Special Items


Amalgamation of Death

Owned By: Archaon

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

The Amalgamation of Death, known in ancient histories as simply the Amalgam, is quite basically a metallic mask.. metallic looking. In fact, it did belong to an ancient and destructive power now banished into a dark abyssal prison to be forever forgotten. What was left was this death mask of a relic.. perhaps what its face truly looked like, however no one knew.

The mask itself camouflage its true appearance in the form of a marking upon one's face.. as if tattooed or branded. Invoking its power, the marking envelops the face of its owner.. unleashing the dormant and terrible powers of Amalgam and its twisted, disfigured and dead looking faces. To gaze upon the Amalgam is to gaze upon death itself in its purest form. A shell, a grisly husk of putrid death, or freshly deceased, every aspect and degree of decay displayed.

Death’s Wrath (10 Slots - Combat)

With new limbs seeming to come from the very darkness, they work much like the Necromancer’s normal limbs, in the case of combat; movement can be so fast, so furious and confusing, that often these additional appendages will strike out in an attempt to land additional attacks upon an enemy who chooses to go up against the Necromancer in a physical fight.

Mechanics: Any successful close physical attack that exceeds 50 with the opponents defense roll, will automatically give the bearer a second close physical attack immediately following the bearer’s turn.

Chill of the Grave (3 Slots)

A touch, so cold and uncaring that the victim feels devoid of life. This amplifies damage done by necromancer spells +5

Necrotic Armor (5 Slots)

The construction of Necromantic power, the addition of shadowy limbs and the co-mixture of death’s very visage, seem to have an added effect in that all enemy attacks seem to be rendered a bit weaker than they normally would, almost like an otherworldly armor protecting the bearer of the mark.

Mechanics: adds +10 DEF

Faces of Doom (2 Slots RP Effect)

The mask itself can bear the grisly face of death itself, ever changing, ever horrifying, from the look of fresh death to the decaying horror of the long dead. It's physical features constantly changing, as if by death’s whim, or by the internal concentration of the user, to instill fear and dread into those who gaze upon the mask's visage for too long. The mask itself can recede into a dormant state, much like a tattoo or a black mark that frames or covers a portion of the face, when the mask is active, it will envelop the bearer's features in that consuming visage of the macabre.

Melding Abomination (4 Slots RP Effect)

The amalgamation of death, as its name proscribes, extracts the very essence of the element, and transmutes it, mixes it, renders it a successful part of the user so that they may embody that monstrous sense of rising above the finality of death and being more. The Necromancer seems to pull from the veil of the other world itself, shadowy limbs - fists, legs, hands, etc, that seem to hide and move from within the Necromancer's own shadow. This limb will become fully functional for the whole of 24hours, or until the Necromancer has decided their use has expired.

Mechanics: The user can take on or create additional 'shadow' parts, or additional limbs, limited up to 2 pair of arms, 1 pair of wings, 1 tail, and a pair of horns can be applied to the body in any fashion. These limbs are fully functional for combat or mundane purposes, and can be of any playable race found within Belariath; can not be used in a sexual fashion, and after 24 hours of use, the parts fall off

The Rise of the Amalgam

The autumn days were calm. Any given day heralded no ill change on the horizon within the Empire. The leaves fell, discolored, littering the ground below in their earthly hues. The scent of autumn wafted through the calm breeze.

Out of a long and sudden disappearance long ago, Archaon had returned upon the Empire. The Elder Dragons bringing forth their deathly disciple unto the land for something. What that something was, not even he knew.

What he did know, however, was that it was a time for change. A time to bring a new order upon the blessed Tower of Umbara. Words and greetings were exchanged between the drak, and Greywind upon his arrival. Stories exchanged, and word of impending change mentioned. The total restructuring of the tower hierarchy.. and it would begin with the Order of the Unspoken.

As Archaon worked and weaved the web of power like an adept arachnid creating its web, a much darker threat loomed over the skies of the Empire. Word spread of some mystical force in the skies, and the leeching of magic from the many mages and wizards of the land, regardless of their practice.

For days this had gone on, while the Air, the Earth, the Fire, and the Water mages were equally effected for a similar frame of time. The skies yielded a strange glow to it during the evening, a different hue to each effect. Then the Priests and Healers became stricken with this anti magic effect, those who dealt with the power of Nature itself. Even the Seductresses, and the Magi race were effected.

What made the entire ordeal strange was the moment when the Shamanistic magic had been effected. Unlike the rest, Shamanism was amplified. The spirits of the dead spoke with the clarity of the living, if not louder. It was then, that Archaon had received word. The spirette had returned.. and one was captured, then imprisoned within the dark tower. He left at once to interrogate.

A smaller than usual spirette lay within the dungeon cell when Archaon had arrived. Remembering the last conflict against these beings, he had initially placed the fault upon him and his race for the mysterious draining of magic. What the spirette revealed, however, was something far more ancient. A dark, imprisoned council of long dead leaders. A strange mirror that is able to devour the very essence of magic itself.. but it could not devour death itself. This intrigued the drak. With the promise of freedom, and sanctuary within the dark tower, Archaon had let the Spirette free.. in exchange for the very information necessary to end this catastrophic event once and for all.

The skies dimmed into a bleak, pitch black. The time of Necromancy had come upon the land.. and Archaon found his own great power amplified even further by it. Exhilirating as it was, the time had come to strike. A group of brave souls was formed, and briefed upon the threat during travel toward the bleak lands of the Spirette. Swaths of strange occurances sought to hinder the group's progress, while the Spirette guide led them to their destination.

While the group moved onward to meet this threat head on, Archaon investigated what they had passed by, and what they decimated in their wake. On the back of his trusted mephos Wraith, he parused the long forgotten lands of the Spirette and what lay hidden within its darkness. The clang of steel, the hiss of death, and the cries of monstrous encounters echoed throughout. The scent of death was strong.

Finally, the group had arrived to where the strange, and mysterious council were purported to be hiding. A long, decisive battle was fought against these dark powers before they could make their sinister offering of stolen magic to feed the mysterious mirror that gave them their power. One by one the deathly council were felled, but in their cries of death.. they had awakened a vast army to consume the group.

The group eventually found a way to escape, taking the dark mirror with them to take to the Tower of Unigo, deeming it too powerful for Umbara to possess. Archaon was not amused when word of this reached his ear, and so he returned toward the place whence the mirror was found. The pact he had made, though now tenative, provided him with enough time to reach the inner sanctum.

"Come closer, weaver of death." a whisper filled his mind as he landed. The origin of the whisper unknown. He started approaching the gloomy waters that surrounded the base of the spire. "Closer.." the whisper grew stronger. Like a spectral thrust of energy, Archaon was pushed into the darkness. Tugged deeper and deeper by some unknown force, he was dragged beneath the murky depths.

As thoughts of drowning and dying entered his mind, he was mysteriously tossed up. Long gasps of breath were taken first and foremost, before finding out that he was not brought back up to where he was taken. A hidden cove lit only by a singular torch that seemed so ancient, that it would be impossible to remain lit as it was. Before him, another pool.. but unlike anything he had ever seen. A pool of blackness. Cold. Callous. Pure death.

He was drawn to it. Walking slowly towards it. "Welcome.. Weaver of Death." not a whisper this time. A voice as plain as day echoed within the cove, and strangely, the dark ichor bubbled and blooped. With a brow raised, the drak inquired. "Who are you?" "I.. am Nothingness. I am You." The drak again lifted a brow at the riddle, while the pool of blackness continued to bubble in time with the voice.

"I have brought you here.. to learn. To be." the voice continued, and he'd listen. "I.. am Amalgam.. and you. For countless lives I lay here, but no more. Learn." and suddenly, the darkness engulfed Archaon's head. What ensued, not even he could recall. The pool of pure death had infused something within the drak. A dread, grisly gift upon his very face. An ancient and evil force taking hold within his mask. The voice gone, and the pool as still as time, the drak awakened from the mysterious event at the base of the spire where it all began.

He would return to the Tower of Umbara once he was ready, adamant upon locating anything within the libraries of this mysterious Amalgam, but nothing he had indicated anything pertaining to the name. Later readings found indication of a dark and changing force from a long ancient time.. a force capable of constant change, assimilating the very essence of death itself.. as if it was given physical manifestation.

There wasn't much on record about this mysterious power. Those records that somehow survived the test of time indicated how it was the embodiment of all that is death. It's face changing, horrifically changing to become death itself. How it used its victims' limbs as its own. Fused, attached by some blasphemous and unspeakable magic to its own body.

There was nothing much else about what this mysterious Amalgam was beyond what he had found, but the moment he had returned.. he felt energized. Strange, he thought, that something made him feel stronger. His power.. stronger.

released to Archaon 4/24/10

Dominator's Essence

Owned By: Twerlinger

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

A dragon scale that was inserted during a resurrection upon the feline owner. Imbued with powers, that were only able to be brought into life when certain circumstances occurred. And once those powers were released, the scale melting and forming a tattoo within the feline's body, which shows itself off when its abilities are used. The tattoo which was of a large scaled beast, head resting over the left shoulder of the bearer’s body, the rest of the beasts own body winding around and down to end up with its tail curled down his right leg. The tattoo actually residing under the skin, unable to be removed as it was an integral part of the bearer’s body.

Domination of Death

This ability, granted by the scale housed within the body, amplified the bearers own natural aura during stressful situations to such an extent that it would appear to lash out at those that attacked the bearer of the scale, and those who failed to hit the bearer, would appear shaken or disorientated and more open to a retaliatory attack afterward. Some say they saw something from the corner of their eye, others claim to simply have been shaken and unable to prevent the attack that came towards them, its effects were different upon each individual.

Mechs - Each time the bearer is attacked, the presence of the scale rears its head. Should the attack not be successful, then the attacker is affected by the presence of the scales power and is shaken, unable to defend the next attack against them as effectively as they could normally do. For every 10 points that they fail their attack roll by, their next defence roll is subject to a 5% penalty, stacking to a maximum of 25% penalty for failing their attack roll by 50 points or more

Domination of Time

This second effect gifted by the scale was an odd one, the ability to perceive the flow of time and possible outcomes, as well as being able to move a little faster than most normal people would be able to. To others it might appear that he was flowing or simply darting across the field at unnatural speed, in reality, he was simply attempting to put himself into the right place at the right time.

Mechs - This ability, which is always active and in use, grants the bearer of this item a boost to their combat abilities, granting them a +10 bonus to all attacks.

Domination of Elements

The third slice of power within the scale was simply a boost to the magical might of the feline who was to gain these powers. Simply to make a spell more accurate, more damaging, more dangerous to those it hit or who were affected by it. It also allows them to manipulate magical energies and their spells, enabling them to twist and warp the spells to their hearts desire, whether for showmanship, or to put a spell to better offensive or defensive use.

Mechs – This empowers all spells to grant them +5 to the damage roll of any spell cast naturally and not from an item.

Domination of Life (4 Slots – OOB)

A manipulation of an existing spell, to allow one to craft an Illusional person, into something that resembles life. Directed by the will of the caster of the spell, able to cast spells through that manifested illusion, and able to take sensory feedback for better or for worse from it.

Mechs - Costing 20 stamina, that isn't recovered whilst this manifestation is in existence. Allows an Illusional Person to take on a semblance of reality, with a real presence in the world, touch, smell and mass. All sensations are directed back to the caster of this spell. This allows, for double the stamina cost, to cast a spell through the manifestation as if it was the bearer himself. OOC consent required. Not usable in combat, and if combat is initiated, then the manifestation is immediately dismissed. Lasts till end of scene or is dismissed

Domination of Law (2 Slots – OOB)

Every world needs a lovable rogue, or at least something to keep people from being straight and boring all the time, and so, this ability was granted, to allow the feline to explore that side of him. Unaware of the feline's affiliations with certain shadowy groups as it were, the dragon set this power into place, to allow the feline a little more... latitude in what he did, and where he did it

Mechs - Allows the character to function as a Thiefx1 with regards to Pick Pocketing and Shop Stealing. No other bonus and no access to any other thief skills or abilities. Not usable in Combat.

Anbraxas, the dragon responsible for the creation of life once again within the body and soul of the feline Twerlinger. Seeing more within the mortal than others did at that moment in time, decided, that should the feline be able to deal with the task at hand, and follow the clues and steps towards that place of power that would be needed, then he would be ready to receive something to help him through his time within the world.

And so, time taken to study the mortal in question, to see what made him tick, to see what he valued and held close, and then.. knowing the time would come that the feline would face the first test, that of his faith and determination to be his own person, to be free of other influences and make his way in the world himself.

Time passed, and eventually it happened. The feline left on his quest to free himself of that dark influence, to merge those two parts of him that the bitch had made within him, and he died, as Anbraxas knew he would do. The dragon left to find the body, determined to start the next part of the feline’s journey into motion, and once that body was found, scale was removed and inserted, to bring him to life, and to house the dormant powers within his form, simply waiting for the day when they would be activated and granted to the one who held that power within him unknowingly.

The path to gaining such powers was long and hard, and it certainly wasn't planned to be something that could be achieved within a short period of time, years perhaps to be taken to gain such, if one wasn't looking for power themselves.. and even longer if one thirsted for power. The feline wasn't one to seek out the power to bend the world to his grasp, he had goals, and those goals would fall in nicely with the powers entombed in the scale, and they would aid him in what he wanted, if he could master the task that would be set ahead of him.

And so, the time had come. The dreams were sent by Anbraxas, to invade and torment the feline, memories of times past, of his darkest hours and days, to see whether or not he would succumb once more to those dark temptations, or if he had what was needed to forge through and follow the links within the dreams and find the dragon’s haunt to see if he could prove himself worthy of those powers and claim them as his own

Fires Destiny

Owned By: L`aquera

Type of Item: Weapon

Equipment Slots Used: 0

Mithril beaten and folded nearly 2000 years earlier. Created by a mad man, it's creation started as a simple punching dagger, no sharpness upon the blade, smooth as silk until the end where the point stayed sharp and true to puncture into a man or woman's body with the ease of nothing more then a bit of pressure. Its length however was unusual. While a normal punching dagger or sai might run 21 inches, this one had been created to extend to 27 inches or 2.25 feet in length. A bit thinner it was, still light as mithril goes with smaller forks that were far closer to the rounded jutting length of the punching dagger then was normal as well, the points just as deadly but where a punching daggers forks may be used to wrap fingers about and control the weapon, these were too close together, leaving one wondering how to control such a weapon.

The flaps upon the pommel of red leather would soon give one the knowledge needed on how the weapon itself is held and understood to flick into motion. Seemingly small red dragon wings that when the weapon lay dormant until called, wrapped the entire length, like a bat hanging upside down. Only when fire is introduced to the pommel will the wings themselves snap open, catch fire and slither around the wielders hand until the wrist is found and coil there. Tight. Well fitted, as if a glove had been dragged on.

It seems a simple enough if not long looking piece of weapon, until its dormant stage is shaken free, the length of the weapon itself will catch fire, a simple flick of wrist will see it uncoil, its magic called upon and the length extending to an incredible 20 meters should the need arise, whip like, its as if the metal itself liquefied or is that, simply became the flames?

Flames lashing:
The mithril Sai can extend and grow out to lengths beyond a whips capability; from across a large pond and high into the air. The sai seeks out and finds any heat source beyond its own and the owner it is bonded too, allowing it to strike as if a whip had come from nightmares of old. It guides the user to find the enemy with alarming precision.

Mechs: The Sai with but a whispered command becomes a whip in liquid flaming motion. It is able to extend 20 yards. The sai like whip strikes for +15 attack value. If the user of this flaming whip's vision is impaired or is blinded, the weapon can be slashed out, seeking the intended victim. A 1d10 will determine if the whip like sai finds its mark. Rolling a 1d10 determines if the weapon hits its target or someone or something, else: 1-6 hits the intended target. (Rolls of the dice need to be made) 7-9 Anyone within the vicinity of the target could be accidentally hit because of the heat they give off. (Roll for damage if hit still needs to be done) a 10 hits anything in its direct path, be it a chair, a wall, a tree and would catch on fire for a 1d3 roll of time.

Furies Blessing: +5 to atk and +5 to def

Mechs: Blessed by the furies in the making of this item, imbuing it with the gift to grant its wielder a slight advantage in atk and defense, enabling them to improve the odds against them a little better

Furies Blessing:. +5 to damage

Mechs: Blessed by the furies in the making of this item, imbuing it with the gift to grant its wielder a slight increase in damage, its construction allowing the weapon to bite deeper into an enemy

Hidden Flame:
The mithril sai can morph to the owners will, becoming something less offensive, a arm band of mithril laid upon red leather

Mechs: The sai can shift form to become the arm band of mithril laid upon red leather outside combat easily. inside combat it takes 1 round.

Flames Passages
The small pryomancer can travel using the flames. Any non-magical flame large enough for her to fit through, or even if she has to wiggle through it she can slowly work her way within it.

Mechs: The user can travel up to 10 miles using one flame, or fire if large enough in this manner. The cost for this is 10 stamina. The fire must be created normal in origin. Not usable in combat.

What is a war, without weapons of hand and mind? Are not the moriel and elves always fighting from territory to slaves? Indeed so, and now and again the High Elves feel their position is enough to over take those below. That their magic’s will overtake the dark fleshed elves and that numbers do not always count in a game of War. One to many slaves to supplies had finally gone missing on a cold Winters day, supplies needed to survive and one such ruler of the High Elves thought with sheer magic’s and muscle and thinking alone, no matter if the Moriel outnumbered them or not, they would win in a scuffle below the earth and retrieve what was theirs. But, to prepare for such a war, one must own the proper tools.

The Dwarves were best at making weapons but the Minotaur’s as well knew their craft and so several were employed and many an odd weapon creation came from their steady hands and the knowledge that lay within their minds. A deal had been struck and in many a way, making such weapons would aide them as well. Not just in coin, but in the eradication of a House of Moriel that had become entirely to bold. So they poured their hearts and soul and their anger into each weapon, hoping such emotion would help the weapons drive home and true.

When finished, each was presented to the high elves, and each was distributed to a man and woman that had earned the right and privileged to wield such a creation. But, more was yet to come. Many of the weapons were then taken to their spell casters, imploring them to create something that would devastate and startle their enemy, one such high ranking rouge pleaded more then the rest, waiting until the others had left to hand pick the Arcana he knew could enchant and enhance his weapon to something far more then just a prodding tool. The plea was taken into consideration and the old Arcana finally bowed to the wishes of the rogue surprised such a young man had risen so far in the ranks but then, being a thief sometimes counted for much. Promising the young one a weapon to outshine the others, he spent far longer on this piece then any other. Considering the small frame of the elf to his very nature he began working and reworking the metal until he could get it to extend, to reform, to take an element that many would fear. It would be a weapon to remember and by the time he was done, the Arcana would need to sleep for a few months even. For it had nearly taken that long to work every bit of his soul into the weapons length itself and the red dragon wings? They had been inspired by his first glimpse of a dragon, watching it majestically weave through the air, it would make a great sheath and a helping hand to wield the weapon itself.

When all was said and done, and the rogue came to retrieve his weapon, what he got and the lesson learned were far greater in the end, then he could control. Yet bolstered by what it could do, he immediately named the punching dagger, Fires Destiny.

Unfortunately, neither side won that day, the Moriel would not forget the slaughter and the tales told of that underground War, and the High Elves would remember the lesson that a spider shouldn't be chased into its hole. The weapons created were left to rot with the dead in that cavern for no one knew where it was, and when the army hadn't returned, they'd merely assumed them all dead and carried on, but assuming the mission at least had been partially won, for no more Moriel came to invade them. The weapons and their craft became legend told on the winds of a cool night, forgotten for now until their recovery. Someday.


Owned By: Sha-Ka

Type of Item: Weapon

Equipment Slots Used: 1

The blade gives off a haunting purplish glow. Black flame eternally surrounds the longsword, licking at the air ravenously. The hilt is grayish white, like bone. Since binding it to his soul, the Dark Lord has been seen speaking to himself, and when the sword is drawn, speaking to it as if it was alive. Hellguardian hungers constantly for chaos and blood, and Sha-Ka indulges its whim gladly. The metal of the blade itself, (if one were unfortunate enough to get close to it) shimmers underneath the black flame. Some say it is because the blade was fashioned from rock that fell from the heavens. Others say it is the tooth of a basilisk itself.

Phantom Strike (10 Slots Combat)

What is worse than one Dark Lord…two. Using this sword, the Count can temporarily split himself into two to make a second attack with the sword. As he moves in with his first attack, when its power can not be overcome by his opponent, the second Dark Lord will move in instantly after wards, delivering a potentially lethal blow before his opponent even has a chance to counter.

Mechanics: When the wielder of Hells Guardian has rolled a successful hit that is 50 points higher than their opponents defense roll, the wielder is granted a second attack immediately afterwards.

Dark Upsurge (3 slots)

Shielded by the amplification of his dark arts, the Count wears a magical shell of malevolence around his body, augmenting his power as well as his defense.

Mechanics: adds +5 to ATK and DEF

Dark Damage (5 Slots)

The sheer power of the sword combined with the aura of necrid and dread around the Necrolord, cause the blade to emit a purplish black flame, cold to the touch but every wound inflicted by the blade deals extra damage and the wound cannot be healed by magical means.

Mechanics: adds +5 to the Damage roll. Magical healing is restricted on the wound inflicted, but is not restricted from divine healing. The area effected 'must' be naturally healed otherwise, usually a week for minor wounds, up to two weeks or a month depending on how severe it is. Once the wound has healed 90% it may be then be magically healed the remainder of the way. OOC consent required for the removal of any limb, including but not limited to the head.

Recall (3 Slots OOB)

In the macabre light of its creation, the Dark Lord found a means of sealing the Dark Sword to him; the black ichors of its existence binding to the NecroKnight’s soul. This allows him to summon the blade at will, the energy being focused and manifesting in his left hand prior to commencement of battle – insuring that he is never left unarmed. Once battle has finished and the need for the blade has lessened, the wielder of Thanatos may recall the blade back to the abyss of his spirit, where it can be stored safely until it is called before the next fight. Only usable prior to initiated combat and not during.

Mistress Death (3 Slots OOB)

In the aftermath of battle, when the blade delivers its final stroke that would take the life of an enemy, an apparition appears from the flowing energy of the blade. There is nothing to dissuade the appearance of pale, ethereal countenance; her death stained lips open in a morbid smile as she peers down upon the helpless. Those smooth silken arms bare as they stretch with graceful hands, a lovely creature, baring the enthrallment of provocative dread and the enticement of supple curves within those black soaked eyes. The apparition would be seen by those caught within the thrall of death, twisting at the last moment when fingers curve like talons into their soul, becoming a skeletal nightmare that appears to swallow them whole. It is, for all intents, merely an image supplanted or seen by those whose life is brought to 0 by the Dark Sword. Requires OOC consent for use.

The Dark Lord of Death and Chaos, Master of Malevolence, has done the impossible. Not only has he found a sword which makes the heavens weep with each brandishing, not only has the Count found a way to bind the sword to his soul, allowing him to go from unarmed to severely lethal in a heartbeat, but now he has poured the legion of souls he has stolen into the blade. This act enhances the sword in ways unimaginable.

Lucia's Avatar

Owned By: Miyuka

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

The item is a sigil, three markings upon the owners face, one black symbol along the forehead and two similar markings below each of the eyes.

True Elemental Magic (10 slot Unique Combat Power))
Lucia's Avatar is gifted with the power of Dragon magic, allowing the user to spew forth a number of breath attacks that have various effects depending on the sphere of magic being used. When this ability is used, the user's physical appearance can sometimes take on a warped, transcendent appearance of the original Avatar's shape in subtle references, such as eyes, skin color or even the appearance of small horns and scales; yet never to the extent that Bloodline would offer.

Mechanics: This ability is a regular !ranmagatk vs !ranmagdef with a +15 to the attack value. Stamina cost is 20 stamina. Each time a successful breath attack is used a !r 1d6 is rolled to determine an elemental effect. The following effects are additional to the damage roll but do not stack with one another and are based off the chosen sphere. When multiple uses of True Elemental Magic are used and the roll selects one already in play it only causes effects to refresh:

Spirit: (1) An attack that focuses the energy of the ether and spirit world, with this breath the user can wound the soul, bypassing all armors (magical or physical) with the exception of any defense modifiers given by Special Items. It leaves no outward trace of injury but internalizes the pain for the victim by sapping their mental strength, causing damage to be split between physical damage and stamina.

Fire: (2) A more natural form of the dragon's ability, this attack sets the victim ablaze and adds !r 1d5 of damage per turn for five turns. This magical fire cannot be doused by normal or magical means but is canceled if another breath attack or spell that cannot stack is used before the original duration has ended.

Earth: (3) The user exhales a near transparent vapor, causing the ground beneath the victim to shift and change into quick sand. If caught, victim is burdened with a feeling of being tied to the ground beneath them causing a 20% loss to all defensive rolls. This effect lasts the duration of combat, or until another breath attack or spell that cannot stack is used, canceling it out.

Air: (4) This attack is like a soundless scream, targeting and surrounding the victim in an invisible field of charged air that disrupts their hearing and equilibrium, forcing a 20% loss to all attack rolls. This effect lasts the duration of combat, or until another breath attack or spell that cannot stack is used, canceling it out.

Water: (5) A breath attack that delivers a focused ice storm at the target. It chills the victim to the bone making it difficult to act for !r 1d5 turns, or until canceled by another attack. The victim must roll a 1-50 on a !r 1d100 in order to take an action that turn. Should they fail this roll then they lose the stamina from the action as well as the turn. No stamina is lost nor gained if the victim chooses to do an !evade roll. Victim may defend as normal.

Necromatic: (6) When expelled, this warped and discolored flame focuses on the power of the primordial dead, spreading disease and rot where it is targeted. If caught within its glare, the victim is overcome with the sickening feeling of death for !r 1d5 rounds causing stamina cost to double.

Barrier: (3 slots)
The user is surrounded by Dragon magic which when under threat can be seen in the form of dragons claws that reach out and try to stop an incoming threat.

Mechanics: Gives the user +10 to defense rolls

Fangs: (5 slots)
The user is surrounded by Dragon magic that assists during any attack that can be seen in the form of a dragon's claw that reaches out to attack.

Mechanics: Gives any successful attack +5 damage

Bloodline: (4 slots OOB)
The user has the blood of the ancient dragons coursing through their veins. A blessing by the dark dragon Lucia herself. The user can take on various dragon-like forms ranging from humanoid like a drak-sen, to a smaller form of an actual dragon.

Mechanics: The user can choose to take on a humanoid form resembling that of drak-sen, complete with horns, slight variations of scales and a thick tail. The user can take on the form of an actual dragon though on a less grand scale. At the most the user can become the size of a full adult Mephos. At the least, they can be the size of a fae dragon (about 2 feet in length). The larger dragon form can be used as a means of transport for up to one other individual. The ability lasts until canceled or combat begins and can be used an unlimited amount of times the duration of a scene/day.

Aged Essence (2 Slots OOB)

With the blood of the ancient dragons coursing through their veins, the user can resist all the elements naturally. Magical attacks or extreme cases of natural environmental changes such as sub zero temperatures, etc will cause whatever damage that's applicable.

Mechanics: None needed.

Ancient Dragons and their magics have been a mystery to scholars for centuries. How does one in the most literal sense of the word just breathe magic? There are many rumors and theories that the magics known by man today are actually forms of the dragon's magics, but weaker in nature due to the limitations of the body. Why then are these creatures so rare, hidden away and simply content with just dreaming up their drak-sen creations? One such dragon whom had grown tired of just dreaming decided to Bestow just a small portion of her knowledge upon someone she deemed worthy. This person would become Lucia's Avatar and through spread word, Lucia came to be worshiped, like a goddess. The Lady of the night. The dark Goddess Lucia. The goddess of Beauty. She went by many names and titles throughout the centuries, always choosing to bestow her knowledge onto someone she trusted and thought worthy.

Many people attempted to recreate and study such magics but it always ended in failure, until Anita came. Anita the sorceress, a name lost in time and in legend. Only the most ancient of text mentioned this strange seemingly ageless woman. Rumors swirled that she had somehow befriended an ancient dragon countless centuries ago and was taught, not just gifted through magic, but taught by the ancient the secrets of dragon magic. Her flesh and form always too weak to re-create it herself, but still just the joy of studying was more than enough for her. Studying, practicing, applying...always seeking more knowledge and traveling far and wide in the name of her dragon master so they could both learn more. Then one day she suddenly seemed to cease to exist, only a lone spot in a desert where a city once stood and the remnants of a magical explosion most violent remained.

Such was the fate of one that dared to claim what was not hers, but that was not the end of Anita the sorceress, she lived thanks to the will of the dark Goddess Lucia. This woman walked amongst the world once more, her memories shattered but always watched over by the dragons, her knowledge increased little by little and as she became more and more aware of whom she was, Lucia gifted her with this gift one night whilst the woman dreamed. It was a symbol in simple runic inscriptions upon her face that most would just see as a tattoo. They were the final pieces to the puzzle of the mystery and for her to unlock when the time was right.

Staff of Syune

Owned By: Unigo

Type of Item: Weapon

Equipment Slots Used: 0

The staff itself is made from the favored white birch tree of the Goddess and imbued with her own power and magic. Six feet in length, it’s a smooth piece of sturdy wood with the runes of old Dragoon language written upon it. The words of “Power is in me” would be clear to one that knew the language. The head of the staff is something different. Since the Goddess adored the seas but rarely had time to frolic within them, she took from the sea the largest pearl she could find, twisted it flat and made it swirl and hollowed out a point for the staff to slid into and twist to lock into place. It too bears markings of ancient writing like a rainbow of color within two circles. It reads “With her blessing, may the magic’s protect.” The head is heavy, some five pounds and is 5 inches in length and 1 ½ inches in width.


Syune’s Boon
Only in great need can this staff be used, and only by a true scholar and mage. No physical or hybrid class can access the true use of this boon, only full fledged mage classes. When used in the defense of the Empire, the mage will gain a boon to casting, though such power comes at great personal cost. Woe to He, or She, who uses it in a manner selfish.

Mechanics: Upon first grasping the staff, the mage must pick out three spells that will be weaved at greater bonus, they must be announced as the staff is awarded and cannot be changed later. When rolling for the spells picked out, you will follow the rules of the spell, but add @##% as appropriate, depending upon the bonus granted. The first spell will be cast @160%, the second spell @140%, and the third spell will be cast @120%, so long as they are cast with the staff. Any other spell cast through the staff will get a boon of @105%, however, this does not come without a cost. Any spell cast with the staff will cost DOUBLE the normal stamina, regardless of the bonus. Note: This staff can only be used in defense of the realm, if used for any other reason, or by anyone other than a ‘true mage class’ tries to use the staff, Syune’s Fury will be visited upon them.

Syune's Surge
Due to the energy surrounding this item, it exudes a sphere of power around it, that seems to slow or deflect attacks or blows that are aimed at the bearer of this item

Mechs - Gains +10 def against magical and physical attacks

Syune's Prowess
The bearer of this item was both a Warrior and a Mage, and the item was granted abilities suiting both of those aspects. This one in particular, allowed the bearer of the item to gain a better understanding of the martial arts, and where a blow might be landed for greater effect.

Mechs - Gains +5 to all physical attack damage rolls with this staff.

Syune’s Fury
If the person who tries to wield the staff is a physical class, a hybrid class, or selfishly wishes to use the staff for personal gain, a curse will be laid upon them, leeching all their personal energy. The staff itself will seem to explode, though no pieces of it will remain. The Wonder returning once more to its stand.

Mechanics: If any who are unworthy try to use this staff, it will implode within their grasp. The person holding it will automatically be reduced to 5% of their stamina and health, and left in a drooling mess. The staff will disappear from their person and return, by magic, to its stand within the Chosen Tower. Classes that will not trigger this ability are: Mage, Shaman, Elemental Mage, and Necromancer, no other classes are pure enough to wield such a heavily magical item.

Syune's Protection (3 Slots)

When wounded, simple proximity to this item, and concentration allows the owner of this to draw in magical essence from the air and bond it with himself in order to heal those wounds that they have suffered.

Mechanics: When near this item and in a state of concentration, the owner of this item may draw in the natural magical energy in the world toward him, in doing so the wearer heals by 10% of max life per round at a cost of 5 stamina per round, this ability will heal any wound taken by the bearer. This will also heal wounds that can not be healed by normal magic. (OOB Only not to be used during combat itself, the robe will mend itself, at the same time it is healing the body after combat)

Hundreds of years have passed since the Goddess herself walked the lands of Belariath, once, she favored the people and their soon to be rich history, the Saraphan. With the dwindling of resources and a war about to befall a people she coveted and that worshipped her so religiously, one among the humans stood out for her and she blessed him with a staff of her own creation. He was cautioned never to allow it to slip into the hands of others, for it was a part of her, of her magic, of her very powerful aura and it would enhance any and all magic’s used by the one that carried it. When her champion died however and fearing another might not carry it properly, she took it upon herself to create a beast in the images of the Dragons. Smaller, almost as intelligent and yet not as sentient a being, she placed it deep within the network of caves for her new chosen guardians to watch out for but time… had long since passed and the staff was left to history or myth.

Soon, another war brook out between the Dukes of the Saraphan Empire and old tomes were dug up, gone through and their old language poured over until the staffs old secrets were revealed. A small party was sent to search for and bring back the staff but they were not as successful for the guardians Syune had placed to protect her treasures, did their jobs as they were bred too and the staff was left behind, broken in their squabble to have it. The upheaval caused by such an event left a wide area nearly devoid of magic until finally, others found its broken wonder and restored it. Now, it lies in the hands of the Headmaster of Unigo and finally with research and the tome in hand to old history, its wonders are revealed.

The Holy Concubine

Owned By: Ehlanna

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

Item’s Base: Ring

The Mantle
The Mantle of a Seductress; This potent effect is always active as long she wears the ring. It will guard a seductress even when she sleeps, eats or sifts through her daily chores of sleeping with cat girls. Like its lesser cousin Cloak of Draining, this Item drains any who dare to attack a Seductress; yet this even more powerful version will block against ranged attacks and allows her to soak in the stamina it steals. In return it gives any who dare attack this creature of divine sexuality a mind crushing orgasm if they fall victim to the mantle; driving them to their very knees with the amount of their climax.

Mech: This effect is an Always Active Cloak of draining. Anytime anyone attacks the seductress in anyway, they have chance loosing stamina and being stunned for one round. The seductress rolls Clomagatk, the first time their attacked in any scene. Anyone who attacks them for rest scene must defend vs that roll (Close or ranged depending on their method of attack), if the seductress is successful, the Victim looses 10 stamina and is stunned for one round (they are unable to attack, they can evade and dodge or other such defensive actions). If they succeed they will feel a warm pleasure from the spell trying to get to them but no modifiers or loss results. Any Stamina lost is sucked into the seductress's pool.

The Empowering

The seductress's power is increased by wearing this divine ring. Their spells have a little more bite, a little more kick when cast whilst wearing this ring. They just seem to bite into the target just a little deeper.

Mechanics: Any spell worn cast by Ehlanna from her favored sphere does a increased of 10% duration, and potency.

The Aura.
The seductress constantly excludes an aura of sexual perfection. Making anyone who attempts to strike her finding their aim a little less steady then otherwise would be, for fear of marking such perfection.

Mechanics: +10 defenses

Sexual Healing
The seductress's understanding of sex and the body has increased so much she may heal her lovers or victims of small wounds; the time given for the power means they can’t actively be fighting.

Mechanics: She can with a touch or loving caress heal up to 3 life at 2 stamina per life healed a round. This healing only heals flesh wounds, burns and other superficial injuries. Broken bones, internal injuries and other serious damage remains unaffected, though this spell 'will' keep them alive.

Sooth the Soul
Through time and experience, this divine concubine can sooth others with her presence. She can work with them, dealing with issues, as well as soothing their soul. This allows her to work out issues, using the power of Ishtar and lust; soft love and controlled words that a seductress knows to heal their mind and clear it.

Mechanics: By calling upon this ability, the Seductress is able to see ‘within’ the tormented one, to find the root of their suffering and soothe it. OOC consent required, it can remove phobias, terrors, nightmares, aversions, fixations, obsessions, multiple personalities and other mental problems, and keep them from coming back. This blessing ‘can’ remove the effects of the Seductress spell Obsession.


The Sigil

Owned By: Ray`El

Type of Item: Device

Equipment Slots Used: 0

A Large circle surrounding a mixture of aracanic symbols along his back, the runic pattern is complicated and unable to be reproduced. Each rune and line seems to blend into and do something else, mixing to become another runes ending, or beginning. The sigil was burnt and tattooed into the moriel's back by priestess's to show the favour granted to the bearer by the goddess.

Darklings (10 Slot Uniqine Combat Power)

The Bearer of the sigil can summon creatures of darkness, The size and shape these creatures seems to vary with the need of the caster and surronding enviroments. The creatues will do war for their Master, tasks or defend him, They change with their masters wishs, and the number never seems solid, just creatures of pure war and chaos. They can appear any shape, size color or race, even mystical creatures as they more just embodied spirits of darkness. The creatures are connected to the master of the sigil, doing his will as if a part of him. The creatures appear as anything and any shape or size, or number.. thou the creature/creatures always same strength.

Mech: The caster must spend two rounds uninterrupted summoning the Minions, which cost 20 stamina. If they reach the end of the second round successfully without being damaged, the Minion's comes into being and may use the end of that same round for its first attack. The minion's stats are equal to 50% of all stats. It can be summoned twice a combat. Each unsuccessful attack the Minion makes, it loses 3 life. Each successful attack the Minion makes, it gains 3 life, and it regains stamina equal damage done. Capable of attacking close or ranged Magically. The Minions attack and defense modifier are both +10, the creatures can fly, swim or move with ease through elements. Its capable of attacking ships or larger creatures with ease. Fire spells due Double damage to them as the nature of the spells goes against their very nature. The number, size and appearance of the minions may vary, but will always be appropriate to the location and size of the casters surroundings.

Skin of the Mithral(3 slots Defensive wonder power)
Drawing on the power of the sigil, the users skin becomes harder to damage, Tougher and stronger than most metals while staying the same soft feeling flesh as before the branding. The skin also seems to resist magical damage and spells.

Mechs - This ability grants the bearer a bonus of + 10 to all defense rolls.

Shevar's Empowerment (5 slots damage replacement)
The beaer's power is increased by the adornment of this branding upon their body. They appear to have a better master of their spells which allow them to last a little longer, and act a little more efficiently than others of the same calling

Mechs - Adds 20% (or 1.2X) to the potency to any and every effect of a personally cast spell, except for the casting roll itself , any stat bonuses and any damage rolls. As an example this will extend the time the spell is active, the amount of weight it can carry and range of its reach, and any other effect of the spell.
Useable in combat.

Shevar's Aura (2 Slot - OOB)
The branded is always surrounded by a light aura which protects them from the the various non-combat spells and magic's of items. This is a simple thing for the brand truly when compared to its greater powers.

Mechs - This functions as an always active Reflect spell from common sphere. Any time a Noncombat magical ability or spell is used on the chosen. A contest of Close or Ranged (depending on the spell being used) Magical Attack is rolled against the Magical Defence of the Chosen. If the 'attacker' beats the chosen, the magic works as normal with its usual effects taking hold, or another roll if need be for magic spell or ability. If the Defender's roll beats the Attacker's, the magical energy rebounds right back to the Caster, causing them to come under the effects of their own spell, or making them roll a new set of Attack/Defence rolls. If successful, the attacker suffers double the normal effects of the magic. Not useable in combat.

Shevar's Will (4 slot - OOB)
The Chosen can influence someone, whispering their wishs to anothers mind, bending and confusing it just for a short time, for a task or to do as they wish. They will do these suggestions and follow them, unable resist as they do as the chosen wishs.To the other it will not seem as if they are acting by the will of a spell, rather the thoughts will seem to be things they decided to do of their own volition. Never realizing they were truely following anothers will.

The owner may make five single suggestions, one per round to the victim of choice. A standard Ranged Magical Attack and Defense is rolled should the victim choose to resist. The victim will carry out any command should the roll be successful as long as it does not involve the victim doing damage to themselves of a physical nature. OOC consent must me obtained for anything of a sexual nature and this ability may not be used in combat as such aggression will disrupt the whispers uttered to the other. To ensure a players comfort boundaries are preserved, there should be an OOC discussion so no extreme acts push those boundaries beyond what the victim would be comfortable with.

The Dark goddess looked down and over the mortals. New and fresh in the undergloom. Her mother had just created her and her siblings from the vial, over time she saw that her favored would need power. Over the years she watched he mothers people... watched the moriel. Learning what that would do, what they would do with time and power. A dark goddess she laughed and enjoyed it, her and her sister Tilresh loving the moriel people... she kept their secret, made their magic and made the darkness real and every present for them. She became their darkest secrets, and al their power. And she learned many tricks. These mortals were tricky, and more devious then the most of surface she saw... and she loved them. In a way a human loves ants in its farm of course.

She decided to intervene more, to do more with them. She would need a servant to show she was slowly working toward the goal of making a way to help her people and make them do more she wanted. An idea struck her. The goddess would impart a small bit of power to a mortal finding the left over glass from the vial, she found magic. Bubbling hidden deep in time but for her there. The amount so small just a little bit beyond anything mortal still in it and collected it to make a special ink. The rarest of inks was made, made from blood of dragons, the water from the well view and some say her very rare tears the ink was made, rare and special only used for a very rare and proving moriel. The first a woman who was powerful and above all others of her generation. The tests made... from her and the goddess... some swear the woman was the goddess child, other herself made flesh here to guide her dark priesthood.

Years and years passed... different chosen were made and passed... coming and going. Coming to the hidden temple. The priest hood made a hidden area... hidden deep in the gloom. Anyone who wished to take the tests, must first... find it. The tests ranging from brains to power, to skill... and finally. How much their willing to give. To Hurt. No male had ever been given the mark, none had ever survived the trails. No male till the latest one... till the one which went above them all. His power and skill beyond all except a few in lands... surface or undergloom. The moriel survived where many had died... Thousands over the years...surviving all the tests and coming out on top.

The hardest test... the one killed most was the very sigil itself... the act of having the whole back branded, tattooed and tortured... killed the weaker ones.. Then. The servants would not obey some. Those too weak to master them and their will. The darkling eating and killing thaw weaker masters and mistresses... this elf. Mastered them quicker, it seemed be his birth right. The goddess smiled down at him, knowing he may be the first... to claim the sigils true power and get the brand. But only time will tell.