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The Nanthalion Chronicle

Editor: Chastity DeKartan   Assistant Editor: Kendarin Bloodtear   Head Reporter:Eraelabryn  Staff Poet: Tarasque  
Advice Columnist: Ivana Cawk   Gossip: Miss Information Introducing our new patron:  Leinhart Guest Writers:  Rowlara Keth  
Chroniclers:  Renaya{KBT}, Caila, Saret, & Chrystine Moonspell(LOA)  ISA Clerk: Azara


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Interesting News....

By: A Random Field Reporter..

Ambition, such a wonderful thing. Glorious really, how some see it as a shortcoming, and in some it is. Stranger still, how every rumor has that grain of truth in it, that sand of reality in the conception of a lie. One such creature, in which there are many rumors is the feline, Laria Swiftclaw. Rumor has it, she is once again, tossing her hat into the elections for Reeve. Now, there are a few rumors which have my ears perked, as a citizen of Nathalion. Just rumors mind you, but as with all things, hear them out, and glean what you will from them.

Rumors of a Empire wanted. Several sources, stating that Laria has indeed pressed to start a "Kingdom for Cats" declaring herself ruler of this Empire, within an Empire. Where does that leave us, without feline blood? Stranger still, that after hearing this information, those felines asked about such, they knew nothing of it. They had heard rumors, perhaps but nothing more had came of it. Why is this? Is her own race denying her claim? Did she lack the conviction, the strength to hone in, and demand what she apparently believed was her place? Not only that, but then a political party to oppose slavery, then the movement to find 'traitors' to the very Empire. Could one see such actions as lacking conviction or stomach?

There is also the rumor of her personas. Three to be exact, no names given to this humble reporter. One is a slave, one insane, and one the being known as Laria. Is this true, possible she suffers from some malady given at birth, some affliction of the mind that would force her to split into three parts? Which would you vote for?

No so long after her failure to achieve the office of Reeve, she was rumored to have begun an operation of Thieves. Rumors once more, wonderful things, bits and pieces of information gleaned from one within her society earmark her, as paranoid, insane, but more alarming , easily duped. Another bit of information, was that someone listening into a conversation at the Inn, states that Laria Swiftclaw, after speaking as she had against Infernis, was seen, asking for his aid, even suggesting for him to "keep the IG off her back" . Is such true? Her move to Valencia would more then likely speak to answer that one.

Rowlara's Gift of Fashion...

From the Writings of Rowlara, newspaper reporter? Missing person? Or just plain twitterpated? Who knows!

Hello! HELLO! I am here I am! Back fresh from Valencia with a full report and a salute to the fine citizens there. The word has it that ShaKa, that magnificent male of brawn, passion, killing sprees and defiler of the women has slipped from the perusal of the Town! *GASP!* it is so. I tried to gain an interview but alas, that dishyness of a Moriel just inked himself off. I have a theory! Want to hear it? Of course you do! I think he took his lady, his bride to be, that fashion savvy woman of soul and healing and eloped! Isn't it charming! I mean such a horrible person he's painted as and look how romantic that is! Its just... honestly, I'm lost for words. Hurry and return oh man of darkness and sin't'lating squabbles. We so do wish to drool more. I know I do. Such savvy ways, a growl on his lips. I mean, I'm in love, how about you?

Onto other measures! Caravans have slowed down! Why oh why? We need more! Yes more. I said it. I know I'm not the 'people' but really, its Winter people! And my panties froze to my delicious round bottom once to oft. Not that the men here in Valencia don't heat you up, because Goddess of our Nature! They do! So yummy. I could eat them all up. I should know. I tried!

In other news, not just Valencia hazards, I was shocked upon my return to find my husband, Ray`el... Talking business! He even ignored my new corset that's all the rage in Valencia! Why all my cleavage just bouncing around and you'd think he'd notice... Oh... Umm... Well, not that you all needed to know that. I mean, I don't mind sharing my cleavage but domestic issues, so not with our times! So, anyway! I come back and the Imperial Guards could do nothing but talk about Kirva this and Kirva that and how she walked on our Mother, our Earth, Our Gaea! How dare that dark slut soil our Gaea'n glory! I mean, Really! Has she no shame? Has she no sense of timing? And really, from what I heard she was wearing, how trash downsized is that? Spider Webs? I mean... common now! Get with the times! It was horrid just hearing what she wore. Goodness. If I were a follower of Kirva, and I'm NOT! I assure you! I'd make sure to change that woman's wardrobe along with the slope of her forehead! And those brows! Tweeze it! They have wax! Try the General Store and make sure you ask for Ielenia that saucy pale haired elf of origins well known! Isn't she gorgeous? I always love green on a woman and she wears it so well.. Oh, there I go again. Anywhosers!

Oh yes. Kirva. Well, I say.. Posh to her! On with Gaea! The ultimate in smart fashion trends! Why, she changes her look with the seasons, such a lovely creature. Neither good, nor evil but a mixture of both and what a lovely Goddess there never has been. Shrug off that dark look and enter the light all you Kirvians, besides, your Goddess Sucks, mine rolls out the thunder so.. Nyah!

And that's all the fashion I have for you dear and kindly folks, many of whom I've definitely pinched, had and well.. Giggled with!



Tired of the same old, same old song? Need a new story to make the crowd go "ahhh". This is -your- chance. Join the Troupe of Thaedys, a band of Bards, Entertainers, Muses and Skalds. Traveling together at times, entertaining from court to court, there is no better way to make your name known, to earn a few coin, and the chance for far far more. Paid wages, room and board while Traveling, this troupe will make reputations, or ruin them. Contact the Muse, Caila for more information.

(OOC This Traveling troupe will try to garner the attention of other player characters, Non Nobles and Nobles alike, working for "patronage" so to speak. Those who wish songs preformed about them, or dances, to help boost their reputation, will of course, pay a price for it. Characters who would be interested in playing it out, the sessions of play will take place both on mIRC and on the Message Board. Also if you have an interest to be on the other side, for example you have a fairly new character who would like praises sung about their might or valor, simply contact Caila as well.)

Attention: All Citizens! Have you a bit of ink or metaled flesh that you have pride in? Perhaps a pet or slave, adorned and delightful to your eyes? Do you wish to show her off to those who can best appreciate such things? Then Visit the Body Art's Shop Now!

TLI'S Top 20 Longest Non-OP Rpers!

Morgan Drakewing
Fire wind
Somali Longtail
Crix Wolf

TLI'S Top 10 longest-OP Rpers!

Elthorion Kinslayer
kyrspeth anwar


Just off the press...
By: Various Field Reporters

The Inn's normal quiet disrupted, when the male known as Doppler Zero was arrested. Imperial Guardsmen, believed to be Marr Shadowbull, and Marot, recovering from his fall, arrested Zero. The current Reeve, Infernis, was there as well, as our soon to be Empress L`aquera. Tensions rose, there is even the rumor of a fireball being launched, at those who brought their voice into Imperial business. Overheard words include those accusations of traitorous behavior Zero accosting Infernis and Infernis launching back. However, Zero has been taken into custody, and our Empire is safe once more. His trail, yes, even here in Nath, we do seek for the truth before punishment, is set for sometime in the next fortnight.


Rumors have been abounding, about the state of the Weather. One might suggest those mages practiced in the art of elements, somehow rounding up a summoning circle so that pesky Weather Nymph can get what she deserves, or apparently enjoys doing to us..but then again, to lube, or not to lube, is the question.


The Land of Valencia, unspoiled, untamed really. The Land Rush, has been a success, plot of real estate given up to those with the gumption to claim them. Portal in place, it is but a short distance, amazing how Magic can aid us. New stores, opening up. One has to wonder how the natives feel about it, stories coming from settlers there, of exchanges with those who live in the woods. Magical as we are, of course, but strikingly different. Many of Nath's own, purchasing land within Valencia as well. Is it possible there is to be a mass exodus?


Temples readying their followers. It is hard not to find those religious fanatics posting their parchments, asking for those who serve to attend services for their Deities. The Gods have been rather quiet, have they not? AdenVer, Gea, Ishtar, and Kirva, what are they doing, that they are so still. Strange things, perhaps afoot?


Bodies found within the Forest, no word yet on who is killing these seemingly random victims. Noone to pay their rezz, they lay foul and rotting on the tablets, until being buried. Murder is not a crime within the Empire, of course, unless the one being murdered is working with protection in one of the shops, or situations within our hamlet. IG do the Imperial Guarding. We are to guard ourselves.


Ongoing in the Arena, the Nights of Blood and Tears. Strange tourney, free men and slaves alike, all races fighting for the chance at Prizes. Shifted into brackets, winners from each fight, fighting the winners from other fights, weaning them all down until there is but one standing. Openings still there, for those who would favor throwing their hat in the ring, as well, as bets still being taken. One has but to sign up.


Out with the old; in with the new

By: Chastity`

It's been a fairly short two months, to some's eternal gratitude. There were those that believed that my election to Reeve heralded the end of the world and sadly, that was clearly not the case. Despite my greatest efforts, we did not have any great excitement in my time as Reeve. No great wars, no Dragon attacks, no Goddesses made flesh. We had some good times, some good holidays thanks to some enterprising local citizens. I wish I could say that I wanted another two months, but a greater concern presents itself and we all must do as we are called to do. My best wishes to you, Nanthalion, and my sincerest hopes you find yourselves remembering my times...Either for good, or for ill, so long as I'm remembered.


These were Infernis's words when asked about his departure of the Reeve position. We often wonder when one's of greatness have been remembered, what will people say about him? I've heard many, many things spoken of Infernis. Amongst these were words of confidence, grandeur, strength, and dignity.

I'm sure as he steps down, handing his reigns over to another the words of his "We had some good times," will be remembered with a faint smile and a welcoming nod of agreement, knowing that his words rang true during his duration as Reeve. We would like to thank you, Infernis, not for all you have done, but all you have supplied us with.

In With The New


Christolf, Nanthalion's Newest Reeve

As Christolf speaks softly in the voice of strength, his words welcomed the position in which he has been elected...'I would like to thank those that voted for me, and also a special thanks to the people who ran against me. I was glad for the competition, as it kept me both on my toes, and honest. I would also like it to be known that the office of Reeve is separate from any other duties I have...most of which concern the teaching and gathering of Gaea's children. All races, all religions will be treated fairly, when they co 6ns will be treated fairly, when they come to see the Reeve for their personal problems. And I will do my best to make time for all who wish to see me. After all, I am a servant of the people.'

Chastity` "I do admit, it is a pleasure hearing such from a Reeve. I do nae recall the last giving such a statement." she thought maybe Christolf wasn't in it for the glory, but for the right reasons, which of course is a blessing in disguise.

Christolf chuckled softly, and shook his head...'Infernis wanted the position for what he wanted out of it...myself, I am doing it because I see a need for change among the way things are being run now. That is why I ran...because trying from the outside got me no where. Now, I am inside it, and I can effect change better.'

'It would be nice to get things done, instead of rallying futilely.' *He would shake his head slightly, then he'd address her question...* 'I am currently working to speak to some about it, but until they accept it, I am not going to say anything one way or the other...that way, they can make their decision without feeling pressure...and I can't be made a fool out of either.'

'I would also like you to understand that if you wish something of me...whatever it be Chastity, you know you can find me. I will be setting aside time each week to have people available to speak to me. I want people to find me accessible.'

Just before leaving my office, the soft voice lulled the silence… 'May Gaea keeps you safe, until our paths cross again.'

The Chronicle would like to thank the newest Reeve for the time he dedicated for the people.

The Tower of Unigo, that magical place, edifice to those in search of Power of a Mystic Kind. Twice now the summoning chambers within have been used to some nefarious gain. Adventurers gathered, positioned and placed for almost unexplainable rites. The tool of this "Magic" has been divided up, given to three, for safekeeping. One must ask, is this is the pursuit of private power, or perhaps, is there the good of the Empire in mind? Only the one who runs Unigo would know. And who would dare question him?

Once again the Inn damaged. Infernis, Reeve of our fair hamlet, has called for the Moriel Adrienna, and the feline DarkDreamer to pay a fine, as well as serve a day within slavery to the Inn, naked and bare for those who would use them. Death became them during such a tussle, leaving one to wonder, is it death before dishonor, or honor before death..

The shade Taranis, having left this Empire for another, a farewell party held for her, honoring her deeds, or misdeeds while within the embrace of Nath. A dark flower, we will miss, indeed, her song often sweeter then her bite, if that is possible.

Rumors of a band of theft's within our own midst. Nothing but rumors, mind you, the creation of reputation, perhaps? Overheard bits and pieces of conversations, gleaned by the gossip mongers, speak of an order of Crimson. Not strange that even the freelance pickpockets watch their own pockets from being fetched themselves!

Aden Ver, Gea, Ishtar, Kirva, the God or Goddess's which have temples within the Empire, who do you worship. Are you more mortal bound? Who besides the Emperor do you serve? Which noble has your allegiance?

The Caravans are ready! Word has it Tesan and Infernis are going to be escorting the first round of wagons towards Valencia's borders. Will this be the start of trade within the Empire's own? Or should we be prepared for another battle? Goods running between both, slaves, and merchandise of other natures to be traded, bought or sold.



By: Renaya{KBT}

A titillating treat to tantalize taste buds.




* 6 eggs
* 1 cup of sweet wine (Marcela)
* 1/4 cup of sugar
* 1 pinch cantharides***


Mix the ingredients together well. Place into a saucepan over medium heat and cook until thick, stirring constantly with a whisk. Serve warm for cold nights. (Though one might not want to add the cantharides unless one enjoys burns and blistering of digestive tracts...)

Cooking with Caila

By: Caila

Pears in Syrup

ORIGINAL RECEIPT: (Is she drunk?)

Wardonys in syrup.---Take wardonys, an caste on a potte, and boyle hem till ŝey ben tender; ŝan take hem vp and pare hem, an kytte hem in to pecys; take y-now of powder of canel, a good quantyte, an caste it on red wyne, an draw it ŝorw a straynour; caste sugre ŝer-to, an put it [in] an erŝen pot, an let it boyle: an ŝanne caste ŝe perys ŝer-to, an let boyle to-gederys, an whan ŝey haue boyle a whyle, take pouder of gyngere an caste ŝer-to, an a lytil venegre, an a lytil safron; an loke ŝat it be poynaunt an dowcet.


3 -4 pears, sliced
3 cups red wine
1 Tbs. cinnamon
1 Tbs. sugar
1 tsp. ginger
2 Tbs. vinegar
few threads saffron

Boil pears until they just become tender; drain well. In a separate pot, bring wine and cinnamon to a boil, stirring well. Let cool, then strain. Bring wine back to a boil, then add the sugar, ginger, saffron, and vinegar, stirring until spices are dissolved. Add pears, and allow to cook for several minutes until they soften slightly and change color. Remove from heat. Serve hot or cold. Serves 4.

This is essentially poached pears in wine, with a little vinegar added for sharpness. The period recipe advises to cook the pears first, then pare and cut them, but I find cutting and paring cooked pears a bit difficult, and prefer to pare and slice them before boiling.

A letter from the Editor...

Dear Patrons of Nanthalion & also citizens of Valencia...
It is with great pleasure I offer ye yet another edition of the Chronicle, but ye might be wondering why the change. We felt it was important to give each patron a voice and a reason for picking up the latest edition of the paper. It is with gratitude I introduce my current staff. They are a wonderful, hard working, and devoted group of wayward souls. Without their help, the Chronicle was in great threat of being unpublished. So please show them the same respect and encouragement as ye have shown me.
There are new pages included within each scroll. Pay close attention to the Assistant Editor's page, where ye yeself will be able to write a letter to him voicing your concerns, comments, and feedback about the paper. I also would like to make special mention of a staff member. Our own head reporter,Eraelabryn. She has gone chasing many dangerous and interesting news articles to bring to ye.
Although the paper might look a bit different, or the scroll a bit thicker, one thing has yet to remain the same. ~Our quality~ We gladly provide this service for ye, my reading audience. Thank you for picking up the latest edition of the Nanthalion Chronicle and with your patronage the orphans will have a bit more gruel in their bowls.
Your devoted Editor,

Chastity D. DeKartan

(Letters sent to Chastity)

Letters to the Editor:

Dear Editor,

First off, please allow me to congratulate you as well as the fine Nanthalion staff you've accumulated. The Chronicle hasn't been this informative ever. I find myself looking forward to every edition the office of the Chronicle puts out. Thank you for this. But, now I have a bit of a dilemma, I am not new to this land, but there are many new faces wandering about asking about this Chronicle. I've heard the rumor mills, gossiping about that you only allow certain individuals to submit articles, reports, breaking news, and gossip. Is this true? I was under the assumption that everyone in this city has a voice through the Chronicle.

I am merely concerned about these rumors, because the newer patrons of the land will take the word of the rumor mill and deny their fellow patrons the possible wonderful story they held back upon, simply because they didn't know the format in getting in touch with you. Please help.

With Regards,
Concerned Nanthalion Citizen.

Dear Nanthalion Citizen,

Thank ye so much for bringing this to my attention. I've been so busy as of late, and time has been slipping by more and more rapidly as the new seasons approach us. On behalf of my staff and myself, I would like to send ye out a heart felt thank ye. I believe my staff does nae get the praise it deserves, and I truly apperciate ye taking the time out to do such a thing for them. They hear it from me all the time, but it is nice that they also hear it from someone that isn't normally affliated with the Nanthalion Chronicle.
Ye are correct. As I took the Chronicle over, my whole plan for it was to give the average person a voice within our growing land. I feel it is rather important for everyone to feel they belong within our cities and producing even the smallest imput, gives them the power of voice. I accept anything anyone would like to bring to our Chronicle. There are even positions within our team, that is a paid position within the community.
It's rather easy to get a hold of me, I am usually within my office in town, or not far from it. I am often seen within the Inn, and meandering through the forest. Feel free to contact me or anyone of the staff members, and we will point ye in the right direction.

Chastity D. De'Kartan, Editor in Chief.

Belariath's Top Fifteen:

Introducing: Leinhart Vellond

1. What are your thoughts on the way the Empire is being run?

Hmm the empire? I guess it's run well...I did get let into your country and all so it can't be too bad right?

2. What are your thoughts on the war with Valencia?

The war with Valencia? Well war always occurs, it's not like we can stop it, though I'd like to here both sides of the argument before I make any rash decisions.

3. How do you feel about slavery?

. Slavery is...ummm...... :/....alright? I mean I don't hate it nor do I *not* love it.

4. What do you think of the paper?

The paper is a valuable resource of information, and to better learn about your land, so I think it's wonderful

5. If not a local, where do you come from and what brought you to settle here?

I'm from a far away land to the east, farther than the sees. There I was to be a noble, but that life is not of my taste, and instead I choose to become a wandering mage and I just happened to be in Belariath for the time being.

6. If a local, how do you feel about all the outsiders moving in?


7. Do you think the stores in town are properly staffed with helpful employees?

Well most of them are, I haven't really done that much shopping as of yet...the bank teller was really fast though, which surprised me. I haven't really been shopping anywhere else ...

8. What is the best thing about the Empire?

The best thing about the empire? Well I guess everything's generally accepted here. The random sex is pretty cool, and it's fun to watch woman prance around naked.

9. What is the worst thing about the Empire?

Watching troll woman dance around naked. Fortunately I haven't seen that yet...

10. How do you feel about the service and entertainment in the inn?

The service and entertainment matches my taste. The service is fast and efficient, and the entertainment usually involves song, and stripping

11. Do you prefer magic or physical means of settling conflicts?

Conflicts? Well I'm more of a magical person so I think I rather cast some crazy spell on them and flee like crazy

12. Who is your best friend?

Best friend? Don't have one yet, but this drak sen kept staring at me in the inn once...pretty freaky

13. Who is your worst enemy?

No one

14. How would you describe yourself in ten words or less?

Sell your soul for a cookie? Yes

15: Give us a character pic!


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