible. They gleam and shimmer and sparkle under the sun with pride and valor, the only known remnant of Serath's heritage. Between the curved blades lies a mithril tipped spear-point at the top of the haft. When thrust at an opponent, it can penetrate armor and the hardest of monstrous skins. Runes cover both the blades and the oaken haft in almost their entirety and glow when the Whirlwind Battle Song is active.

Boomerang Throw: One of the other gifts that this axe is gifted with is the ability for it to find its way back to its bonded owner if thrown in the midst of battle. The air currents swirl around the axe as it spins and will redirect it so that it flies back to its owner after traveling up to 21 (7x3) feet total (going away and coming back). Mechanics: Should the wielder wish to throw the axe at a target of their choosing, it will return to their grasp by the end of the last opponent's action in that round. Does not take any extra combat turn. The "Boomerang Throw" effect requires 2 STA when used and is rolled as !ranphyatk +7 (which is the base attack of the axe itself not magically enhanced.)

Claustrophobia: Power is never begotten for free. And the more powerful things in life come with greater challenges and burdens. Searath was terribly afraid of being caged in an enclosed space and this terror influences the owner of the axe to this day. He could never stand to be underground for any length of time. The wielder will find that they will openly shun and begin to fear any place that is underground or places where the strength of the earth is present. This does not seem to manifest itself inside spacious buildings however, but the effect in caves, tunnels and ruins is significant.

Call of the Wind: When the Owner of the Axe wishes it, the axe taken within the hand will call about the wind to pick up, lightening to fall from the sky and rain down in a small area around the Owner (25 feet by 25 feet), as if the Sky were to rain down the storm that the Owner feels within. Lightening appears crackling over the metal itself, as if the Axe was summoning something greater, used most off as a reminder of those who might be feeling like attacking that perhaps it isn’t a wise choice. A RP effect only and not usable within combat, it allows expression from the Owner of the Axe itself, to show the power of the blade. Only Usable outside.

Bond of the Whirling: The essence within will only recognize one who has performed a specific ceremony with the axe. Once the ritual is completed and the axe accepts a new master, the axe must be carried at all times, or kept at most 7 feet away during sleep or the bond will begin to deteriorate. The axe itself, because of this bond, has the ability to allow thoughts that were Serath’s, to be heard by its new Owner, at times more annoying then not. A RP boon itself, the very bonding of the Axe to its new Master, and the effects that come from Owning it.

Serath the Aeromancer was elated when a warrior found his way to his island. He had lost count of how many years had passed since his last meeting with any human. The warrior's boat was destroyed in a storm and his battered body washed up on the shore of the island, where Serath found him and nursed him back to health. When the warrior awoke he did not know how to thank Serath for his generosity and could do nothing more than offer the axe he carried on his back. It was a family heirloom to him, a sentimental token to the fighter. Serath accepted the gift graciously and in return began to teach the young and nameless warrior the sacred arts of air magics that he had been perfecting over the years. He realized that it was his only chance to pass on his knowledge before the sands of time claimed his life. Like most aging men, Serath dearly longed to leave something behind that he could be remembered by. When Serath began to teach him how to harness the power of air magics while using his axe, the young warrior could not master the complexities involved, specially in one of the more powerful motions that Serath called the "Whirlwind Battle Dance". Slowly time continued to pass and Serath knew the end was near. In the last few days of his life, he knew that the only way to pass on his skill to the axe-wielder was through enchantments. He took the warrior's axe and retreated from the island, flying high into the sky far above the warrior and eventually out of his sight. He spent days nestled within the clouds while working his precious talent, enchanting the axe with all his essence and his magical knowledge. No one knew what happened to Serath as he never descended from those clouds. The warrior realized that something was wrong when he heard a loud CRACK from outside of the cabin. When he ran out to see for himself, Serath's robes were fluttering down and fell at his feet. A glint caught his eye and he saw his axe burried halfway in the soft sand of the beach. Stricken with sorrow at losing his only company, the warrior spent years training with the weapon as it was the only thing he could do to pass the time. As he did so, he slowly learned more and more about the weapon that had taken on such odd traits. Found of reading and writing, the warrior began to log his thoughts in a diary that Serath had given him. The more he learned the more he wrote down. The warrior's notes are now left somewhere within the mage's ancient home on a distant island. As to the axe and the whereabouts, it is left on the island, awaiting a new master to navigate to its buried place to claim it. Note: The word "heavens" used in the write-up refers to the skies; it has no connotations for the concept of a heaven in the Belariathan world and should not be miscontrued.

White Weapon

Owned By: Eucep

Type of Item: Weapon

Equipment Slots Used: 0

The White Weapon is exactly what it seems: a simple hilt, commonplace and ordinary-looking unless closely examined. Upon examination any competent smith (or even incompetent smith) will scratch their head and wonder what the hell it is made of. While it looks like a common-place material, the hilt is made of a substance that is unidentifiable. No matter what is done to the handle, it cannot be marred, scratched or damaged in any way. This stays the same no matter what form the Weapon takes

Sunbeam (2 Slots OOB):

If the White Weapon has been charging in daylight for at least four hours it can either expend this energy in one minute long sunlight intense beam of 5x5x100 yards, or glow like a torch for 4 hours. This beam of light or torch is dependent on the time spent within direct sunlight, and if for whatever purpose the weapon is kept indoors or underground for longer than 24 hours, the ability is non-effective until brought back under the sun’s rays. This has no effect in battle, and is strictly OOB.

Holy Light (2 Slots OOB):

The White Weapon can decide to heal a character on its own. Both the wielder as well as others it deems in need and deserving. It expels a soft lustrous radiance up to thirty feet in diameter that envelops either the wielder or the other, knitting minor wounds and damage.

Mechanics: It cannot re-grow limbs, but heals one time a day up to a maximum of 40 life points all together. This cannot be used however if the White Weapon has been kept out of daylight or moved underground for longer than three days; however if this does happen, moving the weapon back into direct sunlight for an equivalent period will recharge its abilities. Out of Battle use only. OOC Consent required.

Radiant Nimbus (1 Slot OOB):

While drawn the weapon gives a slight shimmer to the caster, leaving them a shining beacon wherever they are. This is a permanent effect whenever the White Weapon is wielded, dimming only when the wielder is in the midst of battle; or losing the effect all together if the White Weapon is driven underground or out of view from daylight for longer than two days or more. Out-of-Battle only.

Shape Altering (2 Slots Combat)

The White Weapon to many and in its immediate form remains to be the hilt of a sword or battle axe, laced in some unknown metal, with a base of 5. It's ability to alter its outward shape starts at the hilt, allowing it take the appearance of a sword, axe or even a whip for most close physical attacks; however, for a short time during battle, it can also take the shape of a ranged weapon, such as bow or lance. Lasting until the need is no more, or the magic reverts to its original purpose as a close ranged melee weapon.

Mechanics: The hilt can manifest any weapon design that the owner needs; however it does not alter the base attack or grant any bonus despite the change. If the purpose is to change the weapon from a close physical to a ranged physical weapon, the change will last for !r 1d10 rounds or until combat is over, whichever comes first. The user must also keep in mind this does not supply them with the arrows if they choose a bow as the shape. The user must sacrifice one round to change the weapon's shape, and is limited to one change within a combat scene, at a maximum of four times per week.

"Have you ever heard the tale of a weapon of white that was imbued with good and righteous might?" A bard asked, laughing and winking at a young, round faced village girl. "Of course I have," she laughed in return, blushing. "Ah, but have you heard my tale?" he asked in a cultivated, luring tone. With a deep blush that spread becomingly across her abundant cleavage and a shake of her head, he began to strumming his well used, cherished lute, to set the story’s mood... "No tale is as amusing to the ear, as those that set the very Gods upon their rears. For not even the Gods can lay their hands upon the haft of the White Weapon. I cannot tell you who made the White Weapon, that is as lost to us as whom brought the sun into existence, but I can tell you of the a few fabled stories that have traveled through the ages." "It was a time ago, I do remember, when the weapon was used to tame a troll. For the hand of its wielder it became a whip that brought the beast to his knees. Or... no I am mistaken, for I now recall, it was the undead that the weapon did maul. As a swinging spiked flail it pierced their mail until not a one was standing." The bard paused to pack and light his pipe, giving the people passing by the chance to gather and hear the humor of his jovial, unorthodox tale. "Where was I? Oh yes..." The music resumed as pipe smoke wafted from between his lips as he continued. "But the best my dear, I must confess is how the great relic came to one of its masters. One pious paladin was buried in a holy tomb with it. A curious dog did bear the weapon from the tomb, acquiring it from digging as dogs will do." Just then a mangy, homely dog came jogging around the corner of a building, carrying a bone in his jaws. Beside the bard it sat, waiting for the story to continue. "Upon this poor fellow, who sat by his fire when the dog did bring him the haft came the grunting sounds of a raiding band of undead. When confronted by these un-living rogues, our reluctant hero did throw the white weapon toward the shambling hoard to distract them from himself." A collective gasp rose from those present, causing him to smile secretly. "But low and behold, so startled by the man's cowardly actions, the undead horror caught the haft and immediately crumpled to ash. Upon seeing this wonder, the band of hellish minions took to their heels in fear." Placing the lute down, the bard then patted the dog's head as it gnawed on its bone and while coins filled his wide brimmed hat on the paving stones before him. If one looked closely just then, as the bard's padded jerkin shifted, they might see a haft of glowing white tucked into his belt.